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Chapter 149: Harassment Calls

Yang Ming was p*ssed off when he thought of how Zhang Bing ruined his "good thing" with Chen Mengyan accidentally numerous times. He often spoke something in front of Chen Mengyan without consideration. Ha, this time it's my turn to ruin your business.

"Eh-hem!" Yang Ming coughed exaggeratedly, then he walked toward Zhang Bing.

Indeed, Zhang Bing freaked out and stood up immediately. Then, he looked around vigilantly. He swore when he noticed it was Yang Ming. "Oh my god, bro. Don't you know people can be scared to death? Why is there someone like you?"

"What someone like me? Ha, not bad. Started to hug together already?" Yang Ming teased him.

"We..." Zhao Sisi waved her hand while blushing.

"We didn't do anything!" Zhang Bing signaled Yang Ming with his eyes.

"Hehe, congratulations, Zhang Bing! But it's better this way. We are both brothers, and Mengyan and Zhao Sisi are sisters too. It will be more convenient when we go out!" Yang Ming understood what Zhang Bing meant, which was encouraging him to continue speaking!

Yang Ming actually knew what was happening due to his better "eyesight." Zhang Bing was massaging Zhao Sisi's leg. She probably sprained her ankle, and Zhang Bing was helping her to circulate the blood. But Yang Ming purposely used such an opportunity to match Zhao Sisi and Zhang Bing.

Many girls are like this. They don't like the guy at first. But once she is misunderstood by others for having done something with the guy, the girl slowly develops a relationship with the guy as time passes.

Slanderous gossip was especially effective in school.

"Zhao Sisi, are you really with Zhang Bing..." Even Chen Mengyan was doubting, but she had the same intention as Yang Ming too. If Zhao Sisi and Yang Ming's best friend, Zhang Bing, were in a relationship, then it would be convenient if they were to go out together.

"Mengyan, please don't get me wrong. I sprained my leg. Zhan Bing was helping me to massage it. There is nothing between us!" Zhao Sisi said while blushing.

"Okay, Zhang Bing. Chen Mengyan and I walked all the way here. Why would I not know about that?" Yang Ming acted as if he knew about it. "It will be hypocrisy if you explained more!

As expected, Zhang Bing gave a thumbs up subtly. As for Zhao Sisi, she didn't say anything.

Zhao Sisi rested for a while, and her leg recovered. So, the four of them slowly walked toward the place with many people.

As for the progression between Zhang Bing and Zhao Sisi, Yang Ming didn't have to worry about it anymore. He did his best anyway. The remaining part would be up to Zhang Bing himself.


"Zhang Bing, did you really fall in love with Zhao Sisi?" At night, Yang Ming was lying on the bed and watching TV while he talked to Zhang Bing in the hotel.

"Yang Ming, what do you think about Zhao Sisi? Tell me the truth." Zhang Bing didn't answer Yang Ming's question, but instead, he asked his question.

"Zhao Sisi is a nice girl. She is the good wife and mother type." Yang Ming evaluated. "To be frank, Zhao Sisi's character is way better than Chen Mengyan. But she is gentle and frail, so she's not my type."

"Yeah, but I just like this good wife and mother type." Zhang Bing sighed. "I didn't tell you before but I was fond of Zhao Sisi from long ago. The feeling got strengthened after the National Higher Education Entrance Examination."

"It's unexpected. I thought you are only interested in coquettish girls!?" Yang Ming said sarcastically because he certainly didn't think Zhang Bing would like Zhao Sisi!

"Coquettish? Are you saying one night stands? Yeah, I admit that I like that." Zhang Bing said, "But you can't ask me to take them as a wife. Won't my dad kill me for getting such a flirtatious wife?"

"That's true! Then Zhao Sisi really suits you." Yang Ming nodded his head sincerely. "Zhao Sisi's personality is gentle and frail. If it was in the ancient times, she would be three obedience and four virtues [1]. After you get her as a wife, even if you do a one night stand, she wouldn't say anything if she isn't there."

"Yeah, I also think so!" Zhang Bing slapped his thigh and said, "Boss, do you think Zhao Sisi and I are possible?"

"Is there anything impossible? Aren't you a Love Doctor?" Yang Ming smiled bitterly. This guy is really absorbed in the situation. When he was helping me to analyze Chen Mengyan, he had tons of theories. But when it happens to him, he just got jammed.

"Which university did Zhao Sisi enroll in?" Yang Ming suddenly thought of a very important question. If Zhao Sisi went to another state, then what's the point of investigating?

"Of course, I have asked about that. Zhao Sisi enrolled in Song Jiang Industry University, but she is studying advertisement design." Zhang Bing said.

"That's great. Then your family company won't be lacking in marketing." Yang Ming laughed. "In that case, I think you're quite assured. Look at what happened today. Zhao Sisi didn't reject your help to massage her. So, you still have your chance."

"What about Chen Afu?" Zhang Bing was worried about his rival in love.

"Chen Afu? My gosh, are you worried over such a s*cker? I'm speechless then." Yang Ming thought Chen Afu had zero capability to compete.

"I'm relieved then!" Zhang Bing felt that he could seize the opportunity too. He just felt better when he heard Yang Ming's consolation.

At this time, the phone in the room rang. Yang Ming picked it up.

"Hello? Mister, do you need any massaging service? It's guaranteed to be pleasurable..." A very charming voice came over the phone.

"We don't need that." Yang Ming cut off the phone straight away.

"What's the matter?" Zhang Bing asked.

"Some special service." Yang Ming said.

"Oh." Zhang Bing nodded. Although Zhang Bing wouldn't reject a prostitute, Zhao Sisi was staying in the opposite room. Wasn't he digging his own grave if he sought a prostitute now?

As he spoke, the phone rang again. Yang Ming couldn't help but pick up the phone. "Hello, who are you looking for?"

"Good evening, Mister, do you need a personal service provider? I can guarantee that it's a student and a white collar beauty!" The sound from the phone was speaking in a coarse tone this time.

"We don't need that! F***, don't call again!" Yang Ming furiously hung up the phone.

"Another promotion for a prostitute?" Zhang Bing laughed.

"Yeah, ai, I can't even take a break when staying at a hotel." Yang Ming scolded.

"Hehe, you can unplug the phone cable." Zhang Bing gave off a laugh.

"That is a great idea!" As he spoke, he was going to unplug the phone cable, but the phone rang again...

"D*mn it! I told you we don't need prostitute! Are you listening? We don't need a prostitute!" Yang Ming furiously grabbed the phone and scolded, "I'll tell you. My girlfriend is pretty and tender. I don't need such a service!"

"Yang Ming..." Chen Mengyan's weakened voice came through the phone.

"En?" Yang Ming froze. He immediately asked awkwardly, "Mengyan, why is it you?"

"About that... I missed you, so I gave you a call... What were you saying just now?" Chen Mengyan heard Yang Ming's complaints. Her heart felt as sweet as honey! Especially when he said that his girlfriend was pretty and tender, she was remarkably pleased. So she felt the love in her heart and spoke lover's words that she never told Yang Ming before.

In fact, Chen Mengyan called for a reason. She just received a call promoting a "massage service"! Chen Mengyan wasn't a kid, so she naturally understood what a massage service was in a hotel. After she rejected it, she no longer received the call because the person who called knew she was a girl.

But Chen Mengyan felt uneasy. If the person could call her, then for sure, the woman would call Yang Ming and Zhang Bing as well. Chen Mengyan was worried that Yang Ming and Zhang Bing couldn't resist the temptation because they were young adults.

Therefore, Chen Mengyan nervously decided to call Yang Ming to warn him! So, she called Yang Ming through the hotel internal phone using his room number.

"I'm very sorry, Mengyan. I didn't know it was you." Yang Ming felt sorry for it because he scolded without clarifying the caller. One thing he didn't know was that Chen Mengyan was feeling gut-wrenching joy because of his scolding. "There were two harassment calls just now..."

"It's okay, but don't do it again next time..." Chen Mengyan, of course, knew what happened.

"Okay, I got it. What are you doing?" Yang Ming simply asked.

"Zhao Sisi is showering. I'm lying on the bed and watching TV. What about you?" Chen Mengyan asked.

"Zhang Bing and I are discussing his life's greatest event!" Yang Ming gave off a laugh. "Mengyan, Zhao Sisi might ask you about Zhang Bing too!"

"En, so that's the reason. No wonder. I felt Zhao Sisi was trying to say something, but she didn't!" Chen Mengyan nodded her head. "Don't worry about it. If there is anything I will tell you tomorrow... Alright, I'm going to shower. Zhao Sisi came out already."

"En, goodbye." Yang Ming hung up the phone. Zhang Bing looked at Yang Ming with some expectation because he mentioned Zhao Sisi.

Chapter Notes:

[1] The three obedience - obey her father before marriage, her husband when married, and her sons in widowhood and the four virtues (morality, proper speech, modest manner and diligent work) of women in ancient China; spiritual fetters of wifely submission and virtue imposed on women in feudal society.

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