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"Where are Zhan Peng and others?"

"They have gone to check the blood spell formation!"

In a dim room, lamplight flickered. A middle-aged man stood on the backstage, and a young woman stood beside him. There were several young men in black in front of them.

Yun Sen looked out of the window and said with a cold smile, "Now that they go down, they don't need to come back!"

The man in black did not speak, and he knew what Yun Sen meant.

His lordship spent a lot of time and energy in arranging the blood spell formation which needed the breath of Yang to adjust Yin and Yang every other season. After four seasons, the formation could work.

Zhan Peng was a carefully selected young son from Ye family. They did not know that the blood spell formation had a function. That was to absorb the breath of Yang at the full moon night.

They went into the blood pool not to guard the blood, but to let the blood spell formation absorb their breaths of Yang. They didn't know the truth.

Unfortunately, Yun Sen didn't know that the Nu Wa stone in the formation eye was taken out by Xiao Naihe, and the formation was broken. Beside, several people including Zhan Peng were killed.

The breath of Yin in the blood spell formation was so dense that even the master of the heaven spirit boundary could not stay around it for a long time. That was why there was no one to guard the blood spell formation.

The man in black hesitated for a moment, and said, "I heard that the boy who entered Yun family went the Regretting Peak, and was near the blood spell formation. Would he discover it?"

"Don't worry. The cold pool above the formation had been infiltrated by cold air for decades. Ordinary warriors couldn't be able to enter it, and if people below the earth spirit boundary dove into it, they would definitely die. I have fought with that boy. His cultivation base was at most in the middle-stage of the yellow spirit boundary, so he couldn't discover the formation." Yun Sen answered.

"Just in case, we..." The tone of the man in black suddenly cooled down, and his intention of killing quietly overflew.

Yun Sen waved his hand and said, "No, it is too late to do this. Instead, we will beat the grass and frighten away the snake. If we delay the plan of his lordship, our lives are not guaranteed."

The man in black wore a sluggish look, and he glimpsed at Yun Sen. Then he did not mention it again, but withdrew, "Well, I'll go first, and I will leave the affairs of Yun family to you."

In a few moments, several men in black left the house.

Yun Sen's wife asked, "Why don't you promise them to kill Xiao Naihe, sen? You didn't agree with them. They must be suspicious about you."

"I don't promise them because of the immortal bamboo jade card."

"Is that jade card given by the messenger of Rosy Cloud Mountain?"

Yun Sen nodded his head, and he was helpless, "I had been searching Xiao Naihe and his room for a long time, but I did not find the jade card. That boy wasn't so stupid, and he knew that 'The precious stone landed its innocent possessor in jail'. He had hidden it. Therefore, after that kid woke up, I let you notify father-in-law and try to make this bet."

It turned out that the battle between Xiao Naihe and Yun Sen, the bet between Xiao Naihe and Wang Jingguo were in fact premeditated. Originally they planned to defeat Xiao Naihe, and let him lapse into a form of suspended animation to hide from Yun family, and then try to inquire about the whereabouts of the jade card.

However, Xiao Naihe's counterattack and Yun Nianci's interference were unexpected. Finally, Wang Jingguo's reaction was quick enough to make the bet.

"Liang-tu is my son. This jade card must be owned by him. In the past, my talent was mediocre, but it took me ten years to reach the heaven spirit boundary with the help of his lordship. Although his lordship promised to help me promote to the peak of the heaven spirit boundary, and become the first man of Houtian spirit boundary. However, after all, his heart is hard to fathom. I don't know whether his lordship will go back on his word after taking advantage of me."

Yun Sen paused, and then looked at his wife and said, "Only Rosy Clouds Mountain can help us. Rosy Clouds Mountain is the holy place of martial arts, and there are many immortal experts. Even his lordship doesn't dare to underestimate it. If Liang-tu can enter it, even if he becomes a common disciple, not the core disciple, our identity will be different. His lordship has to consider it carefully if he wants to break his promise in due course."

In fact, at the very beginning, Yun Sen had already thought about the leeway. He betrayed Yun family and would be cast aside by people in the future. Like Xiao Chen, he sought refuge with his lordship and betrayed Xiao family and was regarded as a base person who fell into the devil circle.

When Yun Sen was talking with his wife, Xiao Naihe was facing the owner of Jin Heng Archway.

The owner of "Jin Heng Archway" was a young man at the age of thirty six or seven. He was very tall, and was plain-looking with hawklike eyes.

Although Xiao Naihe did not play against with Zhu Liyan, by virtue of the faint pressure from Zhu Liyan, Xiao Naihe knew that this man was bound to be the top master of the heaven spirit boundary to protect the "Jin Heng Archway ".

Moreover, his essence and blood were so reserved that there was great hope for him to ascend the Xiantian immortality.

"Sir, you want to borrow grade two weapons to verify the grade of this strange stone?"


Zhu Liyan nodded and gazed at the Nu Wa stone in Xiao Naihe's hands. He also did not know the origin of the Nu Wa stone. Elder Zhuo and the clerk sneered at Xiao Naihe.

Although this stone looked very special, it was at most the grade two. As the owner of "Jin Heng Archway", Zhu Liyan had greater insight to recognize treasures than Elder Zhuo.

Therefore, Elder Zhuo thought that Zhu Liyan wouldn't believe in Xiao Naihe's words.

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