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Yan Fangfei was almost scared to death as Chen Biao was staring at her. It was as if she was facing countless zombies. In her mind, Jiang Liushi was just lucky and as for others, as an old Chinese saying goes, "Fowls and dogs turn immortals--relatives and followers of a high official got promotion after him."

Before doomsday, she hadn't even put Jiang Liushi in her eyes. They were simply living in different worlds. Even after doomsday, Yan Fangfei still felt that she was superior compared to Jiang Liushi. After all, she was a paranormal, but she was quite unfortunate. Yan Fangfei indeed could hear Chen Biao's conversation. She knew that they wanted to kill Jiang Liushi.

 Chen Biao had noticed that Yan Fangfei could hear their conversation, but he deliberately didn't lower his voice. He wanted to know whether Yan Fangfei was useful or not if she were useless…

[Jiang Liushi's arrogance knows no bounds. He deserves to get punished!] Yan Fangfei thought and then took a deep breath to calm down. And then she said, "My ability is related to sound. I have a very sensitive hearing, and I can hear the subtlest voice in a radius of 100 meters."

If she didn't have this ability, Yan Fangfei couldn't have survived until now. She could hear the zombies' footsteps across the distance, so everyone relied on her ability to keep their lives. It was precisely because the survivors relied on her ability that they trusted her words. And as a result, she was able to use them as bait successfully.

Of course, her plan wasn't flawless. The survivor that was following her, had sharp eyes and an agile body, so that's why he noticed Yan Fangfei's movements. Unfortunately, his actions attracted the zombies, and Yan Fangfei was 'kind' enough not to throw rocks at him when he fell.

After introducing her special ability, Yan Fangfei's self-confidence was boosted immediately. She looked straight at Chen Biao.

"Oh, your ability seems cool. A human's hearing ranges from 20 to 20,000 Hertz, and bats' hearing ranges from 1,000 to 120,000 Hertz, and for elephants, it ranges from 1 to 20,000 Hertz. As a result, many animals can hear many infrasound and ultrasound frequencies, which humans can't. What other frequencies can your hearing detect?" Chen Biao asked with a smile.

Yan Fangfei was shocked by his question, and she shook her head before explaining, "I don't know, but I can indeed hear a lot of low sounds within a 100-meters-radius."

"It's indeed a special ability." Chen Biao smiled.

Chen Biao didn't dare to underestimate Jiang Liushi at all because he had already investigated him. Jiang Liushi was a strong opponent, but Chen Biao firmly believed that everyone had a weakness. As long as they carefully observed him, they could find out his weakness. And Yang Fangfei could play an important role to accomplish that. Moreover, Yan Fangfei also knew Jiang Liushi and Li Yuxin.

"Then you should monitor your old classmates carefully," The woman said with a smile. Yan Fangfei also squeezed a smile, but she did not speak. She couldn't tell that she was actually unfamiliar with Jiang Liushi…

"Give her some meat," Chen Biao told the man next to him. And then, the man immediately took out a piece of meat wrapped in plastic from his backpack. He threw it directly to Yan Fangfei.

"Take it. You must have never eaten such meat. It's no wonder your ability is still very weak." Chen Biao said.

Yan Fangfei hadn't had a proper meal for a long time. She rushed to that meat without any hesitation. She stared at that meat, and then picked it up at once and took a bite. It was extremely delicious! The mutant meat was excellent.

Yan Fangfei was insatiably avaricious. She was eating, but she could not help but think of those drinks on Jiang Liushi's minibus. She estimated that there were also many delicious goods on that minibus. As long as they could kill Jiang Liushi, she could eat as much as possible.

The other woman laughed while Yan Fangfei was eating. In her mind, Yan Fangfei was a madwoman.

"We should also leave and keep up with them." Chen Biao stood up and said. This town was not far from Jiangbei. Before doomsday, it's only about half an hour's drive. However, after doomsday, that journey had become much longer.

"We won't enter Jiangbei's northern area, but we'll cross that area. It's the shortest distance. Before that, we will take a detour, going through the mountains. Unfortunately, there are no other routes, because an old factory in this area caught fire, which led to a devastating explosion." Zhu Changqing said while pointing at a map.

Jiang Liushi also looked at the map. He was very familiar with Jiangbei, and he knew about the factory, which was an acetylene plant. An acetylene explosion was very powerful and terrible, that's why they were unable to pass.

The threats from doomsday's sudden outbreak were not only zombies. After the outbreak, some chain reaction followed and triggered major destructive events, such as widespread fires and explosions. That's why the governments couldn't take measures in advance.

[This mountain area…] Jiang Liushi looked at the map, and then he remembered that mutant boar he had met in that area. Seeing some areas circled in red, Jiang Liushi's mood worsened. He had a very ominous feeling.

"We should be careful!" Jiang Liushi said.

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