Ruthless: A Mafia Step-Brother Romance Part 41

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Chapter 27.

"Abigail Tuney, you've been my Princess and guiding light since I first met you. When I left you, there was only shadows and pain, doubt and fear. And that doubt, those fears, they didn't disappear when you came back into my life. They reignited my need to protect you, to make you mine. And so today, the best day of my life, we become one."

I'm trying not to cry, but he's making it impossible.

"I love you more than a man ever should."

It's not the wedding of my dreams, not by a long shot. My white dress is more... off-white, and I had to waddle down the aisle. We didn't really have anyone to invite to a wedding, so instead we're in Vegas, the city of sin.


It's fitting, in a lot of ways, and Kaiden looks damn fine in his tuxedo.

Becky, however, did manage to make the trip, along with her boyfriend, and she's at my side looking so excited. She's never met Kaiden before and, well, doesn't know he's technically my step-brother.

We decided to omit that from the wedding announcement.

I unfold my own vows, biting down on my lower lip to try to make sure I won't cry, but I know it's fruitless.

"When I first saw you, shirtless and jumping into the lake, I never could have known the impact you would have on my life. You were so tough, so cocky, and instantly I knew... I'm a girl that's going to fall for the bad boy. And I did fall, hard. Over, and over, and over again." I lick my lips, my voice quivering and I can't go on, just smiling at him, and then the marriage commissioner.

"Well, if that's all, you may now kiss the bride!" he announces, and suddenly I'm in Kaiden's arms, his hands knit through my hair, absolutely destroying my careful updo as his mouth presses against mine. It's a bruising sort of kiss, his actions so hard and passionate.

It's not the happily ever after I expected, but I couldn't imagine it being more perfect.

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Alexis Abbott is a well rounded author of romantic suspense and erotic thrillers, to contemporary romance between two people who shouldn't fall in love.

Today, Alexis is focusing on giving fans tastes of darkness, pushing them to the limits while exploring criminal underbellies, corrupt billionaires, and the women who get wrapped up in events they don't want to control. She also writes as Alex Abbott for her less romantic suspense novels.

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