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Chapter 150: Ghost Story (Part 1)

Yang Ming laughed a little. He briefed Zhang Bing on the contents of the phone call. Zhang Bing thought to himself, Luckily I didn't encourage Yang Ming to get a prostitute, or else, I am done for if Zhao Sisi found out about it. Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan already have a stable relationship, which means it would be over after a little coaxing. But, I am different. There's nothing between Zhao Sisi and me yet. If something happened, then I will be completely disqualified.

Chen Afu was a psychopath. When he was young, Chen Afu wore a white raincoat and delivered an umbrella to his mother's workshop at night during a thunderstorm. Since he was small, when he ran very fast, it was like a white shadow dashing about randomly.

Consequently, an old lady who was going to pick up her grandson saw Chen Afu. She thought she saw a ghost and screamed, "Ghost!" She was so scared that she fell to the ground...

Later, Chen Afu heard from his neighbor that the old lady had gone out of her mind. She was mentally sick ever since she went back home after the incident. After Chen Afu heard those words, he didn't feel regret but rather joy in his heart!

Indeed, during that moment, the old lady's scream was like a heavenly voice to him. It brought excitement to Chen Afu, and he was on cloud nine. Subsequently, on every rainy day, Chen Afu would wear his little white raincoat and run around. It scared a lot of people.

Eventually, Chen Afu wasn't satisfied with frightening people without design. He wanted to raise his level to the next step and intentionally scare the others! He wanted to create horrific scenarios to terrify people!

He enjoyed seeing others' helpless expressions when they were scared. It created a sense of satisfaction to Chen Afu. Why would he have such feeling? Even Chen Afu couldn't explain it.

He only knew that ever since he was young, his grandmother would always tell him ghost stories and scare him. He was scared to the point of shaking, but his grandmother was laughing with her mouth wide open.

Finally, on a dark night, Chen Afu used a grimace mask worth three yuan which he bought from a stall to scare his grandmother to death. At this moment, Chen Afu smiled.

His personality caused Chen Afu's mind to be abnormal as he was prone to be impulsive. Three years ago, Chen Afu caused a haunted case at West Star Mountain which became known worldwide!

During that year, he went with his parents to West Star Mountain on a trip. At night, Chen Afu had an uncontrollable urge. He wore his grimace mask and loitered in front of the windows of tourists' rooms. It shocked many people. For the most serious case, the victim was sent to the mental hospital the next day. After one month of treatment, he was finally discharged. Fortunately, they were all teenagers and young adults. There were no elderly and children involved, or else, scaring one or two people to death was a possibility.

Chen Afu was amused when he looked at the helpless expressions of others. He felt excited as he read the newspaper the next day. On the flipside of amusement, Chen Afu felt scared too. The reason behind it was that West Star Mountain was a tourism spot. The local police were afraid that this case would harm the tourism income of that place. Consequently, they started investigating the case immediately on the next day.

Chen Afu stopped for a while because of that. After he entered high school, Chen Afu always hung around Wang Zhitao and slowly forgot about his fetish.

However, yesterday, as soon as he learned that students would visit West Star Mountain again, the fetish that dwelled deep inside Chen Afu's heart surged out unrestrained. He opened his wardrobe and reached into the box that laid deep within. He took out the grimace mask from the box and put it inside his bag.

Tonight, Chen Afu wanted to repress his fetish originally. But, he never thought that he would take a stroll after Wang Zhitao answered a phone call.

Hence, under the guidance of fate, Chen Afu took out his mask and left the room...

Zhang Bing sunk into his obscene thoughts. Yang Ming had nothing to do, so he began using his telescopic vision to scan the entire hotel. I just wanted to see what the others were doing.

Of course, he just wanted to look into Chen Mengyan's room. Seeing what others were doing was merely an excuse. From what he heard, Little Mengyan seemed to be bathing!

Yang Ming began using his x-ray vision on the opposite room. En... this fair skin… oops! It was Zhao Sisi!

Yang Ming immediately thought to himself, See no evil, see no evil. If it was another girl, Yang Ming might check around a little bit. But the girl appeared in front of his eyes was Zhao Sisi, his future sister-in-law. If he saw through everything, it won't be a good thing, right?

With that thought in mind, Yang Ming didn't dare to peep on this room. He shifted his gaze. Unexpectedly, he encountered a passionate scene!

Damn, what sort of bravery is this? Are you more courageous than me? Students have booked most of the rooms on this floor. Hence, the person in front of me must be my classmate!

Yang Ming couldn't imagine there would be sex going on in the hotel. What a lewd pair. Looking closely, Yang Ming was delighted. The man was Wang Zhitao!

Ha, little sheep, you also have a time in life where I peep on you! He looked at the woman again. Regardless of appearance or action, it was obvious that she was a prostitute.

"Zhang Bing, do you have a camera?" Yang Ming asked with a sinister smile.

"Camera, yes. It's in my bag. Didn't we buy it together in Yunnan? How could you forget about it?" Zhang Bing pointed at his backpack then he proceeded with his current obscene thoughts.

Yang Ming recalled that they indeed bought a camera together. It was quite high class as well. It was a digital camera, a Canon 450d.

"How about taking a stroll with me?" Yang Ming asked.

"I am not going. You go by yourself. What's the purpose of going outside at midnight!" Zhang Bing shook his head. It was obvious that his thoughts had wandered on other matters.

'Then, I will go out for awhile." It was better if Zhang Bing didn't tag along. Taking photos secretly was a shamelessly bad behavior.

Yang Ming brought his camera and left the room. He quickly walked toward the outside of Wang Zhitao's room which overlooked a yard. Hence, Wang Zhitao didn't think that someone would come peeping at night. Even the curtains were open.

Yang Ming changed to the special focus lens, 50mm/f1.2, and then, he proceeded to adjust the ISO and shutter settings. He switched off the flash function of the camera and snapped photos of Wang Zhitao's close-up features.

Ha! What I did was professional quality. The photos that were snapped were comparable with Japan's Adult Movie Poster! Hehe! Yang Ming turned around and left Wang Zhitao's room after he was satisfied with thirty high-quality portraits.

Yi? What was that? Yang Ming was stunned. He saw a saber-rattling white shadow loitering not far away.

Chen Afu thought about Zhao Sisi's cold attitude toward himself and the passion she had for Zhang Bing, and he was irritated. There was a fine line between love and hate. At this moment, Chen Afu hated Zhao Sisi.

Chen Afu snuck over to the room occupied by Chen Mengyan and Zhao Sisi...

Motherf*****. This fellow copies me and peeps? Worse still, peeping under Chen Mengyan's window? Yang Ming was furious, No one can peep on my girlfriend! You little brat, meeting me today marks your end.

I just snapped a few photos of Wang Zhitao, and my mood is quite good. Then, you come knocking on my door for some punching practice. What a "good person" you are!

Hence, Yang Ming quickly walked toward the person. But, he was stunned when he came in front of him. This fellow wore a grimace mask. Yang Ming was famous for being courageous. Of course, he wouldn't think that this fellow was a ghost. He went ahead and tapped on the person's shoulder. "Brother, come with me!"

Even if he had to resort to violence, he wouldn't do it under Chen Mengyan's window. If Chen Mengyan noticed how violent am I, then she will scold me again.

Chen Afu was astonished! I am already quite "scary." Is there someone who dared to tap my back and speak to me? Chen Afu turned his head around. It was Yang Ming. He was exasperated deep down in his heart, You always specialize in ruining my plans!

Hence, Chen Afu pretended to be a ferocious ghost and uttered a scary "Woo, Woo" sound with the intention to scare Yang Ming away.

Dumba**. Yang Ming scolded in his heart, What's the point of putting up an act in front of me? He used his x-ray vision and took a look. Apparently, it was Chen Afu, this little brat. Yang Ming found it amusing. This fellow was actually coquettish!

However, Yang Ming immediately rejected his thoughts. This fellow didn't come here with the intention to peep. There was no need to wear a mask in peeping. If he got caught, wearing a mask wouldn't help him at all. In addition, why would he bring such a grimace mask? Did he come here to scare people?

With that thought in mind in addition to Chen Afu's behavior and expression, Yang Ming felt that it was possible. Are you attempting to come here and scare Chen Mengyan? Are you courting death?

Initially, Yang Ming wanted to beat this fellow up. However, a more cynical idea surfaced into his mind. Hence, he pointed at Chen Afu, "You, come over!"

"WuWu..." Chen Afu noticed Yang Ming wasn't afraid and even gestured in front of him. He was agitated. A human should be afraid of ghosts, why aren't you scared? Hence, he increased his howling and shrieking.

"Damn! I give face to you, but you don't want it. If you fool around some more, I will murder you!" While Yang Ming was speaking his words, he pulled back Chen Afu's collar and brought him in the direction of Wang Zhitao's room.

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