Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha Part 41

Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha -

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I knew something: tomorrow or the day after my ma was going to call me over to her and, just the two of us, she was going to say,-You're the man of the house now, Patrick.

That was the way it always happened.

-Paddy Clarke - Paddy Clarke - Has no da.

Ha ha ha!

I didn't listen to them. They were only kids.


He came home the day before Christmas Eve, for a visit. I saw him through the glass door again. He was wearing his black coat. I remembered the smell of it when I saw it, when it was wet. I opened the door. Ma stayed in the kitchen; she was busy.

He saw me.

-Patrick, he said.

He moved the parcels he had with him under one arm and put his hand out.

-How are you? he said.

He put his hand out for me to shake it.

-How are you?

His hand felt cold and big, dry and hard.

-Very well, thank you,

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