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Swordmaster Healer - Episode 47

TL: Boko

Editor: Ren

Chapter 16 - Secret Strife (2)

Unfortunately, Rishubalt wasn't able to see the Namhae County Governor, Son Jin Woong, receive his delivery. Since it didn't have the name of the sender on it, the security guards had censored it.

Of course, the security guards were startled when they found Jin Woong's secretary's head, as well as Dong Chul's severed head, inside the box.

The parcel hadn't been delivered to the governor, but he'd get the report that a box had come containing the two heads.

"Are you saying that that bastard killed my secretary and Jo Dong Chul?"

Jin Woong, who had received the report, raised his voice. How dare Sung Joon look down on him? Thus, he thought of his revenge.

Since he hadn't seen the bodies himself, he hadn't received much of a shock. Yet, because he was clouded by his anger, he didn't realize how severe the situation was, that an rank Hunter had been assassinated.

Compared to other politicians, he was a lot younger and more hot-blooded.

"Kill him," the governor said.

His plump chin shook in anger.

"I'm sorry?" the aide asked, thinking that perhaps he had heard wrongly.

"I said kill him! Do whatever it takes!" the governor responded firmly.

"We wouldn't be able to hire an rank Hunter with your wealth…"

"We received government subsidies just a while ago, right? Use that."

The aide's face paled. How could he think of spending the government subsidies!? He might be going crazy.

No, he had definitely gone crazy.

"There's no going back if we use the government subsidies," the aide warned.

"We can just replenish the missing funds later. However, right now, if we capitulate first, my political life is over!"

"If the party catches on, they won't sit still."

"If I give up now, the party will also ignore me. I definitely have to kill him in order to set an example."

The aide simply shook his head. His words wouldn't get through to the governor. However, Rishubalt had also been silently watching their conversation, quietly hiding his presence.

Rishubalt, who had brilliantly completed his scouting, returned to the studio apartment and reported to Sung Joon what he had seen, without leaving out a single detail.

"He's even going as far as using the government subsidies to kill me?" Sung Joon asked.

Rishubalt nodded with a furious expression and said in a display of loyalty towards Sung Joon,

"If I wasn't a ghost, I would've beheaded him on the spot!"

He occasionally felt hurt that he couldn't exert his strength, due to his ghost body.

"I just want to live quietly, so I have no idea why he's trying to irritate me so much."

Sung Joon sighed briefly and shook his head.

"What are you planning to do?" asked Rishubalt.

"For now, watch Son Jin Woong. Also, report to me as soon as he touches the government subsidies," Sung Joon said.

If he embezzled the government subsidies, he became a 'criminal'. Also, public opinion wouldn't side with the criminal in most cases.

Even if he had to reveal himself to the public, Sung Joon would act only after Son Jin Woong had embezzled the government subsidies, in order to deal him the most damage.

"If he embezzles the government subsidies…"

"I'll act directly this time," Sung Joon said firmly.

"I'll move immediately."  

Rishubalt went to Son Jin Woong's house in order to follow Sung Joon's orders. Although it was quite far, he had been supplied with enough of Sung Joon's mana, so he arrived quickly.

It was now morning, the day after he had sent Rishubalt to scout on Son Jin Woong. He had finished showering, was eating breakfast, and picked up a call from Hyun Sung.

"If it's ok with you, may I come see you?" Hyun Sung asked courteously.

"I'll wait for you at the cafe right in front of the studio apartment."

"Thank you. I'll be there as soon as I can."

Sung Joon arrived at the cafe first and waited for Hyun Sung. Eventually, Hyun Sung came inside the cafe. He looked around, discovered Sung Joon, and sat in front of him.

"What's the matter today?" Sung Joon asked.

He leisurely drank his coffee, although he was aiming for Jin Woong's life.

"Are you alright?"

"You didn't come here to say hello, did you?"

"Hahaha, you're quite sharp," Hyun Sung responded, laughing.

He examined the surrounding area once, even looking at places with no people in them, and opened his mouth.

"Seeing as how the news has been quiet, you haven't acted yet. Is that correct?"

Sung Joon nodded his head. Hyun Sung had realized that the festival of blood hadn't begun yet.

"Mr. Kang Sung Joon, we'll give you the means to mend fences with him. How about it? Although the country has become incompetent after the appearance of the dungeons, nothing good will come out of fighting the political circle," Hyun Sung advised.

"As I expected, it seems that you came here to convince me," Sung Joon responded.

Hyun Sung didn't respond to Sung Joon's question, as the Hunter Bureau didn't want to lose Sung Joon.

"Team Leader," Sung Joon began calmly.

Hyun Sung felt uneasy as the mood suddenly shifted.

"P-please go ahead."

"Please don't poke around in my affairs. I don't particularly enjoy it."

"I don't understand what you're trying to say…"

"But you should already know exactly what I'm saying. I'm telling you to pick a side," Sung Joon said outspokenly.

Hyun Sung thought from the point of view of the Hunter Bureau. Although Sung Joon was certainly worth investing in, he thought that the Hunter Bureau still couldn't fight the political circle head on.

They were different from the Blue Dragon Group. The Hunter Bureau still didn't believe that Sung Joon could be elevated to the S-rank level yet.

If they had thought that he would become an S-rank Hunter, they would have unhesitatingly sided with Sung Joon and assisted him.

"Is it difficult to make a decision?"

Hyun Sung couldn't easily deny it. Seeing that, Sung Joon must've thought something was funny; he began to laugh lightly.

Rishubalt had returned behind Sung Joon at an unknown time. This was after he had given his 'report' to Sung Joon.

"Shall I tell you something interesting?" Sung Joon asked.

Sung Joon's eyes were gleaming. Hyun Sung turned his attention back to Sung Joon.

"Son Jin Woong embezzled the government subsidies."

"Are you sure?"

"I've given you a heads up, so try to obtain some conclusive evidence. If you do well, the opposition party might be forced to throw away Son Jin Woong."

Rather than respond, Hyun Sung made a call to someone.

He gave orders to people for about five minutes and then ended the call. He looked back at Sung Joon and opened his mouth.

"Please just wait for a day," Hyun Sung said.

Since he now knew that Son Jin Woong had embezzled the government subsidies, he thought it would be easy to obtain the evidence. Hyun Sung had expected that it would only take a day to get the corresponding evidence.

However, contrary to his expectations, Son Jin Woong's side had already completely concealed the evidence. Thus, they hadn't been able to find any conclusive evidence.

"I'm sorry," Hyun Sung apologized.

Hyun Sung had visited Sung Joon and bowed his head. Sung Joon felt awkward.

'If the Hunter Bureau doesn't manipulate the evidence, it'll become difficult for me…'

Based on Rishubalt's report, they had tightened up their security. Although Sung Joon could easily take care of his guards, even if he destroyed the surveillance cameras, there was still a possibility that he'd leave some sort of evidence behind.

Although public order had worsened, Korea was still a constitutional state. If he didn't want any further trouble, he'd need the backing of a large organization like the Hunter Bureau in order to manipulate the evidence.

It couldn't be helped. He was about to say that he'd just go and kill them all until… He heard his phone ring.


It was the first time he'd seen this phone number. Sung Joon temporarily excused himself from Hyun Sung and picked up his phone.

"Is this Mr. Kang Sung Joon?"

"Yes," he answered.

"This is the Blue Dragon Group's secretary office."

"Why is the Blue Dragon Group…"

"That's not what's important. Within five minutes, we'll transmit a message to you with an attached file. If you take a look at it, it will definitely help you solve your current predicament."

When they had finished, they suddenly ended the call. Sung Joon used his app and checked his mailbox. He opened the attached file and smiled coldly.

The mail's attachment was packed with evidence regarding Son Jin Woong's embezzlement.

'But why is the Blue Dragon Group helping me…?'

Sung Joon wasn't aware but the Blue Dragon Group's Seol Ah had already paid close attention to him. Thus, they were in the midst of trying to make a personal connection with him.

"W-Why are you suddenly acting like that?" Hyun Sung asked.

Sung Joon laughed wickedly, like a crazy person, so Hyun Sung became uneasy. He heard Hyun Sung's trembling voice and controlled his excitement. With a calm expression, he spoke.    

"I've gotten a hold of the evidence."

"H-How…!?" Hyun Sung asked. He couldn't hold back his astonishment.

The Hunter Bureau had used all their resources for an entire day and couldn't find any evidence, yet with one call, he had obtained all the relevant evidence?

It was difficult for him to believe.

"The Blue Dragon Group sent it to me."

"Did you say the Blue Dragon Group?"

Hyun Sung could do nothing but nod his head. The Blue Dragon Group's information-gathering surpassed the Hunter Bureau's.

'Why is the Blue Dragon Group helping Mr. Kang Sung Joon? After that event, are they perhaps starting to pay attention to him…?'

As he finished sorting out his thoughts, Hyun Sung paled. If one of the major powers paid close attention to a Hunter, that could only mean one thing: they intended to scout him.

It seems like the Blue Dragon Group also intended to scout Sung Joon.

'How could it be the Blue Dragon Group!? The opponent is way too tough!' Hyun Sung lamented, but it wouldn't change anything.

However, he thought it wasn't too late. He knew that the Hunter Bureau had to show Sung Joon their goodwill and so he sent a message to his boss, reporting the current situation.

He had asked for 'full authority' regarding this situation.

[I've gotten permission from headquarters. You have to succeed.]

Hyun Sung first got permission from the Hunter Bureau for the 'attack' on Son Jin Woong. He looked back at Sung Joon and opened his mouth.

"The Hunter Bureau can help you."

"Is that so?" Sung Joon asked.

Hyun Sung nodded his head.

"First, we should send the evidence to the opposing party. It'll have a greater effect if it's sent by the Hunter Bureau, rather than me," Sung Joon said.

If everything went according to plan, the opposing party wouldn't be able to support Son Jin Woong.

Sung Joon smiled cynically and said, "Also, I'll count on you to handle the evidence, since I'm going to go kill them all."

The Namhae County Governor, Son Jin Woong, had crossed the line, so he must get his just desserts.

Rishubalt was moved by his cold declaration and cried.

"Since he embezzled the government subsidies, he'll have probably hired a few Hunters as well. After all, there are a lot of Hunters that move in the back alleys," Hyun Sung warned concernedly.

However, he also realized how pointless it was to worry about Sung Joon.

He was like an animal worrying about the health of a predator going after its prey.

"You don't need to worry about me," Sung Joon said.

Sung Joon's eyes momentarily gleamed with killing intent. Hyun Sung felt like he had briefly dropped into a deep abyss.

"I'm thinking of killing them all if they resist."

Sung Joon, who had recalled his past life, would swing his sword against any who made an attempt on his life.

After he examined the surrounding area, confirming that there was no one around, he spoke with a calm expression.

"Just worry about handling the evidence."

That night, the opposing party had abandoned Son Jin Woong, and Sung Joon, who had received that report, took a taxi to Namhae County.


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