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In a flash, the woman grabbed his waist and pulled him towards her body, making him fall into her embrace. Even though he missed her peaks, he couldn't avoid her valley.

When he hit, he could feel his lower half pressing against hers, fitting snugly together.

"Eh!" Su Ke's body instinctively shuddered, then his heart started beating faster. His sense of awkwardness had descended into chaos. He wanted to push her away, but he had nowhere to place his hands.

She was wearing a form-fitting spaghetti-strap dress like she was preparing to go to a club. It was extremely sexy. The contrast between the meat-pink color of her dress and the fairness of her skin was very alluring. The straps were loosely going down her shoulders until they connected to the frills on the top of her dress.

Since Su Ke was worried that he would cause her straps to slide off completely if he pushed her, he could only raise his hand in surrender. He then unintentionally looked down, causing him to feel a surge of blood downwards.

Below her collarbones, her two peaks were full, and the chiffon frills of her dress were wrapped around her chest to form a V-neck. Her cleavage was deep, with a round shape and shiny lustre. When in contact with his body, his pants bulged upwards, full of elasticity.

This wasn't the worst part though.

What made his blood rush and unable to show his face was that his bottom half had reacted. Her dress was really short, only reaching up to her thigh, and her pleated skirt clung tightly to her hip. After Su Ke's little brother inadvertently rose, it was nestled within her triangular gap, which made him even more scared of moving, fearing that he would touch her.

"Ha ha!" A burst of laughter came from behind Su Ke.

Without thinking, he already knew that it was Du Wan laughing at him.

As expected, there were more giggles under her leadership.

"Okay, Elder sister gave you a hug, so how are you going to thank me?"

Su Ke was very rigid as the woman had finally let him go.

His bottom half had immediately sprung back.

"Eh!" Su Ke could only helplessly say, "Thank you!"

"Eh! Only a word of thanks? Elder sister could've given you her whole chest. Also, your dirty thing had even stood up against me!"

After saying so, the woman reached out her hand and pinched his waist.

Su Ke heaved a breath, but he then quickly jumped back. Fortunately, the pain caused his tent to go down. If Du Wan had seen his appearance, he wouldn't know how to reply.

"Ha ha! Ma Wei, come quickly! How is it? How was hugging that little boy?"

Du Wan stood at one side before waving at the woman with a bright smile on her face.

Only now did Su Ke remember this woman's name.

"Sister Ma Wei!" Su Ke gave her an embarrassed smile. "This was a task sister Du Wan gave me, so please don't tease me!"

So, this was actually Du Wan's task for his devil training. First was to thicken his skin. According to Du Wan's words, if you have thick skin, no girl can take it.

In order to cultivate his lethality and help Qin Zheng get back her man, Su Ke must definitely get rid of that sl*t and break apart the two adulterers. Feeling helpless, Su Ke could only accept the task. He needed to take the initiative and ask for a hug. Counting Ma Wei, he hugged 4 people already. One more hug and Su Ke would have ended his lesson today.

Looking at Ma Wei swinging her hips and walking towards Du Wan, his gaze couldn't help but be drawn to Qin Zheng. Qin Zheng was dragged here by Du Wan, wanting her to watch his classes. Actually, Qin Zheng still had some reservations since she had forced a kiss on Su Ke. When she thought about that scene, her mood started to fluctuate.

She didn't know why, but she didn't feel as strongly about Yuan Fang's betrayal as before.

Even she herself was in disbelief.

When she caught Su Ke's gaze, Qin Zheng immediately turned away with a flushed face. Luckily though, Du Wan was pulling Ma Wei inside and explaining the devil training along the way, so she was too busy to notice her peculiar behaviour.

"What are you looking at? You still need one more!"

When Du Wan saw Su Ke glancing over, she angrily shook her fists and had a really stern expression on her face as she watched Su Ke shrink in on himself. She then continued pulling Ma Wei in. With a gloomy face, Su Ke really wanted to cry. He didn't expect that when he agreed to help Qin Zheng get back her love, he would fall into Du Wan's hands and end up like this. This was basically torture.

"Oh! Luckily, I still have one more today!" Actually, Su Ke knew that he was also quite introverted, so he easily blushed and his legs went weak. Even though Du Wan's devil training was a bit perverted, maybe he could really change himself.

Su Ke heard footsteps coming from the second floor, so he took a deep breath, rubbed his cheeks, and made himself relax before mechanically reading his lines.

"Hello, Beautiful! Welcome to Fang Fei! May I interest you in a hug?"

The girl had a head of wine-red hair braided with a brown hairband, giving off a lazy feel.

She was wearing a bohemian-style dress, adorned with colourful floral designs.

On her wrist was a colourful beaded bracelet that gave off a foreign feeling as she moved.

After listening to Su Ke's voice, the lady walked forward and smiled at him. Her eyes rippled like water as she tilted her head and her mouth curved upwards, "Little boy, are you finally learning to chase women?"

Su Ke was dumbfounded before his eyes lit up.

"Sister Yan, you're back!"

Even though Liu Fei Yan was only gone for 3 days, Su Ke felt like he hadn't seen her for a very long time. His voice couldn't help but rise.

Luo Fei Yan shrugged and spread her arms widely. She continued up the stairs as she smiled and said, "How is it? Was it surprising? Are you happy?"

Luo Fei Yan maintained her posture, her arms opened widely until she reached the 3rd floor. Seeing Su Ke's pleasantly surprised expression, she couldn't help but pull him into her arms.

This time, Su Ke had no intentions of dodging. Like an unconscious reaction, he hugged her waist. He could feel Luo Fei Yan's warm breath on the tip of his ear before hearing her say, "Did you miss me?", in a low voice.


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