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Chapter 148: Who's Acting?

"We already have about 50,000 yuan. Shouldn't that be enough already?" As Yang Ming heard Chen Mengyan's words, he felt that this type of thing done in moderation would be enough. It shouldn't cause Wang Zhitao to notice anything and withdraw his bet.

Wang Zhitao thought that as Chen Mengyan reminded Yang Ming once, his brain temperature had gone down from the initial frenzy. He said with a sense of regret, "Alright, then let's open our cards! Sorry everyone, please excuse me!"

Wang Zhitao opened up the cards in front of him. Both Chen Afu and Bi Yuntao just folded their sets of cards. "D***, how could you do this? I thought you didn't have any good cards!"

"D*** it, you are putting up an act! These three cards that I have was a blackjack, but it wasn't able to defeat you..." An Quantao also threw his cards unhappily.

"Yang Ming, why don't you open your cards?" Noticing how Yang Ming didn't dare to open his cards, Wang Zhitao thought he wasn't willing to lose the money. He criticized then, "Be a man. If you lose, admit you lose. If you win, admit you win. Why are you keeping yourself quiet there?"

"Yeah, take up your responsibility!" An Quantao added.

"Ai, sorry everyone. It seemed like I have the largest set of cards…" Yang Ming opened the cards in his hand. It was blackjack in the same suit...

"F***!" Chen Afu was shocked. "Your cards were so big? Were you messing around with us?"

Wang Zhitao frowned. This Chen Afu didn't know how to process his words through his brain. What do you mean you were messing around with us? With your 'us', what you are doing is saying that we were all working together!

"Heh, we didn't quite see it, but the person who put up the best act was you, Yang Ming!" Wang Zhitao's heart was bleeding as he said this sentence. Of this 50,000 yuan other than the 10,000 yuan that was Yang Ming's bet, the remaining 40,000 yuan would need to come out of his wallet! Even though his family was rich, his pocket money was quite limited. This 40,000 yuan was the pocket money for his whole holiday, and he just gave it away like that!

"Yang Ming, then you aren't quite right. If you got such a good set of cards, then why were you hesitant about taking a card at the start?" An Quantao attempted to get back a bit of face.

"I don't play blackjack often. At the start, I thought that the Ace was just one, and my cards were only eleven points, which was rather small. I realized it after that." Yang Ming's excuse was reasonable. A lot of beginners would have made this mistake.

"Then why were you still being so cautious? You really know how to act, don't you? You already have such a big set of points, what were you worried about?" Chen Afu said, feeling dissatisfied.

"I was not acting. Mine was just a club. If anyone else had a spade he would have a larger set of cards than me." Yang Ming said cautiously.

Wang Zhitao's dropped a bead of sweat after listening to it. Even though what Yang Ming said was reasonable, he was a bit too careful, wasn't he? But with no choice, Wang Zhitao would have to swallow this loss. He could only say, "Since there was not enough in our hands right now, you just take the money on the floor first. We will pass the remainder to you once we are back."

Yang Ming didn't care about the 50,000 yuan that much. The only reason he wanted to do this was just to cause a bit of problem for Wang Zhitao. Therefore, he waved his hand generously and said, "No problem. I'm not in a hurry."

Wang Zhitao knew that if he were to continue to stay here, it would only be more awkward. So he left with his underlings feeling resentful.

"Yang Ming, what actually happened?" After Wang Zhitao had left, Chen Mengyan thought about it deeply, and her face turned chillingly cold as she asked, "Why did you learn how to gamble? Don't you know this habit harms others and yourself?"

As Zhang Bing saw the situation in front of him, he gave Zhao Sisi a pull, signaling her to leave with him.

"What are you doing?" Zhao Sisi wasn't happy that Zhang Bing was touching her, so she asked softly.

"Can't you see that both of them have some words with one another? Why are the both of us still here?" Zhang Bing said.

Zhao Sisi looked at Chen Mengyan and Yang Ming and felt what Zhang Bing said was very reasonable. Therefore, she left with Zhang Bing.

"Can't you see? It was obvious that Wang Zhitao and his group was just teaming up together to rip off some money from me!" Yang Ming said plainly, "Mengyan, don't you understand me? I will be honest. In junior high school, I had been in the society for about two years. What kind of situation have I not met before? If I wanted to get indulged in gambling, I would have done so way earlier. I wouldn't even have to wait until now!"

After Chen Mengyan heard Yang Ming's explanation, she breathed out a sigh of relief. She was just concerned that Yang Ming would be addicted to these things. She wasn't that stupid either. Once she heard Yang Ming's explanation, and she thought about Wang Zhitao's attitude just before, it wasn't hard to understand the situation beyond the surface.

But she still reminded Yang Ming, "Yang Ming, I can understand that you and Wang Zhitao have some conflict..." As she said to this word, her face became flushed because the reason was too obvious - it was because of her!

"But when you do this, wouldn't it exaggerate the severity of the conflict?" Chen Mengyan continued, "Wang Zhitao will be going to Song Jiang Industry University as well. Everyone would still be schoolmates. It wouldn't be that good if the relationship remains so tense, right?"

" Look at them now. They were thinking about setting me up at every moment. Take this round for example. Was I the one who started it?" Yang Ming wasn't even thinking about Wang Zhitao letting him go. He was thinking about how he wouldn't let Wang Zhitao go! He put me in a rather difficult position the last time. How would I just let go of this brat?

"Maybe he wouldn't in the future?" Chen Mengyan said softly, "He also knows that you and I are now... If he continued all these things, there wouldn't be much meaning either."

"Hehe, you and I are now what?" How could Yang Ming not understand what she meant? But he still continued to ask anyway.

"Stop it! You are asking for an answer you already know. I am already together with you. Wang Zhitao no longer has any more chances. Why was he still finding more trouble for you?" Chen Mengyan said angrily.

"Hehe, okay. If he doesn't actively come and provoke me, then I will let it go." Yang Ming thought to himself, Is it possible for Wang Zhitao to stop provoking me? The answer is absolutely not. Therefore, it wouldn't be counted as breaking my promise.

Yes, a woman could hardly understand the conflict between men. Sometimes it's just because of their ego. Right now, Wang Zhitao felt that his face was dropped and his ego was challenged. What did Yang Ming have that allowed him to get the pretty girl - when he who had way better conditions were not a match for Yang Ming?

"En." Chen Mengyan understood what Yang Ming meant in his sentence. But she felt that once they are in the university, as long as she can look after Yang Ming, then he would be able to avoid many unnecessary problems.

"Mengyan, let's have a walk nearby?" said Yang Ming as he picked up the cash on the floor.

"Okay!" Chen Mengyan answered Yang Ming's request without hesitation. If it had been before the misunderstanding, Chen Mengyan might have hesitated. But now she had already opened the knot in her heart, and she prepared to give her heart to Yang Ming completely. Therefore, she opened herself up.

The two of them walked around the reservoir as the wind blew on them, creating a sensation of satisfaction. The wind blew apart Chen Mengyan's long hair, and also moved her heart.

When Chen Mengyan was near Yang Ming, her heart would beat really fast. She didn't know what Yang Ming thought about this, but she just enjoyed this kind of feeling, especially when Yang Ming held hands with her. This kind of feeling felt rather strong.

Yang Ming wanted to take Chen Mengyan's hand, but when he touched Chen Mengyan, she still rejected him. Moreover, Teacher Li was not far away, Chen Mengyan had always been an obedient student. She didn't want Teacher Li to see that. Because the both of them haven't officially entered university yet, Chen Mengyan still felt rather embarrassed.

Yang Ming thought about one of the scenes in the past, and he said softly, "Mengyan, do you think Teacher Li would be happy that the both of us had gotten together?"

"Ah? How would I know..." Chen Mengyan shook her head with her red cheek.

"Maybe she would feel sorry about it since I am a bad student and you are a study commissary..." Yang Ming pretended to sigh as he complained.

"Who says that you are a bad student? Alright, alright. Stop thinking so much." As Chen Mengyan held Yang Ming's hand, she gave him a glare as if she was asking, Are you satisfied now?

"Hehe, I haven't finished my sentence. I was a bad student, but you were a study commissary. Those were the things in the past. But later on, I became the top student in school and made Teacher Li proud as I am going to the university. How would she still think that I am a bad student?" Yang Ming saw how he had won with his self-pity card, and happily pinched Chen Mengyan's hand.

"If you continue to put yourself down, I will stop talking to you!" Chen Mengyan shook her hand symbolically as if she wanted to shake their hands apart. But actually, she was still holding her hand tightly to Yang Ming's hand.

"Hehe!" Yang Ming smiled. Suddenly he pointed somewhere not far from them and said, "Mengyan, take a look at that!"

"Yi? This is Zhao Sisi and Zhang Bing! Why were the two of them..." Chen Mengyan opened her eyes big and said embarrassingly, "The two of them got together?"

It wasn't strange that Chen Mengyan would feel a bit embarrassed. Because at this moment, Zhang Bing's hand was walking on Zhao Sisi's body!

Yang Ming also opened his eye wide. Wasn't this guy a bit too incredible? Did he settle it that fast?  

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