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Su Ke shook his head. Luo Fei Yan's words continuously resonated in his ears.

He couldn't believe that she said that she wanted a piece of Wu Yi Ren!

Even though she looked really calm when she said this, her mouth curled up into a small smile, but her words agitated him. This also woke Su Ke up.

If everything continued in such a vile way, can he then request for Liu Fei Hong's help?

Just thinking about Liu Fei Hong, Su Ke then thought about the afternoon in Cold Touch.

Such a strong woman with tears rolling down her cheeks made her weak, but independent.

"Oh! That's really troublesome. If I was an official's son or a prince, why would I need to be afraid of a merchant's kid? This issue wouldn't even be important!"

Su Ke had watched people extravagantly spending online, flaunting their wealth. They're always out with expensive cars and beautiful women.

If Wu Yi Ren had met them, he would be whistling a different tune.

Su Ke sat at the head of the bed and murmured to himself like he was possessed.

"Luckily, I have the system. If not, I wouldn't be able to even talk!" In a world where everything is reliant on your wealth or your connections, Su Ke could only rely on himself. Thinking until there, he remembered the warmth that flowed through his body.

Since it was so subtle, Su Ke almost forgot about it.

"Close the eyes and settle the core. Grab tightly onto calm and ponder God. Grit the 36 teeth and embrace Kun Lun with two hands. Ming Tian Drum, 24 degrees."

Su Ke recited it from memory. A picture was quickly shown in his mind. Unconsciously, when the picture showed up, he slowly closed his eyes and crossed his legs, his body perfectly straight.

He then reached behind his neck and cradled the back of his head with his hands before slowly breathing. As he breathed, his teeth grated against each other.

After he breathed in 9 times, he changed his movements.

With his arms spread open, he then put his palms over his ears and put his forefinger over the middle before suddenly moving it down. A beat sounded in his eardrums.

After 24 beats, Su Ke felt something distinct from the stream of air blowing out.

Just as he was about to continue, he heard his phone ring.


Zheng Mo's voice travelled through the phone. "Hello! Su Ke, what time are you coming over tomorrow?" It sounded like she was in her dormitory since he could hear girls' voices in the background.

"What do you suggest?" Su Ke didn't know what Zheng Mo had planned, so he just thought about how busy his weekend was, making him feel helpless.

"How about 2 pm?" Zheng Mo had obviously planned well, "If it's like this, you can sleep in!"

"Okay! Then we'll meet then!" Su Ke thought that he would have to go in the morning. The weather wouldn't be so hot, and he would also be able to sleep in. That was too convenient and something he could only dream about.

"What are you doing today?" Zheng Mo suddenly asked, stunning Su Ke. Did she see him accompanying Wei Lan to buy books, or was it because he accompanied Liu Qing Qing to the market? Was it possibly him going to Cold Touch with Liu Fei Hong?

It was like he was being found out as a thief. Su Ke himself didn't know that after he kissed Zheng Mo outside her school, she actually felt something strange.

Dumbstruck, he didn't know how to answer.

"Wei, where the hell did you go?" Zheng Mo asked again.

"He he, nowhere!" Even though it was through a call, Su Ke was still a bit embarrassed.

He then shook his head and said a killer, "Little Mo!"

"What Little Mo!? Call me Sister Mo!"

Zheng Mo got flustered and her voice was obviously louder.

"You're in the dormitory! It's so lively! Are you guys playing mahjong? Or Sic Bo?"

Su Ke asked, when he heard the lively voices from the background, saying who's bigger.

"Ah?" Zheng Mo was stunned for a moment. She was sitting at the head of her bed, leaning against the wall. In a moment, she covered her phone and shouted at her friends, "Hey, can you guys stop comparing! You're all very big, like milk cows!"

Zheng Mo was in a six-person room. It was summer and the room had no air-conditioning, only a fan that was working unceasingly. Her friends opened up a window in order to cool down, and they wore just their underwear before comparing their chests! Who knew that Su Ke would have heard it.

"Zheng Mo, I think you're also pretty big! I didn't see you drink papaya milk every day either, so how did they grow so big? Share your secrets with us!"

Sprawled across the floor, they all didn't know who said it, but it incited a round of laughter.

"You're all too much! I'm on the phone!" Zheng Mo was blushing as she gritted her teeth and flopped onto the bed. She then peeked at them from above, causing her long hair to flow down her face.

She was also only wearing undergarments right now, so her chest was protruding outwards.

"On the phone? With who? Is it your boyfriend? Is it the one who gave you that iPhone?"

It was common knowledge among them that Zheng Mo exchanged her old phone for an iPhone 4s.

"That's right! I heard that the best method to get a bigger chest is to have them massaged regularly. The more you massage, the bigger they get! Zheng Mo, I see that your chest is quite big. Is it all because of your boyfriend?"

Zheng Mo covered her phone with one hand as she said to the girls, "That's right! Luckily, my boyfriend adores me. Do you want one too? His grip isn't bad, so I can guarantee that you'll go from a B-cup to a C-cup. You don't even need to do any work!"

"Get out, you slut! Are you trying to let your boyfriend have a threesome for free?"

"Pah! How is this a threesome? It's an orgy, ok!? 1 dragon and 6 phoenixes? Don't even think about it!"

Zheng Mo's words angered the girls, causing her to get attacked on all sides. The girls below didn't work together; they only had one objective, which was to take her down.

They scared Zheng Mo into hiding away. She then realized that her hand had stopped covering her phone. Her face paled as she carefully placed the phone to her ear. "Hello? Su Ke, are you there?" Su Ke was also stunned as he clutched his phone. They had actually chatted amiably just now. Who knew that Zheng Mo would suddenly go silent? When he pressed the speaker button, he heard some rustling before a loud voice sounded through the phone.

He even thought that it was Sic Bo when they were comparing their sizes!

That wasn't the worst part! They even wanted to receive a massage from him.

After that was a threesome, and then even an orgy!

Oh my god!

His heart immediately started racing as he heard Zheng Mo's voice coming from the phone. Instinctively, Su Ke responded, "I don't want a threesome!"


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