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Chapter 722:The Union's Chairman (I)

Back in the Alliance's headquarters, the remaining prep work aside, the meeting for the establishment of the new Alliance was going to take place in one day. Its length would depend on how long the Six Great Temples would need to come to a consensus.

Long Haochen led his comrades back but did not rest, immediately researching until evening.

Just as Long Haochen anticipated, has-drugs-bro remained reliable. He was back when the time would come for the meeting.

"How come you're only back now, has-drugs-bro? The Temples' Great Gathering has terminated ahead of time you know?" Chen Ying'er expressed to Lin Xin.

Lin Xin had a rare expression of great seriousness on him, "I am already aware of that. Captain, these days I have been learning the Saint Sun Curse from Grandpa, so..."

Long Haochen nodded, "We are all brothers, no need to justify yourself. Sit too, I will tell you about the circumstances of the meeting we have previously been discussing. Maybe you will have some good suggestions."

Lin Xin replied, after sitting across Long Haochen, "Captain, before you tell me, I have something I need to report to you. Before my return, Temple Head Li Zhengzhi came to me, and had a message for you. He said that when the time of the election comes, if our Bright Glimmer of Hope takes only one representative from each Temple, he will give us his full support."

Long Haochen revealed a smile, "Temple Head Li took the path I expected. The setup of the new Alliance will change a lot of things. One could say that one major aspect is the benefits each of the Six Great Temples can reap. If we want everything to go well, the first thing we need is to keep a balance. Be at ease, I have a plan."

One night passed, and the next day, the Alliance's headquarters convened a meeting,

As agreed priorly, each of the Six Great Temple's participation in the meeting involved thirty-six people, all of whom were contestants of the gathering. Besides Bright Glimmer of Hope and Chen Zidian, of the thirty-six representatives for the Demon Hunt Squads, there were twenty or so spots for Demon Hunters above the king grade.

So, there were two hundred fifty-two participants in this distinguished meeting, separated in seven sides.

Less than ten people qualified to sit on the raised stage. From left to right were seated the Warrior Temple's Head, the Assassin Temple's head Sheng Yue, the Mage Temple's head Li Zhengzhi, the legendary Chen Zidian, captain of Bright Glimmer of Hope Long Haochen, the Knight Temple's head Yang Haohan, the Spiritual Temple's head Chen Hongyu, as well as Ling Xiao, the Priest Temple's head.

The ordering of seats was a great display of the benefits Bright Glimmer of Hope led by Long Haochen had gained. If not for these outstanding results, there's no way he would be qualified to sit on this rostrum unless the Knight Temple promoted him to their new Temple Head, based on his previous status in the Alliance.

The one in charge of the meeting was the current head of the Temple Alliance, a chief of the Knight Temple, holder of the Divine Throne of Protection and Mercy, and Divine Knight of Defense and Ruling, Yang Haohan.

"Since everyone is gathered, let us start this meeting immediately." Yang Haohan's calm voice reverberated throughout the whole stage, unobstructed by the facilities around, and spread clearly to all ears.

"First of all, let me congratulate Bright Glimmer of Hope for having just achieved championship over the just finished Temple's Great Gathering." Then Yang Haohan took the initiative to applaude, followed immediately by the powerhouses of the Six Great Temples and Demon Hunt Squad representatives below, filling the whole room in warm applauses. This was not just praise for the group of youngsters, but heartfelt admiration.

Long Haochen stood up, beating his right fist on the left of his chest, and performing a standard knight salute to everyone present, before bowing to Yang Haohan to express gratitude.

Yang Haohan said, "For the sake of fairness, the Six Great Temples and Demon Hunt Squads' sides shall both have thirty-six representatives, including every one of us sitting on the rostrum.

"After many consultations, our Alliance finally came to a consensus in establishing a new Alliance, for the sake of uniting the Six Great Temple's forces against the demon threat. Let me now ask if anyone objects the setup of the new Alliance; if so raise your hands."

Sweeping his dignified gaze to the surroundings, he confirmed that no one raised their hand, then he continued, "Alright. Since no one is opposed, let us start the discussion over a new Alliance. Next, I will detail the context and constitution of the new Alliance.

"From the setup of the Temple Alliance to now, over six thousand years of history have passed. For six thousand years we have been accumulating forces in the struggle against demonkind, to gradually finally gain a foothold. But as we were thinking to be steady enough to guarantee self-preservation, or even have a chance to launch a counterattack against demonkind, they thrashed their fists right into our faces. I believe that everyone should remember very clearly the Holy War that took place four years ago. The damage that was inflicted to the Alliance back then was really disastrous. A great amount of powerhouses met with death in the struggle, and one could say that if not for the fact that the Demon God Emperor did not lead the strongest three demon clans, this Holy War would very possibly have led to the destruction of the Alliance, putting the people in terrible situations.

"Now we know even better that the current loose structure of the Alliance is insufficient to resist against demonkind. If we cannot bring out the greatest features of each of our human fighting vocations, we won't ever be able to gain the advantage in this struggle against demonkind. So, the Six Great Temples must unify, giving birth to a whole new Alliance.

"For the conflict between the Alliance and demonkind, we must have a unified voice and integrate all the forces of the Alliance, gathering them under a centralized power, just like a nation-state. Orders will demand exact compliance, so our powerhouses from the Six Great Temple can join hands just like our Demon Hunt Squads to wield the greatest fighting strength.

"Thus, I have decided that the new Alliance shall be called Temple Union, changing all the Six Temples' government into a centralized government. There will be one Temple Union's chairman, six vice-chairmen, and thirty-six permanent council members.

"For some important matters, the union's council will make decisions by vote, with each vice-chairmen's vote counting as two and the chairman's vote counting as five. Also, the chairman will have a veto power. If the six vice-chairmen all agree, or over eighty percent of the council agrees, the chairman can be removed from the position following miconduct."

Changing the Alliance into the Union, as well as all these rules, were already all approved by the Six Great Temples after countless discussions.

For the sake of guaranteeing fairness, as well as avoiding the issue of an overly powerful central power, the Six Temples' higher-ups had been racking their brains a lot, and finally came to this unified conclusion with great difficulty.

The most important point of this session of Temples' Great Gathering was the selection of this chairman. Based on the previous discussion the Six Great Temples had, the Temple which would be able to obtain championship would be the one to bring out the union leader.

This was also the reason why the Knight Temple had invited their strongest knight, Yang Haoyu, who was training in seclusion until then.

After the new union's foundation, the union chairman would have an enormous authority. Although that couldn't compare with a monarchical regime's emperor, that would still be a character with great authority. Furthermore, the Temple from whence this union leader shall come would be sure to be advantaged. That is why the struggle was so fierce.

"Anyone against the new union's centralized power system, raise your hand." Yang Haohan calmly spoke these words.

Meetings pertaining to a union had been going on for five years. Yang Haohan's question was thus actually just a formality. As expected, the opinion was unanimous.

Yang Haohan nodded, "Good. Next, we will conduct votes for determining the chairman and vice-chairmen. The chairman candidate is Bright Glimmer of Hope's captain, Long Haochen. The vice-chairmen candidates are Qiu Yonghao, the Warrior Temple's Head, the Assassin Temple's head Sheng Yue, the Mage Temple's head Li Zhengzhi, the Knight Temple's head Long Tianyin, the Spiritual Temple's head Chen Hongyu, and the Priest Temple's head Ling Xiao.

"Everyone should be familiar with these six Temple Heads. I will next introduce the chairman candidate Long Haochen. Long Haochen, male, aged twenty-five years old. Vocation: Retribution and Guardian dual knight. Captain of the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope. Overwhelming innate internal spiritual energy, bestowed with the Scion of Light physique. Holy Knight of the second rank, and already qualified to obtain a Divine Throne's approval. Previously, Long Haochen had achieved championship in the Demon Hunt Squad Selection, thus founding the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope. The team he led has slain over four demon gods, destroying two demon god pillars. In the Holy War, he gained great merits in respectively the Knight Temple, Assassin Temple, Warrior Temple, and Mage Temple. This session of the Temple's Great Gathering was won by the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope. This is how he became the chairman candidate. If anyone opposes his nomination as chairman, raise your hands."

Although a lot of them knew about Long Haochen to some extent, hearing Yang Haohan's introduction of Long Haochen's career, especially the part about his being only twenty-five years old, raised a short, pitched discussion. But fortunately, no one raised a hand in opposition.

Yang Haohan let out a secret sigh. What he feared the most was to see an issue arise in this area. Although a few opposed wouldn't be enough to cancel this decision, that would still have a bad influence on Haochen's future ruling of the new union.

"So, since no one objects, the matter of the chairman is decided. As for the six vice-chairmen candidates, does anyone object?"

The powerhouses from the Six Great Temples still expressed no reaction, but this instant came something unexpected. Sitting on the rostrum, the head of the Spiritual Temple, Chen Hongyu, raised his hand suddenly, "I have an objection!"

Chapter 722:The Union's Chairman (I)

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