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Chapter 10 – Ambitions

Translator : YES_Loli_NO_Touch Editor : YES_Loli_NO_Touch

TLN : Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group is too long so I’ll make it sort “Black Technology Chat Group”, and the next chapter is the real charm of this novel, the expression pack ehem, I mean the interaction between the group members.

This condition, if it’s Lu Zixin before he got the Black technology chat group, he will be very excited and even promised immediately.

But now, his mentality is very different. Now that he has a super computer Red Queen in his group, and there will definitely be more magical characters in the future, and thus giving him more help.

At that time, do I still need to work for others? what a waste of resources!

So Lu Zixin smiled and said: “Sorry, I have no plans to work yet.”

Zhang Xiaofeng did not expect to be successful at one try. He said: “It doesn’t matter, our company has always welcomed such talented person as Mr. Lu.”

Some details of the contract still need to be negotiated, and it is not possible for the money to arrive immediately. This will take several days.

That night, when Lu Zixin asked Zhu An to eat, he casually talk a bit and it’s made Zhu An to admire him.

“Too awesome! Is there such an operation?” Zhu An couldn’t believe it that the man in front of him is his old classmate Lu Zixin. he wouldn’t be a crossing person, right ?

"So, the Blue Hole company spent millions to buy your stuff?"

“Almost.” Lu Zixin did not say that it was 10 million, and it was a little more troublesome.

“Darn, so envious! Yesterday, we are on the streets together. Today you will become a local tyrant!” Zhu An was very emotional. “No, this meal must be your treat.”

“Then don’t order this dish, change to a potato!” Lu Zixin is a serious man.

Zhu An give him his erected middle finger, but he also knew that Lu Zixin was joking.

“You didn’t see it, today after you have gone, Qin Zhijie’s face is black all day!”

Lu Zixin disdain: “This person is too greedy, actually wants money from me!”

“Haha, that is, let him get nothing!” Zhu An smiled. “The supervisor is also got beaten today.”

“Dog bite dog.” (狗咬狗 or “dogfight” means : a fight between two bad people)

“Right, Ding Yu is still asking me about your business, what do you say?” Zhu An asked.

“Whatever.” Referring to Ding Yu, Lu Zixin drank a glass of wine.

“OK! You see, she will not regret it, even she die she will not follow you!” Zhu An said with bad taste and told Lu Zixin situation to Ding Yu.

Ding Yu message went back a few times and silent, don’t know what she was thinking.

After a while, Lu Zixin's phone rang, which was called by Ding Yu.

Lu Zixin glanced at it and hanged it directly, then block the number.

Over the phone, Ding Yu saw that the phone was hung up and the number can not be dialed, her mood was extremely complicated. Regret also unwilling.

What she regretted is that she actually missed it and made the wrong choice.
Unwilling is to be unwilling to compare with Lu Zixin, although the two have not been determine their relationship before. but she still has a feeling that “better life than the Ex.”

“Don’t you make a fortune? If you don’t have the ability or to change back to the original, Qin Zhijie is no worse than him!” Ding Yu comforted herself. Like what Qin Zhijie said before, just wait for company’s mobile chicken (pubg mobile) to online, it will definitely make a profit!


Lu Zixin asked Zhu An to eat meal then returned to his rental house. After he washed (to wash the face and rinse the mouth), he was lying in bed and meditated on the road.

The contract with the Blue Hole Company has been signed, and that 10 million according to Lu Zixin’s supplementary conditions, is 10 million after tax. for the individual it’s a lot of money!

Wait until he got ten millions, what should he do? Just eat and waiting to die? This is definitely not what Lu Zixin wants to do.

He now has advanced programming language skills, and it’s not a problem to go to a large company, such as the invitation from the Blue Hole.

Lu Zixin is not reconciled. and there is an “artifact” like the Black Technology Chat Group, if he is willing to work for others, then he is too unproductive, right?

“He should start his own business!” The idea came out in Lu Zixin's mind, as it’s quickly sprouts and is unstoppable.
In today’s world, no matter the enterprise or the country, only with the mastery of high-tech can stand at the top!

Regardless of the big picture, just from the business picture, there are several large technology giants in China, which not only create various advanced technology products, but also create a rich man on the rich list!

And big foreign technology companies can influence the world! A major decision and invention from them can make the world change!

Beside, this world is very supportive for the development of technology companies, such as China, there are regulations to protect the technology, and created various facility. Moreover, the influence of those companies is equally huge. (parallel world)

“He want to be a technology giant on the planet! Beyond the domestic giants, even the top companies in the world!” Lu Zixin made up his mind, he is a man with ambition, desire and bottom line.

He likes money, likes beauty, and likes to be admired, but he also has a bottom line. He doesn’t want to kill and set fire, but to achieve it with real strength, for example, to create a company!

After having the goal, Lu Zixin felt that the whole person was in spirit and could not wait to get up and start working.

“Calm down, calm.” Lu Zixin took a deep breath (I imagined him doing ‘woosah woosah’ thing from the bad boys), now that he has set the goal, then think how to implement it.

Creating a company is simple to say and hard to do. As the saying goes, 10,000 people start a business, and 9,999 people will be thrown into the streets.

However, Lu Zixin has the convenience Black Technology Chat Group that can facilitate the technology sector, leading him to start ahead. As long as the operation is good, success is not difficult thing.

“Right now, in my case, the creation of what black technology company, is nonsense.” Luzixin thought to himself, just with his ten million want to engage in industrial technology, that is wishful thinking.

With his money he can’t afford a large-scale equipment, so according to their own advantages, it’s still necessary to take on the Internet technology first, the starting cost is low but the results are fast.

Lu Zixin has been working in a game company before, so he knows this very well. In addition, he also has eat chicken mobile game (pubg) that’s can be put into operation, so as starting, he decided to set up a game company.

Now he has played many eat chicken mobile (pubg) in the market. so he can be sure that this eating chickens game (this pubg) from Red Queen is better than any of them on the game optimization! And the red queen still improved the game according to the current mobile phone configuration and conditions, so there are multiple versions of it.

In this way, there will be no incompatibility between different brands and system phones. When it’s released, it will definitely be recognized by the players.

“It's decided.” Lu Zixin thought to himself, "Tomorrow will begin to planning for the establishment of the company."

As for now, of course group harmony! What is the difference between a group of people who are not in harmony and a salted fish?

(Salted fish means : Like people who doesn't have any ideals / like walking dead, there is also a related idiom: salted fish turned over. and in other word is a Scum)

Lu Zixin quickly opened the Black Technology Chat Group. He first checked the button for the inviting group members and it’s still showed cooling time.

In the group, the red avatar status is displayed online. Lu Zixin quickly sent an expression, and the text is, “is there anyone here? Come out there’s a work!”

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