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Feeling her soft and elastic chest; and breathing in Luo Fei Yan's familiar scent, he heard a soft, "Did you miss me?"

Su Ke had a momentary urge to roughly embrace her, his arms naturally landing on her waist. He could feel her body heat on his palms through her clothes.

He opened his mouth, but he didn't know what to say. He then started to become more anxious.

Luo Fei Yan patted his shoulder, before turning around to wave and look at the evil demons that go to the extremes when helping people. "Sisters, I'm back!"

Su Ke heard a cheer behind him. Luo Fei Yan, who was wearing a bohemian-style dress like she just came back from a holiday, immediately rushed towards them like they had never been apart.

Once Su Ke counted Luo Fei Yan, he had successfully gotten 5 hugs and completed his task.

He then followed Luo Fei Yan and left the staircase area, walking inside.

"What? You're saying that Qin Zheng's man is having an affair?"

When Luo Fei Yan heard Du Wan's words, she immediately turned around and asked Qin Zheng, "What exactly happened?"

Seeing Luo Fei Yan's indignant expression, with furrowed eyebrows and a concerned gaze, Qin Zheng smiled and said, "It's no big deal!"

Luo Fei Yan didn't expect Qin Zheng to react like this. Her eyes widened incredulously.

"Are you okay?" Before Qin Zheng could reply though, Du Wan grabbed Luo Fei Yan's neck and whispered into her ear. She knew how much Qin Zheng cared about him.

Su Ke had a bad feeling, and as expected, Luo Fei Yan nodded and glanced at him.

Suddenly, she said firmly, "Good! Let's do it this way and everything will be left to Su Ke!"

Su Ke broke out in a cold sweat and pretended like he didn't hear anything.

Just as he was heading towards the piano, he heard Luo Fei Yan's slightly hoarse voice ring out before he could take another step,

"Little boy, come over to elder sister's side!"

Su Ke paused and turned around. Luo Fei Yan was all smiles as she waved her hand.

Su Ke slowly walked over, giving a smile that was even uglier than crying.

"I'm giving you a task to dig at the corner given to you. Sister believes that you can persuade this mistress. There's a saying; 'As long as the hoe is brandished well, there is no corner you can't dig through.'" Luo Fei Yan squinted her eyes as she stared at the black lines on Su Ke's head, along with his dead expression; and quickly tried to encourage him.

"Just relax. To be a mistress, they must have good assets like a chest or butt. You definitely won't lose out. You probably might even gain a lot as well!" Ma Wei immediately continued speaking after Luo Fei Yan was done, "That's right, that's right. I heard that these women do a lot of work, especially on the bed!"

Su Ke could actually still persevere through the conversation, but Ma Wei's words caused him to blush furiously. It was simply shameless. In his heart, he was shouting, "Elder sister, I'm still a male! Can you not speak to me about bed matters!"

Qin Zheng stood in the middle and looked at Su Ke's completely red face. He didn't know what to do. Worst yet, when Ma Wei was done, everyone was laughing and finally let Su Ke off.  

"Su Ke, don't listen to them. Du Wan is just messing with you. It's only a man. Sister Qin Zheng will not throw away a forest because of one tree!"

A woman spoke from behind, "Ha ha, that's right! Sister Qin Zheng, what do you think about Su Ke, this sapling? Charming and completely pure, he's very compatible with you!"

Qin Zheng didn't expect her one sentence to suddenly draw attention to herself.

She angrily stepped back and glared at her.

"That's right, that's right! Li Li, how can you speak like this though? What compatible? Why does it feel like animals!? That's called love between a man and a woman, okay!"

Du Wan clutched her stomach and laughed until she couldn't stand anymore.  

"D*mn! I can't stand this anymore!" Su Ke's heart was beating wildly. How is this a beauty parlour? This is definitely an evil lair. Every one of them are demons that devour even the bones!

"Hmph! As long as Su Ke doesn't mind this old woman, I'll do it!"

Qin Zheng is bold and carefree. It was a bit tense at first since this was private, but after having been nagged at for a while, she immediately relaxed and retorted.

Seeing that they were all busy arguing, Su Ke seized the chance to quietly slip away. He then hid behind the beaded curtain by the piano and sat on the bench. He turned to look at them. These women were all crazy, chasing each other around and smiling madly.

They jumped about like Jade rabbits, and their butts were bouncing like waves, which was very easy on the eyes. After spending enough time playing around, they finally quietened down. When those beauticians finally came up and served them, Su Ke moved his fingers.

A leisurely tune sounded and reflected his mood.

"Little Bai told me that you actually made Wu Yi Ren stomp out!" Luo Fei Yan pressed her legs together as she reclined on the sofa. Her long bohemian dress covered her legs, but they were outlined by the cloth. Her full plump thighs, round knees, and slender legs were all very alluring.

Luo Fei Yan placed her elbow on the sofa and rested her chin on her palm.

Her red hair fell down in waves as she looked at Su Ke, smiling with content.

There was no one else on the 3rd floor right now. Seeing as Luo Fei Yan and Su Ke were boss and employee respectively, they will be served last. Having rushed back from Tianjin, Luo Fei Yan was quite tired and could finally relax. Naturally, she wouldn't care about her image.

"Yeah!" Su Ke nodded. He sat on the opposite sofa, his gaze sweeping past her curves before going back. Finally, his eyes focused on her face.

"Some people may look civilized, but your insides are even more vicious than an animal. I know that you want to help me. I hope that Wu Yi Ren doesn't take it out on you. If not, it could be very troublesome!"

Luo Fei Yan frowned gloomily when she thought about the guy.

"Sister, I won't give you any trouble. If there's no choice, I'll quit!"

Su Ke knew that as the assistant bureau chief, and having a vice-mayor as a relative, Wu Yi Ren could very easily make trouble for a small beauty parlour.

It was no wonder that Luo Fei Yan was speaking like this.

"What are you saying!?" Luo Fei Yan glared at Su Ke. "I'm just afraid that he'll find you for some trouble. Forget it! I'll just break his face when the time comes. If he dares to touch you, I want a piece of him!"

Although her voice was gentle, her words powerfully resonated in his ears.

He then tightly clenched his fists.


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