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Chapter 720: Long Haochen's chance encounter (II)

Elder Ling's smiling expression became more and more pronounced. Long Haochen's domain integration not only made the domains of the three of them even purer, it also gave great benefits to their cultivations. Also, the six people's united domains gave rise to a stronger side, putting them into an invincible position. This way, even if in the end the Priest Temple was eliminated earlier on, they could still perhaps surpass the Knight Temple and Mage Temple! This could be called a great opportunity, as they were originally supposed to get eliminated soon.

This was Long Haochen's secret trump that he thought of after Long Tianying gave him a detailed description of the contest to take place within the Saint Bead.

His Light God Domain commanded all holy spiritual energy. In this domain contest, although gaps existed between the Six Great Temples' powerhouses, these gaps were not too wide. By uniting with another side, he was sure to be the last remaining one. Bright Glimmer of Hope was originally in the top three of this domain battle in strength, but in a direct clash they wouldn't necessarily achieve victory against the Knight Temple and Mage Temple. But with the addition of the Priest Temple, they gained a gargantuan advantage.

Long Haochen actually had several more choices. They could have relied on the Warrior Temple as well, after all Qiu Yonghao was also a light user. But the Warrior Temple's three used different spiritual energy attributes, and relied on Qiu Yonghao's stripping their fields to force things between them. This complicated things: the situation within the Spiritual Bead was frantic, and Long Haochen did not have such a wide energy. So he had no other choice but to give up on that option.

The next pick available were the Knight Temple and Priest Temple. The Knight Temple's three powerhouses were also light users, and pretty close to Long Haochen. But don't forget that these three were really strong. Long Tianying had his Divine Throne's amplification and Yang Haoyu had the Starry Sky Domain. Long Haochen wouldn't be able to subdue them so easily with his Light God Domain. And, the other Temples could very likely show dissatisfaction.

So Long Haochen finally figured he may as well pick the Priest Temple. The three priests' gentle domains would show the least rejection in front of his Light God Domain, and the Priest Temple was originally in a weak position amongst the six Temples. Pulling them to his side would not affect the struggle between the Knight Temple and Mage Temple.

Long Haochen chose a timely decisiveness, right when the Priest Temple was about to get eliminated. This way, the Priest Temple showed a much higher acceptance toward his Domain's assimilation.

This avoided them the embarrassment of having to quit.

Long Haochen's plan was without doubt a success. Seeing the smile on elder Ling's face relaxed him greatly. Their new state of stability and benefitting from the Light God Domain's amplification stabilized the three priests' domains. The verdict was clear.

Long Tianying shot a glance to Long Haochen with a gloomy feeling, secretly thinking, This brat is actually taking advantage of the Priest Temple in such a way. Even if he couldn't unite with Brother Yang's domain, he should have consulted us ahead of time, just have Brother Yang quit and that's all.

However, his gloominess only continued for a short time before he returned to normal. He secretly found the situation funny: if his grandson really did so, they could be afraid that the other five Temples' would show a collective disagreement. This guy was really intelligent!

The domain battle kept going with no suspense, and an hour later, the Assassin Temple and Spiritual Temple withdrew in succession.

The Knight Temple, Mage Temple, and the side formed by Long Haochen and the Priest Temple stood in confrontation.

This time, neither of the three parties gave a way out. Long Haochen calmly and relaxedly controlled the united domain's defenses, showing no traces of panic. Neither the Knight Temple nor the Mage Temple would, upon contact with their domain, induce a large consumption.

However, he had some bias in him after all. When the Knight Temple's side rammed in, because they were light element users as well, they had far smaller consumption than the Mage Temple's united magic side. When Long Haochen and Cai'er's mixed domains occasionally appeared, every one of the Divine Purification Light's attacks ecffectively weakened these two Temples. The fact that the Priest Temple's three powerhouses had loosened control over their domain to hand its control over to Long Haochen really gave him the strongest backing possible.

Under these circumstances, the outcome came with no suspense. When the day was dimming, the three powerhouses form the Mage Temples were finally expelled from the Saint Bead.

The Mage Temple having having already gotten beaten, the Knight Temple had no reason to keep persisting, anyway they had no way to stand above Long Haochen's group.

Therefore the three knights simply gave up directly.

Afterwards, Long Haochen's three and the Priest Temple separated their union, and the three powerhouses from the Priest Temple voluntarily renounced with no hesitation, Long Haochen, Cai'er and Chen Ying'er finally departing the Saint Bead at the end.

The match being over, results were announced. When the Warrior Temple's head Qiu Yonghao returned to the field, his complexion was just as unsightly… twenty-four points was simply the lowest score in history.

The chief referee Chen Zidian announced, "The domain battle of the Temples' Great Gathering has ended. Number one is Bright Glimmer of Hope, number two, Priest Temple, number three, Knight Temple, number four, Mage Temple, number five, Spiritual Temple, number six, Assassin Temple, and number seven, the Warrior Temple.

"In view of this year's addition of Bright Glimmer of Hope, and after consultation with the elected staff, the number one's reward has been increased to six hundred, and the last five's gradually falling down to hundred, with the last position receiving none.

"The point counts are as follows: Bright Glimmer of Hope, 1042, Knight Temple, 698, Priest Temple, 620, Mage Temple, 555, Spiritual Temple, 378, Assassin Temple, 164, Warrior Temple, 24."

The gap between Bright Glimmer and the rest aside, the Priest Temple could be described the greatest winner aside from Bright Glimmer of Hope, having surpassed the Mage Temple in one move, by rising to the third position. Such a grand event had never happened in the History of the Temple's Great Gatherings; for a moment, both the Priest Temple's head Ling Xiao, and elder Ling were beaming with joy. Their looks toward Long Haochen's crew were full of goodwill.

Chen Zidian kept going, "Tomorrow, the last stage will be going. Due to the high quantity of contestants, and the permitted use of equipment, the battlefield will be the sky."

The individual competition had already had the field wrecked out, to say nothing of a team competition. That would be ten against ten, in battles with no restrictions in equipment.

With a few divine tools additionned to the drive of several powerhouses of the ninth step, to say nothing about the Temples' Great Gathering's field, even Holy City could as well be torn open by them.

So having the team battle stage go on an aerial stage, and that must be at far altitude and far from Holy City.

"Chief referee." Right at this time, Chen Hongyu stepped up, nodded lightly to Chen Zidian.

"So? You have something to say about that Hongyu?"

Chen Hongyu unhappily claimed, "Chief referee, I trust that you have seen the process of the previous domain battle. I believe the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope to have not won fairly." Seeing the Priest Temple stand above them, Chen Hongyu once again took offense.

"Is that really so? Alright, then please express your views, you contestants from the other Temples. Tianying, you start." He shifted his glance toward Long Tianying.

Long Tianying replied with a tranquill smile, "I have not seen Long Tianying pull out any dishonest trick. Although we also lost, I am sincerely convinced in my loss. I am indeed his grandfather, but will still speak my view. Let me ask all of you, even if you knew about this method, who of you could having done it? I can say that I couldn't. Long Haochen's strong control over his domain enabled him move unhindered within the whole Saint Bead, absorbing the three domains of the Priest Temple in a flash with control and integration. That was a display of unconditional strength. Let me ask once again, would any of you have acted differently in front of the same good chance? When left with the choice to either drop out or join hands with Bright Glimmer of Hope."

Hearing Long Tianying's response, the nearby elder Ling lightly smiled, "Tianying is not mistaken. First putting aside how Haochen achieved it, no one else would have refused such a good deal! We can be considered having taken part in Bright Glimmer of Hope's brilliance this time."

The Assassin Temple's Sheng Yue laughed indifferently, shooting Chen Hongyu a glance, responding disdainfully, "Leave it at that you're no good. Why blame this and that legit thing? What a lacking character!"

"What did you just say?" Chen Hongyu erupted in a burst of anger, glaring at Sheng Yue.

These two were originally not getting along well, Adding to that the factor of the Spiritual Temple and Assassin Temple's opposite sides in the Temples' Great Gathering, Chen Hongyu could be said to have really become agitated.

Sheng Yue did not give the slightest leeway, "So what? Want to fight a duel with you're unconvinced?"

"Enough." Chen Zidian shouted, instantly extending a uncorporeal pressure to the whole stage. Almighty person was not just a simple name.

"How about you, Yonghao?" Chen Zidian shifted his glance to Qiu Yonghao. Three of the six Temples had already expressed their approvals of Bright Glimmer of Hope.

Qiu Yonghao showed a bitter smile, "Back then, we were already eliminated, and have no clear knowledge of the events that followed within the Saint Bead. Our Warrior Temple is abstaining from expressing our views."

As the Mage Temple's best comrade, Qiu Yonghao couldn't directly support the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope this time. But he had his own view: in the midst of disappointment, he had a few thoughts. For the sake of the Warrior Temple's future, he must plan ahead, first of all by not offending the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope. They absolutely didn't expect their strength to reach such lengths. After three stages, they were in the lead with over a thousand points. Both the Knight Temple and Mage Temple would find it close to impossible to reverse the stakes in the final stage. Long Haochen's powerful Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword, and the divine tools the three of them showed today, were all demonstrations of Bright Glimmer of Hope's great assets.

Chapter 721: Long Haochen's lucky encounter (III)

Chen Zidian nodded. Out of the Six Great Temples, three were on their side and one neutral, so there was no need to even ask the Mage Temple to come to a conclusion. However, out of respect for the Mage Temple, Chen Zidian looked at Li Zhengzhi with an inquiring gaze.

Li Zhengzhi remained very calm, as if no longer affected by the gloom of his Mage Temple receiving the fourth position in the domain battle.

"Chief referee, comrades. First of all, I agree with your previous statements. Although Bright Glimmer of Hope used some tricks in this domain battle, they managed it with their strength. Without the extraordinariness of Long Haochen's Light God Domain, they couldn't possibly have achieved this much. Even if they hadn't united with the Priest Temple, they could very possibly have still ended as the final victors. So, there is no need to dwell any longer on this matter."

Seeing Li Zhengzhi so easily let go of the opportunity of making things hard for Bright Glimmer of Hope, Long Tianying couldn't help but reveal a look of shock.

"Other than that, I have a suggestion." Li Zhengzhi continued, "The competition having reached so far, there won't be a big change to the final rankings anymore. So, I believe that there is no longer need to conduct the final team battle. The team battle involving so many people, and furthermore allowing the use of equipment, it would very easily result in accidental injuries. This Temples' Great Gathering should just end with the current rankings."

"Although the Temples' Great Gathering is an important matter taking place once every ten years, it is also bound to catch demonkin's attention. All of us are peak powerhouses of our Temples, so saving as much time as possible would be the best. So I believe that the most important matter that follows should be to get the Alliance ready, and make preparations for the future counterattack against demonkind."

Li Zhengzhi's speech did not merely shock everyone present. Li Zhengzhi's statement implied that the Mage Temple was renouncing on their struggle in this Temples' Great Gathering. Even Long Tianying who did not like him much could but nod in silence. So! this Li Zhengzhi still knows which things to prioritize.

Chen Zidian nodded, "The Temples' Great Gathering is a symbolic event of once every ten years. Lessening the number of stages must be out of all the Temples' agreement. Please lift your hand, all those who agree about shifting the end of the gathering ahead of time?"

The calm looking Li Zhengzhi was the first one to lift his hand. Immediately next, the Knight Temple and Bright Glimmer of Hope followed by lifting their own hand's. This situation was really the most ideal one in their eyes.

The head of the Warrior Temple Qiu Yonghao gave Li Zhengzhi a glance, lifting his hand, he was filled with secret admiration toward Li Zhengzhi. Knowing when to bow was really an admirable quality.

Sheng Yue also lifted his glance, full of appreciation toward Long Haochen and Cai'er. Finally, these two youngsters stood at the peak of humankind.

On the side of the Priest Temple, Ling Xiao and Ling Lao naturally showed no opposition. They had at the present time achieved the third rank, an unprecented score for the Priest Temple. If one party was the most willing to conclude the competition at that point, that would no doubt be them.

Only one hand was not lifted, and now the only party left was the Spiritual Temple. All gazes gathered onto Chen Hongyu. Although a tough old man, his scheming heart was rarely surpassed. No matter how unwilling he was to see the Spiritual Temple achieve fifth, he had to follow suit, for the sake of maneuvering for the standing of the Spiritual Temple in the new Alliance.

During the vote, Chen Hongyu seemed to mutter words in a very low voice, voluntarily for Sheng Yue to hear them, "At least we have more points than some others. Not too bad I guess."

This time Sheng Yue didn't pay attention. Carrying a smile on his face, he had a calm and easy going look.

Seeing everyone accept Li Zhengzhi's proposal, Chen Zidian nodded, "Alright. In that case, I, chief referee, announce the end of the Temples' Great Gathering. The rankings are such, number one Bright Glimmer of Hope, number two, Priest Temple, number three, Knight Temple, number four, Mage Temple, number five, Spiritual Temple, number six, Assassin Temple, and number seven, Warrior Temple."

"Tomorrow morning, the Six Great Temples and Bright Glimmer of Hope's representatives shall convene in a meeting to discuss the matters of the new Alliance."

"Yes." Everyone bowed at the same time, bowing to Chen Zidian. No one could deny that this legendary character was the most fitting chief referee that they could have.

The Temples' Great Gathering was terminated early after three stages. One could say that this was a really unexpected thing. In the eyes of the later generation, this instance of the gathering was really drawing the start of an unmatched era in History.

Li Zhengzhi carried a faint smile on his face, as he walked to face Long Haochen extending his hand in front of him, "Congratulations, Haochen."

Long Haochen gave a sincere response, "Thank you. Be at ease, I won't disappoint you."

Li Zhengzhi returned the smile, "I will be waiting for that day you will have a Divine Throne at your side." The congratulations he gave Long Haochen also meant taht Li Zhengzhi was abandoning the struggle for the new Alliance's leadership. Without this greatest rival they had, the rest would go much easier.

Long Haochen nodded, "Certainly."

Long Tianying joined Li Zhengzhi's side, patting his shoulder,

"The youngsters' generation is coming. I originally thought you were very young all along, but now you seem much older eheh."

Li Zhengzhi snorted, "Old Long, although you are not up to much, you gave birth to a good son, and now a good grandson."

Hearing his mocking, Long Tianying didn't take it at heart, only laughing heartily, "These are thoune great genes."

Chen Hongyu let out a snort, "Bullshit. I can't see much similarity in the two of you, and he's looking much better. Don't attribute yourself unexisting merits."

"Long Tianying laughed, "Say as you please. This old man is in a good mood today, I'll take it as jealousy from the two of you."

The other Temples' leaders were really jealous! Jealous for Long Tianying to have grown such a good grandson. The ability Long Haochen just displayed atop of being on the verge of establishing a new Alliance, would really make the Knight Temple the absolute leader for the next hundred years. If humankind truly manages to vanquish demonkind, this position would only consolidate even further. So Long Haochen's existence could be said to be settling the Knight Temple to the ruling position of the new Alliance.

Long Haochen bowed to the leaders, while humbly expressing that his achievement of championship was just a matter of luck.

The Temples' Great Gathering was terminated, but this was just a start to the new Temple Alliance. What came next would be even more important. Before this session had started, the Six Great Temples had priorly consulted, determining that the changes to the new Alliance would demand immediate action.

After six thousand years of settlement, the gap between the Temple Alliance and demonkind was no longer as large. But why could they only come onto passive beating in the Holy War? Strength was a factor, but was the gap in their strength so large? The answer was indefinite. The most important reason that they remained so passive lied in their mutual policies.

Demon Hunt Squads proved at repeated times the uses of joining several vocations together. But even now, vocation combination had never happened from the Start of the war to its end. The key point of this lied in the estrangement of the Six Great Temples.

To resolve this matter was not achievable in a matter of words, but needed deep rooted changes of the Alliance.

As a matter of facts, no one was willing to see themselves supervised by another one.

But an important factor finally brought this compromise between everyone, and that was the immense threat of demonkind.

Four years ago, the Holy War gave the Temple Alliance the greatest comprehension of demonkind's strength they ever had. Before that, the Six Great Temples all acknowledge that even if the Alliance's attack was insufficient, their defenses were ample. But in reality, even if demonkind had not deployed their full force, and their strongest races had yet to take part from beginning to end, they found it still very difficult to repel the demon offenses. Not only they suffered disastrous losses, but they even narrowly lost some of their forts.

The ones that experienced this the deepest were the Assassin Temple, Warrior Temple and Priest Temple. Their three Temples were nearly lost in the assaults of the enemies.

Thus, after the Holy War ended, the Six Great Temple convened several meetings, gradually consenting to the foundation of a new Alliance. For the sake of resisting the demon threat, and for humankind to go on, they couldn't keep moving out of selfishness. No matter how humankind's future balance of power would turn out, their first priority was to maintain the human race, or that talk would not even exist.

However, the matter on who should lead this new Alliance was discussed for very long. In the end, this session of Temples' Great Gathering was supposed to determined that the most greatly: let your strength talk for you. If not for Bright Glimmer of Hope's sudden addition, one could be afraid that the Knight Temple and Mage Temple's struggle would have persisted until the last fight.

Li Zhengzhi's renouncement was not only due to Bright Glimmer of Hope's performance, but also because of the Knight Temple's power. He originally believed that the Mage Temple would completely be able to suppress the Knight Temple, but when things started for real, the Knight Temple managed to stand above the Mage Temple without even their two Divine Knights taking part. This was a massive blow to Li Zhengzhi, who did not expect this situation. Now without a doubt, it would be meaningless to keep struggling. There's no way the Knight Temple would leave the commanding position to the Mage Temple.

Although the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope was led by Long Haochen, that was after all a Demon Hunt Squad, and was thus formed with six powerhouses from different parties. These youngsters would be the future leading pillars of the Alliance. So at least each of the Temples would have a leading figure amongst their ranks.

This was the major reason why Chen Zidian wanted Long Haochen's group to return and participate in this struggle for power. Bright Glimmer of Hope's appearance was sudden, but after deep considerations, all parties gave them their support, which was the hardest outcome which could be considered.

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