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Chapter 51: Awe-inspiring

"Young Seventh Lady!"

Leng Feng Hua suppressed the anger from his voice, and approached from behind her.

"Regarding canceling the marriage, that was because I didn't think things through. This Highness sincerely and wholeheartedly apologize to you and will satisfy all of your requests with all of my heart! Can it be that these are still insufficient to cool down your anger?"

Ye Qing Luo paused in her footsteps, turned around, and curved her lip to disagree. "Angry? I'm not angry at you at all."

"Then……" Leng Feng Hua's expression turned into delight.

It's just that his smiling expression still hadn't reached his eyes when it stiffened on his mouth.

He only heard Ye Qing Luo's clear and cold, happy laugh. "With regards to you, I haven't the slightest bit of feeling. Why should I waste my feelings on an insignificant person?"

Not the slightest bit of feeling?

Who was the one who endlessly wrapped herself around him after she met him, 'Brother Hua', 'Brother Hua', calling him in such a fond manner?

Leng Feng Hua's proud heart felt like it had been stabbed with a knife.

Ye Qing Luo continued to smile sweetly as before, her charming eyes radiated light and seemed as if she was taunting him. "Moreover, who made the rule that I have to forgive you just because you apologized?"

Cold blades completely filled Leng Feng Hua's eyes as he walked over in large strides. He extended his hand to grab towards Ye Qing Luo's shoulder.

Ye Qing Luo was used to dodging sideways in that way.

While preparing to turn her hand and strike back, she saw Leng Feng Hua's complexion burst into a greenish red color.

His expression was as if he'd eaten shit.

His eyes opened wide while mouth trembled incessantly and appeared as if he wanted to throw up, but hadn't.

Right after that, beside Leng Feng Hua, everybody kneeled on the ground.

He was even screaming something about Esteemed, Venerable Overlord……Esteemed, Venerable Overlord?

An incredibly evildoer's face appeared in Ye Qing Luo's mind.

She sharply looked all around, but didn't discover Di Mo Xuan's presence.


Why the hell did these people yell out 'venerable overlord' for no reason at all?

As she was pondering over this, Leng Feng Hua, with his 'eat shit' expression, suddenly pulled her write and raised it up.

His eyes were filled with ferocity and unwillingness as he pointed at Ye Qing Luo's sleeve. He asked fuming with rage between gritted teeth. "Why……why would you have this!"

Ye Qing Luo finally discovered then that a chunk purple cloth was exposed in her sleeve.

That bit of cloth that was exposed happened to be embroidered with an incomparably clear word 'Di'.


Di Mo Xuan?

Ye Qing Luo shook off Leng Feng Hua's hand and pulled out that piece of cloth.


Wasn't this the piece of cloth that, on the day when she first met Di Mo Xuan, she finally swatted towards Di Mo Xuan, but missed and swatted at that cloth on his sleeve instead?

He truly deserved to be Nirvana Empire's legend……

Even a small piece of his clothes could awe people!

Wasn't this simply too cool!

"Between you and Esteemed Venerable Overlord……what kind of relationship is there!" Leng Feng Hua's eyes were scarlet red, as they fiercely glared at that piece of cloth.

A woman on whose body was concealed a little piece of cloth from a man's clothes, what else was there to explain?

Especially……if it wasn't for the Esteemed Venerable Overlord's willingness, how could Ye Qing Luo have a piece of his clothes?

Leng Feng Hua only felt that he'd been made a huge cuckold of and displayed on his head for all to see.

No wonder Ye Qing Luo had been so unbridled lately and treated him with such repulsion.

So it turned out that she already hooked onto the next contender earlier on!

He looked at Ye Qing Luo's expression and became increasingly fierce and recalcitrant.

Ye Qing Luo felt that it was ridiculous.

What kind of a joke was it that Leng Feng Hua's face was filled with an expression of someone wearing a green hat?

He never took her to be his fiancee before anyway, and now he displayed such an appearance, what did it count for?

Ye Qing Luo laughed coldly, stuffed the cloth into her sleeve, pulled Ye Feng Yu up from the ground and stepped across the abandoned courtyard in large strides.

With a 'pow' the gate to the abandoned courtyard closed.

The wind blowed and the dead leaves on the ground swirled up and landed behind Leng Feng Hua's leg.

The scene was quiet, silent.

The several people kneeling on the ground each had their own thoughts. No one opened their mouth to placate Leng Feng Hua.

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