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Chapter 129        Raving Run Over

A normal vehicle weighed around one and a half tonnes; a truck would weigh around two to three tonnes. Even a cargo truck weighed only five to six tonnes but the head of the vehicle would still not be strong enough. However, the massively-engineered backhoe loader driven by Zhou Qingfeng weighed more than ten tonnes. The tires were thick and heavy - even bullets could not penetrate them. The massive shovelhead was even tougher; killing felt like a game with it.

As the loader knocked-out the fence and rushed into Town Hall Square, there were more than thousands of Zetas members in the square. They never expected an invasion. The people who were guarding the square out there did not even have time to alert the people inside. This allowed the ‘crazy rhino’ to rush into the square.

The loader had a huge impact!

There were around hundreds of core members of Zetas holding rifles outside the square. They were in charge of controlling the thousands of rookies who were new to Zetas. They would shoot anyone who was trying to escape. Inside the square, there were thousands of people from Mexico. Most of them came to the United States just to survive and earn some money. The reason they joined Zetas was just to stay together in order to live.

There were so many of them packed in the square. It was a complete disaster when the backhoe loader that weighed over ten tonnes and more than a meter tall came into the square!

The core members outside the square were going to shoot at the loader to stop it, but the massive shovelhead was already in front of them. The shovelhead was thin and slim, yet it was extremely heavy. It was sharper than a blade at high speed. Two of the core members got hit straight by the loader and they were killed on the spot.

One of them fell to the ground, was ran over by the huge tire, and was instantly crushed. The other one was crushed and hung on the shovelhead.

The two of them did not affect the giant backhoe loader at all; it continued to run at a high speed powered by its Herculean engine. It rushed with incredible speed into the crowd of people.

Zhou Qingfeng purposely drove in the direction where there were lots of people. There was no excess space in the square as it had been filled by thousands of people. They were all screaming and trying to escape but they could not avoid it.

The huge shovelhead ran through the crowd of people like a sharp blade. Instantly, dozens of people fell in front of the loader. As the loader ran over them, it left a blood-streaked route in the square.

There were people who were almost hit by the backhoe loader. They felt like it was the evil wind; their hearts were in their mouths for a second. They heaved a sigh of relief as soon as they found out that they were still alive. As they looked at the route where the loader passed, there were corpses and people who were injured on the ground. There were people with broken legs or arms and people were screaming everywhere.

Originally, the square was already controlled under high pressure. As soon the backhoe loader rushed in with its high speed, the whole square instantly turned into a mess. Everyone was running, pushing, and squeezing in the square. Nobody wanted to stay in that goddamn square.

“Shoot it! Shoot it down!” Mr. Jos who was standing on the stage was holding a loudspeaker. He was trying to command the core members at the scene to fight back. Unfortunately, not only could the members hear him via the loudspeaker, Zhou Qingfeng could hear it too.

Meanwhile, the huge loader arrived at the end of the square. After it left a bloody route, it turned around and rushed towards the direction of Mr. Jos, who was on the stage.

“Oh God!” Jos freaked out and simply threw away the loudspeaker. He quickly ran and jumped off the stage. The stage was just a temporary stage built from timber; it was crushed and collapsed as soon as it was hit by the loader.

Mr. Jos words did not gather the core members of Zetas. Instead, it reminded Zhou Qingfeng about his gun. He put his M249 machine gun out of the vehicle and started to fire crazily at the area packed with people.

The crowd of people in the square ran for their lives. However, they were all shot by Zhou Qingfeng’s machine gun before they ran out of the square. More than two hundred bullets were fired the moment Zhou Qingfeng started.

In terms of firing density, the assault rifles of the Zetas members were nothing compared to the M249 machine gun. There were people who tried to shoot at Zhou Qingfeng from afar. But, they were shot by Zhou Qingfeng’s random bullets instead.

As Zhou Qingfeng made two rounds across the square and finished the two hundred bullets in the soft ammo pouch, he turned around and quickly withdrew from the square. The whole process took just over a minute. The huge, noisy backhoe loader left red marks on the ground and disappeared.

A few moments later, Mr. Jos, who was confused, stood up from the ground. Los Zetas who just came out from the town hall stood beside him. Both Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister were astonished as they looked at the square that was filled with corpses and bloodstains.

Los Zetas grabbed Jos’ collar. He shook Jos and snapped, “What happened? Tell me what’s going on? I heard noise from inside and now all I’m looking at is corpses everywhere!”

In fact, the people who were killed in the square were not considered many. Only ten percent of thousands of people were killed. Unfortunately, most of them had escaped and they might not be returning anymore. The most important thing was the huge impact on the New York Republic. Their base was easily invaded - it was a shame!

“There was a vehicle that came in,” Mr. Jos was still stunned. He could not even speak properly. If he was not quick enough, he would have been one of the corpses on the ground.

“A vehicle? Just one vehicle could kill so many people and mess up the entire square? Are you aware that I’ll be here announcing the official establishment of the New York Republic after three days and that I’ll be the President? But now, my presidential palace is in a mess!”

Los Zetas was extremely mad and enraged. There was a rule where you do not hit faces during a fight. However, Zhou Qingfeng this was not just hitting; this was a direct slap to their faces!

As Zhou Qingfeng left the town hall square, he was confident that Zetas would stop organizing the future suicide squad. He went back straight to Kenney street where it was under attack by a suicide squad with hundreds of Zetas members.

As Zhou Qingfeng was on his way to rescue them, he contacted David Lawrence, “Mr. Lawrence, I’m on my way back.”

Meanwhile, David Lawrence was hiding in a building with the rest of the search team members. They were still at war with Zetas. Once David received the call from Zhou Qingfeng, he quickly reported his location and requested for help.

However, Zhou Qingfeng immediately rejected him once he heard that David Lawrence was fighting inside a building, “Uncle Lawrence, I’m sorry I can’t help you. Good luck.”

“What do you mean?” David Lawrence was running out of ammo. Even though he was great and smart, he was useless without bullets.

In the meantime, the big-sized backhoe loader was running across the street at high speed. A few Zetas members thought the vehicle was with them, they even waved and cheered at Zhou Qingfeng. However, with a slight turn of the steering wheel, the loader dashed against the wall and ran over those men.

David Lawrence witnessed the entire process from inside the building. He saw the loader rush in, run over the people, and drove away. At last, he was amazed and said, “That b*stard is really cruel.”

Meanwhile, Butcher was driven insane by the armored excavator. He did not have any powerful weapons to destroy the ugly wrecking machine. Mox, who came out of the tunnel to rescue others, had no idea about how to deal with it too. They could only withdraw from one building to another. At the same time, they had to deal with the suicide squad which came in like big waves.

“Victor, are you still coming? We’re going to die!” Butcher screamed heart-wrenchingly. He was stuck in a building. He just killed two of the suicide squad members who broke into the building and his last magazine was empty. Meanwhile, the armored excavator was destroying the wall of the building. He would be a goner as soon as the wall breaks.

“I’m here! I’m here! Stop shouting, I’m already here!” Zhou Qingfeng already saw the ugly armored excavator which was welded with steel plates. Zhou Qingfeng immediately pushed the accelerator to the end and the engine roared. It came aggressively from afar with an irresistible high speed.

After Zhou Qingfeng ran over the men outside the building, He smashed right into the side of the excavator. There was the loud sound of a crash. The excavator which was destroying the wall was overturned by the impact and the barrier troops around dodged in different directions.

Amidst the severe impact, Zhou Qingfeng watched as the excavator overturned with a fierce expression and he snapped, “Die, motherf*cker!”

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