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Chapter nine

The next morning, they woke up on the white bed. As he woke up, he looked to his side. They had stayed in the same place for so long, finally, they were sleeping in the same bed.
"Lady, who are you?" Mai Wei Zhe asked in a husky, sexy voice. His eyes, the color of deep chocolate, slowly wandered over her face.
Slightly blushing, she laughed sweetly. Like last night, she answered shyly, " I am your wife."
"That's awesome!" He reached out and pulled her in his arms.
Li Yongxuan buried her face in his chest and listened to his strong heartbeat.

Last night, under the bright moonlight, the desires suppressed for a long time between the two were finally unleashed . The tides surged forward in a maelstrom,again and again till they were both submerged.
She felt like she had yet to leave the sea, as she was swept away by the waves over and over again till she felt dizzy.
A wave of anticipation, followed by a wave of violent impact; sometimes there were just gentle waves swaying her, making her feel as if her whole body was gradually melting.

She was his. And he was hers.
Her little hand gently stroked his iron like arm, his strong chest, his abdominal muscles, his waist…

"If you eat and drink like this, you will get fat here", she muttered.
Mai Wei Zhe smiled. "Let's continue going lower."
"You…", she blushed and tried to turn back.
But how could he let her go? He held her hand and guided it lower down his body.
Sure enough, there was a part of his body that had woken up as well.
She could feel the hard male excitement, and her body felt hot as blood pounded in her heart.
"You… Stop it!"
"Of course", he said happily, "For a twenty six year old man who sleeps beside you, it's a very normal reaction. Get used to this. You better hurry up!"
"Get used to this!" she mock-scolded him
During yesterday's play, he had taught her how to please a twenty six year old normal healthy man. Not only practically, but he whispered in her ear the things he wanted her to do patiently and gently…including a taste of her mouth.
The he returned the favour fair and square.
The most wonderful thing was that she was willing to submit to all his love
He adjusted her body, then bowed to kiss the sweet cherry fruit.
" I always feel…grandpa.." She hugged his head in her chest , breathed in sharply, and continued, " ah..he wouldn't like to see.. I'm telling you…"
Although the words were disjointed, he still understood.

Temporarily letting go of the fruit in his mouth, he raised his head, his amber eyes flashing a wild beast like desire.
" He just did not want me to bully you", he said.
"Grandpa has always seen through my feelings for you…so he always warned me, if I'm not serious about you, I was not allowed to touch you. You're helpless, stupid, too gullible, he was afraid that afterwards…"

Angrily, she hammered his chest with her fists, "Grandpa did not say that!"
" He did! You can ask him", he laughed and resumed what he was doing earlier.

After kissing her to appease her, he leisurely said, "When my parents were like this, in so much love that they lost their heads, my dad was only nineteen years old, a college student. My mother was twenty four. The result was an accidental pregnancy. My mother did not want me and planned to go for an abortion. My grandfather went with my father to beg to her several times till she reluctantly agreed. Grandpa is afraid… afraid that I will make the same mistake."

Li Yongxuan was quiet for a moment as she lay nestled in his arms.

"I was an unwanted child. As long as I remember that, I can never be arrogant no matter how many medals I win."He laughed bitterly at himself, the corners of his mouth lifting up, "And Xuan… you see? Looks like I am continuing the family tradition…"

She hugged him tightly, listening to him casually joking, hiding a world of hurt underneath.
"If we have a baby later, I will be a good mother and give him all my love". She looked up and seriously asked him, "You need to be healthy, so that you can be with him till he grows up, right?"
Mai Wei Zhe's mouth curved into a big smile
"What is the problem with my physical condition?" he asked.
"You should start exercising! After going home, you have to go to the gym every single day!"
" Go on… who's afraid of you ?"
Facts have proved that for lovers - no, they were husband and wife, although not registered yet - the best exercises were not in the gym.

At the end of the holiday, Grandpa Mai looked at them and knew that something had happened.
" Do you have anything to tell me ?" Grandpa looked at both of them gravely.
Li Yongxuan blushed, but still held on to Mai Wei Zhe's hand and said, " Grandpa, I told him, we…"
"I got married to Xuan Xuan", Mai Wei Zhe pulled her hand to show the ring to grandfather,explaining all the events in one sentence to grandpa
Grandpa looked at them for a moment and nodded.
"This isn't a diamond ring. You should buy her one", was grandpa's only comment.
"I don't want a diamond…"
"No problem. Tomorrow we will buy one", Mai Wei Zhe again used one sentence to solve the problem.

And this was how the two people announced their marriage to family. Sometimes it was good to be an orphan.

For Li Yongxuan, her responsibilities were many even after acquiring a husband. She had duties both in home and outside. She checked if grandfather had been taking his medicines properly, she checked if the refrigerator was stocked fully with food, she did the groceries, washed the clothes, unpacked their luggage and then opened her computer. Work had accumulated over the last few days. She had a long list of letters to be answered, a lot of news to be archived..

While she was busy with the archiving, Grandpa took the opportunity to hand over a few notes to Mai Wei Zhe. "This man has called several times"
The call times, how long the call lasted and what was said was all recorded in detail by Mai Ye.
Mai Wei Zhe was amazed.

It was really strange that Grandpa and Xuan Xuan were not related. Their habit of taking detailed notes was so similar !
He looked over casually and was stunned.
This was dear friend Liang Wen He. He was yet to be reconciled to the fact that the delectable morsel he had been eyeing had been snatched away from him before he could take a bite. Moreover, it had been taken away by a young and healthy man half his age. The great director, who had just stepped into middle age, began to feel a sense of crisis and started acting crazily to reverse the situation.
In one day, he had placed more than twenty calls which was akin to harassing someone
He put the notes in his pocket as deep fury clouded his eyes, " Does Xuan Xuan know about this?'
" Of course not!" Grandpa retorted , then advised his grandson, " You have the opportunity to deal with this. Dont let him get close to Yongxuan."
"I will. Rest assured."
Grandpa and grandson had a quick whispered conversation, both their expressions serious.

The person at the centre of the conversation also frowned, it seemed she had encountered a problem as well.
Mai Wei Zhe went over, placed his big palm on his shoulder and slowly massaged the tight muscles in her neck and shoulder. " What happened? What did you see? Is someone on the internet maligning me ? What is it that is making you angry? Someone wants me to die and sent me a bomb?"
Li Yongxuan shook her head and gave him a confused look. She tried to say something and then pulled back at the last moment.

Just before the vacation, she had sent out a letter for sponsorship. She had got no response to this. Whether the Yang group would sponsor the skating group was not yet clear. She was anxious because this decision was still hanging in the air.
She had long ago listed a list of other potential sponsors, but due to her lack of any official identity, she could not come forward to speak to them.
She had sent her list to the current agents of the speed skating team but she hadn't received any response either.
The team's financial resources weren't abundant. If they didn't deal with it quickly, according to her analysis, they would soon encounter difficulties.
If Li Yongxuan was their agent, she could mediate and help them. But Mai Wei Zhe was completely opposed, there was no room for any negotiation. Whenever she mentioned it, his response was like a stone wall - he would turn cold and refuse to talk about it.

So she shook her head, "Nothing. Just too much work to do. What were you and Grandpa talking so seriously about?"
Mai Wei Zhe did not tell her the truth, he casually answered, " Grandpa asked me what you want to eat. I told him what you like to eat - oversized beef burgers with French fries…"
" You want to eat hamburgers?"
Sure enough, he successfully shifted Li Yongxuan's attention. She frowned, "But you should eat less fried food. I think I have a recipe for baked fries.."
Thus the issue was temporarily evaded. Each held onto their own secret and did not mention it to the other.

In the darkness, as they lingered affectionately in each other’s arms in the aftermath, Mai We Zhe suddenly tightened his embrace, hugging her so tightly that she had difficulty breathing. Sweat dripped from his body and he was panting slightly from the exertion earlier.
She was his. She belonged to him completely. No one else was ever allowed to covet her.
In fact, just now, he had made love to her so intensely, so impatiently. She felt as if he was so anxious he wanted to swallow her whole.
"What are you thinking?" She gently stroked his face and asked, "Is there anything that is worrying you? Can you tell me what it is?"
"I…" he would have liked to casually make an excuse. But in the dim light, when he looked at her dark eyes glittering, he found himself unable to lie to her.
He just shut up.

"Are you regretting getting married so hastily?" she asked softly."We haven't registered yet, and not many people know. So, in fact, we can take it slow. If you…"
He sealed her lips with a kiss
"I have never regretted anything in my life, and the last thing I will ever regret is getting married to you", he said with absolute certainty
"But you are only twenty six", she said finally after staying silent for a long while

Even after such an intense love making , Li Yongxuan still had a sense of insecurity deep in her heart.
" What, you want me to say that I am hot-blooded right ?" He turned her around and hugged her to his chest, " What's wrong with being hot-blooded? People say that women in thirties want a wolf, women in forties want a tiger. I am just like a wolf."
"I'm not thirty years old yet".
"That's just splitting hairs."
She stared at him.
"Come on."
Although laughing, he admitted that she didn't look like she was nearing thirty.
She had a baby face, was tall and very slim with no fat and had a well endowed chest. In short, she was just the type to drive him crazy thinking of all the bad things he could do to her.
Of course she was his. And he was also hers.
Completely and with no reservations..

How much confidence did they have in each other ? Was it enough to support them through a lifetime? Life wasn't always going to be a vacation.

Not long after returning. Mai Wei Zhe became very busy. In addition to resuming physical training, he had to attend large and small events, advertising, interviews, publicity events and so on. Within three days he had to fly out, so he hardly Spent any time at home.
In fact, he was as busy in the past, but now his identity was different, even he felt completely different.He felt especially impatient if he had to stay overnight at any place.

” What did you do today?” At night in the hotel, while Mai Wei Zhe dd his stretching exercises before sleep to soothe his muscles, he always spoke to Li Yongxuan.
” I went with grandpa to the hospital for his check up, then went to buy groceries. I went for a run in the afternoon. Oh! Then…” she suddenly hesitated and stopped.
“Well, then what?”
She was silent, then said: “Nothing, it is almost
the same. Do you come back tomorrow?”
Mai Wei Zhe heard her hesitate. This was one of the reasons he was anxious.
She seemed to have nothing more to say.

For the first time in his life, he was so close to a person. In this situation, he had no idea what to do. Should he persist in asking her ?
How many times ? Would that upset her ? Would she blame him for being too obsessed ?

He hung up the phone and dropped his whole body on bed and stared at the ceiling.
The room was quite comfortable and he was also tired. He never felt like going out before a game. But now, he just wanted to go straight home !
The next day he reached home late at night. The game was delayed, interview was delayed, the flight was delayed…by the time he reached the airport, he had
exhausted all his patience. His expression was so bad no one dared stop him.
"Uh.. did you mention it to him?" The head coach asked the assistant coach.
"No", the assistant coach replied with a ' who dares to talk to him' expression.
The two coaches watched the angry young man leave. They wanted to ask him something important but..they left it for another day.

Once he was back home, it was dark outside. He tiptoed in, afraid of waking yo grandpa who must be sleeping. But once he entered the house, he saw in the kitchen.Li Yongxuan must have been working while waiting for him. But it was too late. So , with the lights on, the computer on and a pile of magazines next to her, she had fallen asleep with her head on the table.
As soon as he saw her, all his anger vanished. A strange emotion. Both happy and distressed, seized his heart. He quietly walked over and could not help but bend over and kiss her on her cheek. He kissed her lightly so as not to awaken her.

But she woke up and opened her eyes to see him smiling at her. Her mouth curved into a sweet smile.
" You’re back", she said softly.
" Why are you sleeping here ? Be careful or your back will ache." He said this with a chuckle aa his hands to her her shoulders and neck.
".. and you’ve even left the computer on, it’s almost dying.."

Li Yongxuan’s eyes widened. She suddenly jerked , completely awake and almost in a panic, swept away all the stuff on the table. She hurriedly struck the keyboard to switch off the computer.
" I, I actually fell asleep…" she said with chagrin. She had intended to finish the work before he came home !
" Take it slow, you can finish it tomorrow."
Though he said this, he didn’t pressurise her, knowing the lady was serious about her wrk.
He stood behind her , gently massaging her taut shoulders. Just being beside her, having her as his companion was enough for him.
He loved her deeply, and never wanted to separate from her.
Their bodies were inseparable, their hearts beat as one, but still there was a sliver of doubt that arose in his heart.
Just now, what was she trying to hide on the computer ?
Had he ever seen her behave like this before ?

Miumiu : Both of them were orphans, one an unwanted child. So it’s no surprise that they both have deeply embedded insecurities. That MWZ opens up a little about himself just shows, to me, how deeply he loves LI. And perhaps it is her insecurity that compels LI to find ways to help the team find sponsorship, even if that means going against MWZ’s explicit wishes. But why is MWZ so against LI becoming the team agent? And what is he going to do about the directir who has crept back in their life ? Three more chapters to go so not long to wait.  Tell me your thoughts …..

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