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Chapter 50: Not Seeing Fiancee?

Steward Yuchi stiffened from head to foot. His face immediately ashened like a corpse.

When had His Highness the crown prince…..recognized Ye Qing Luo, this trash, as the future crown prince consort?

Wasn't the crown prince's biggest shame Ye Qing Luo, that useless, weak, incompetent fiancee?

It seemed that now……

His Highness the crown prince's aim very clearly was to provide support to Ye Qing Luo.

If His Highness got involved in this matter……

Steward Yuchi didn't dare to even think about it. He was totally like a dog mourning its owner as he kneeled on the ground and didn't dare to get up.

"Why did you come?" Ye Qing Luo faintly knit her brows as she looked at Leng Feng Hua with a bored expression.

"Naturally, I'm here to see you." Leng Feng Hua walked slowly approaching Ye Qing Luo with an expression of the utmost gentle smile.

Just as he neared her, he smelled the fragrance from a woman's body.

He became excited and couldn't help but extend his hand to touch Ye Qing Luo's body.


A distinctly cold word sounded from Ye Qing Luo's pink lips.

The corners of her mouth pulled condescendingly without a trace of politeness as she slapped away the hand he extended towards her. "Leng Feng Hua, don't forget, this young master already requested to break ties with you!" Once these words came out, in a split second, the surrounding area became quiet.

Ye Tian Kuang was so angry that he truly wanted to slap Ye Qing Luo to death.

Previously, when Ye Qing Luo said that she broke ties with the crown prince, the crown prince didn't fault her. That's because the crown prince was coaxing her!

The grand Highness Crown Prince was coaxing a common girl?

Ye Qing Luo should be grateful, shouldn't she!

She unexpectedly still wanted to break ties with the crown prince?

Ye Tian Kuang maliciously and fiercely glanced askance at Ye Qing Luo. "Evil creature, you……"

"This Highness just happen to like Seventh Young Lady's temper." Leng Feng Hua waved his hand, his face saying 'you can vent as you wish, I'll still accept it' with a considerate man's expression.

Ye Qing Luo shivered from head to toe, goose bumps popped up on her entire body.

Like her temper?

Would you please stop grossing me out! OK?

The meal from last night just about got barfed up!

Ye Qing Luo rubbed her arm between her fingers, her face filled with revulsion as she stepped to the side.

Ye Feng Yu immediately stood up and stood in front of Ye Qing Luo.

The young man's lanky body coincidentally obstructed Leng Feng Hua's line of sight.

The smiling expression on Leng Feng Hua's face stiffened.

He took a lot of trouble to coax a girl, but was even rejected by her!

This face had fallen over a million miles!

"Your, Your Highness Crown Prince, she…… she is just too bashful……" Ye Tian Kuang racked his brains to think of this excuse, his face was even covered with a fawning smiling expression.

This excuse nearly made Ye Qing Luo choke on her saliva.



With which eye did you see that this woman was bashful?

Even if this woman was bashful, it wouldn't be towards Leng Feng Hua hah hah hah!

Ye Qing Luo felt that if she were to continue to do nothing, last night's meal would be barfed up for sure.

She narrowed her eyes. Her gaze faintly suffused with cold swept over those several people kneeling on the ground.

Soon after, her gaze rose slightly focused on Ye Tian Kuang. "The matter between Three Springs Sect and Yuchi family will be left completely for Father to handle."

"Little Yu, let's go!"

After she finished speaking, she didn't even glance back as she walked towards the entrance to the abandoned courtyard.

Ye Feng Yu immediately followed close behind her.

Completely and thoroughly ignoring Leng Feng Hua.

This was the first time that Leng Feng Hua lost his entire face in front of a girl.

He had always been arrogant and believed that as long as he wanted any woman in the world, she'd submit to him.

So he didn't expect that Ye Qing Luo would repeatedly treat him so rudely.

A girl covered with thorns from head to toe, when he first saw her, he indeed experienced a novel feeling and wanted to conquer her.

But it's been a long time and he'd been pricked until it hurts.

A proud man wished that he could give up this thorny flower.

Thinking of how in the last few days, she had him eat sh*t in front of common people.

Thinking of how he was ignored by Ye Qing Luo at present.

Leng Feng Hua's eyes exploded with fury……

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