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Chapter 49: He's Seriously Injured. He Deserved It.

Steward Yuchi's complexion also darkened correspondingly.

Momentarily, he didn't dare to act blindly without thinking.

He could be said to be familiar with Ye Tian Kuang's personality, that's why he dared to strut around in Ye Tian Kuang's presence.

After all, his Three Springs Sect's status was clearly exhibited here.

If it wasn't for the fact that Ye Tian Kuang was cowardly and timid and was always thinking about currying favor with all the powers, he also wouldn't have had this kind of guts to step inside Three Springs Sect.

Ye Tian Kuang suddenly exhibited his prestige. Steward Yuchi's heart beat like a little drum.

"I won't bring up the improper relationship between Yuchi Ya and the fourth young lady for now."

At this moment, Ye Qing Luo again spoke out leisurely. "But, because this young master know their secret, they repeatedly moved against this young master and even have the audacity to strike ruthlessly against the Mu family's second young master. He deserved to have received a serious injury and be bedridden."

Once Steward Yuchi heard these words, his heart was inwardly startled.

Regarding his young master's romantic exploits, he understood them well, but……

In regards to involvement with the Three Springs Sect's Fourth Young Lady……

Should he praise his young master for having unlimited charm, or should help his young master wipe the cold sweat off his back?

Ye Tian Kuang looked as if he's covered densely by dark clouds, just like the cold frost on October second covering his entire face.

What did the words 'improper relationship between Yuchi Ya and the fourth young lady' mean?

His, Ye Tian Kuang's daughter surprisingly had been dishonored by that dregs from the Yuchi family?

The Yuchi family simply didn't place Three Springs Sect in their eyes!

This idea took over Ye Tian Kuang's brain.

Thinking of how the Yuchi family offended the Mu family as well, Ye Tian Kuang's confidence also came around and filled his whole body, like a lion whose fur exploded, cold air wildly flowed all over his body. "Steward Yuchi, you dare to insult Three Springs Sect, this Partriarch absolutely won't let the matter go!"

"Partriarch Ye, this matter is a misunderstanding."

Steward Yuchi's flaming anger abruptly subsided as he relaxed his tone of voice. "The Yuchi family certainly doesn't mean to insult the Three Springs Sect."

"No?" Ye Tian Kuang laughed coldly and slightly narrowed his eyes. "This Patriarch's eyes aren't blind! Get the hell out of the Three Springs Sect, in regards to today's matter, this Patriarch will certainly personally drop in to ask the Yuchi family head how he will account for it!"

Steward Yuchi's expression thoroughly darkened.

His blade-like eyes sharply swept past them. In any case, his face had already been ripped apart, so he might as well forget about giving them face.

A long arm abruptly extended as five fingers turned into a claw and directly closed in on Ye Qing Luo.

Steward Yuchi's body had just started to move when Ye Qing Luo's keen awareness sensed a murderous aura attack her.

In the next second, her body already reflexively evaded the danger.

Steward Yuchi missed once and immediately turned around as a palm strike closed in once more.

The depths of his eyes contained an ice-cold chilliness flooded with killing intent.

Ye Tian Kuang was thoroughly infuriated. In his presence the other party repeatedly struck at them.

"What a good Yuchi family!" Ye Tian Kuang's eyes reddened as he suddenly clenched his fists and profound qi encircled above his them.

Just when he wanted to make his move, somebody tapped his shoulder lightly.

Ye Tian Kuang was so startled that he turned his hand and struck behind him.

At the instant that black colored corner of his robe floated in one's eyes, Ye Tian Kuang's palm cut through the air.

"The Ye family is truly bustling with excitement today, this Highness actually came by chance." A clear melodious voice arose out of the blue.

The mood of this voice was quite level, very indifferent.

Nevertheless, it easily made Ye Tian Kuang and the three people from the Yuchi family stop what they were doing.

"Your Highness, the crown prince!" Several people kneeled.

Only Ye Qing Luo stood by herself and was especially eye catching.

Ye Feng Yu tugged at the corner of her jacket, reminding her to abide by customary practices.

But he saw Ye Qing Luo's eyes suffused with coldness while the corners of her mouth held disdain and a sneer.

Yet Leng Feng Hua held a gentle and courteous smiling expression. Facing Ye Qing Luo's indifference and rudeness, he didn't utter a single word of blame.

"Get up. Today, this Highness came to see my fiancee, no need to be so polite."

Leng Feng Hua smiled and waved his hand.

Shortly after, he walked towards Ye Qing Luo……

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