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Chapter 314: Ling

"What can you do for me?" Jiang Liushi asked with some interest.

"Although you killed Hong Yue, you do not know where her warehouse is. But I can take you there. She controlled Fallen City, though most of her resources were spent on her and her boyfriend, she has left plenty of resources. Aren't you interested in it?" That woman replied.

Jiang Liushi was confused.

Who was this woman and what's her relation with Hong Yue?

Of course, Jiang Liushi was interested in Hong Yue's warehouse. But why could Jiang Liushi believe this woman's words?

"You!" Jiang Liushi suddenly looked at the spy. The spy swiftly recovered. He was totally shocked by Shi Ying Squad's strength.

In front of Jiang Liushi, he felt that his own strength was just like an ant's. If Jiang Liushi wanted to kill him, it would be as easy as squashing a fly.

"Yes…I'm here…Brother, what can I do for you!?" That spy felt like he was walking on a tightrope, and with a wrong move, he'd fall to his death.

"Go and get that key," Jiang Liushi said.

"Okay. No Problem." That spy nodded. Actually, he didn't know where the keys were, but he didn't dare to refuse.

While the spy was searching for the key, that woman became silent. Jiang Liushi felt that the woman was peculiar. Compared to her freedom, she was looking forward to Hong Yue's death.

"I found it! Found it!" That spy brought a bunch of keys with him.

Hearing the familiar sounds coming from the keys, the slaves became restless. They desperately reached their hands out from the cages.

"Save me!"

"Let me out!"

"Hurry up and let me

me out!"

Unfortunately, the spy simply ignored them. 

"I can give you some benefits if you release me! You, these people, are just same as that f*cking Hong Yue…!" A man suddenly shouted as he couldn't take it anymore.

At that moment, the spy quickly turned back and shouted, "Shut up! Your shouts will attract the guards! You should beg Brother Jiang politely."

"Didn't I beg? I begged! But you are too lazy to let release us, right?" That man was annoyed.

Since those people did not intend to let him go out, why should he make things easier for them?! He would yell and lead the guards all over!

Jiang Liushi suddenly cooled down, and then he turned around and looked at that man, "When Hong Yue was here, why didn't you say anything!? In your heart, Hong Yue was cruel, right? But do you think I'm some weakling you can threaten?"

It was very interesting that this person was terrified of Hong Yue, but he wasn't fearful of Jiang Liushi, who had killed Hong Yue.

Jiang Liushi approached the man's cage, and he said coldly, "Honestly, you should shut up. Otherwise, you'll…"

Jiang Zhuying also approached and continued," …Get electrocuted!"

"Wait! I'm just asking for help, you guys..." When the man saw Jiang Zhuying's electricity dancing around her body, the man's voice came to an abrupt stop. 

"Xiyu, you're in charge of deciding who's going to be released," Jiang Liushi said.

Amongst those prisoners, some were innocent, but some were Hong Yue's subordinates, and some others were wicked individuals. For the latter, although they were tortured by Hong Yue, they were not innocent.

Jiang Liushi always distinguished good from bad. Fortunately, Ran Xiyu could tell who was or wasn't innocent.

At that moment, the spy opened that woman's cage.

"Help her get out," Jiang Liushi said.

"No," that woman answered while opening the cage's door.

Behind those cages, there was another door that connected them directly to the arena. And ever since that woman was locked in, she had never got out of her cage, so she wanted to get out on her own.

Seeing this scene, Jiang Liushi felt surprised.

That woman gave a smile and said, "Is it surprising?"

Jiang Liushi looked at her. "It's quite unexpected."

Originally, Jiang Liushi believed that she was a weak girl, but it turned out that she was an exquisite woman. That woman's temperament was more like those guys' in an action movie.

Previously, Jiang Liushi felt some movie actress were too soft. But this woman was different. The woman's hair was a bit messy, and under the cluttered hair were her calm eyes.

"Hello, my name is Ling."

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