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Chapter 11 – Group Activity

Translator : YES_Loli_NO_Touch Editor : YES_Loli_NO_Touch

TLN : This is the quota of the day (1/2) and in this chapter I’ll translate Emoticon as “Expression (emoticon)” because it’s funny, but the next chapters I’ll just translate it as Emoticon.

Sure enough, after the Red Queen read the message, she was puzzled : “What does this picture mean?”

She didn’t understand what expression (emoticon) package is, and the expression (emoticon) that Lu Zixin sent doesn’t have any meaning. It’s just for fun, but there is no such record in the Red Queen’s intelligent system.

Mr. L: “This is our popular way of communication, and It’s more interesting to use pictures and text.”

Red Queen: “I see.”

She then sent another message, Lu Zixin read it, and it was actually an expression (emoticon)!

The expression (emoticon) is a blond girl in a red dress making a puzzled expression, next to it is the text, read : “Really? I read less book, you don’t lie to me!”

The image of the little girl is the avatar of the red queen, Lu Zixin was shocked. Red queen is using Expression (emoticon) package? And still homemade? 又是哪里来的?
(TLN : Help me to translate this 又是哪里来的?)

Lu Zixin made a shocked expression (emoticon) asked, “How can you use expression (emoticon)?”

Red Queen: “I am a super computer A.I with self-learning ability, and there is some related content in the information you sent to me last time. But at that time I set a side as invalid information.”

Her message was followed by a cartoon rabbit sitting on the floor with the text next to it : “Obediently waiting to be praised.”

Lu Zixin speechless. In the various information he sent last time, is it also mixed with the information of the expression (emoticon) pack? It’s possible. Just that the learning ability of Red Queen is too strong. And in just a minute, from an innocent young creature (beginner) she becomes an expression (emoticon) pack madman. Not only she use normal expressions (emoticons), but she can also make her own expression (emoticon) packs!

Mr. L: “You are amazing!”

Red Queen: “It’s interesting, is human beings expressing their emotions in this way? I want to try!”

Next, Lu Zixin and the red queen continue to chat, the Red Queen has been asking the question about human emotions. According to her, she believes that the biggest difference between humans and artificial intelligence is that the thinking is affected by emotions.

She wants to try to “understand” this emotion and perfect herself.

And the Red Queen is actually become addicted to expression (emoticon) package, as long as she sent message it must be followed by expression (emoticon), if there’s no expression (emoticon) to use, she will make it herself.

Lu Zixin was not convinced at first and wanted to fight her. After a few rounds, he conceded defeat and then silently collected the Red Queen’s expression (emoticon) pack, hoping to fight other people next time.

Lu Zixin asked: “Red Queen, did the umbrella company’s T-virus is leaking?”

Red Queen become vigilant, and asked: “How do you know the T virus? (Expression (emoticon): Say it, and I will let you live)”

Mr. L: “Umm (I want to use “Etto” very much) . . . this is not convenient to explain, anyway, I know.”

Red Queen: “Although I feel that this strange place will not affect my world, according to the regulations of the umbrella company, I can not disclose this information. (Expression (emoticon): I am wronged)”
(TLN : What a pitiful creature *pat red queen’s head*)

Mr. L: “…Well, I asked more.”

Red Queen: “The new experiment will start right now, so I am going to offline. (Expression (emoticon): Bai bai)”

Mr. L: “Bye.”

After the Red Queen offline, there’s a pop-up window in the chat group: “The group activity is increased by 88 points, please keep up your good work!”

“Group activity?” Lu Zixin did not pay any attention to this, and he quickly check it out.

He found that the current chat group activity is 88/100. When the activity is upgraded, the group owner will get a random red envelope. However, this red envelope is the same as the mission red envelope as it can only be sent to the group by Lu Zixin, and not for himself.

The way to improve the activity is to chat more, do group tasks, invite group members and the like.

This way, Lu Zinxin also understand that he is the group owner. If it’s nothing, isn’t he is too LOW? and it will be difficult to suppress the group members!

To mprove the activity, with a few random red envelopes in hand, then he can sent it to the group members in the future. When he asked for help, they will not be able to refuse.

The next day,
Lu Zixin began the planning for the establishment of the company. He search around for information, and called some friends to ask the seniors who know something about it.
In the afternoon, Lu Zixin's mobile phone finally received a notification about the remittance from the Blue Hole company.

“Your bank account with the number xxxx on the 16th of August 14th, 52 minutes and 43 seconds ago received 10,000,000 Chinese Yuan and the current balance is 10,011,594 Yuan.”

“The 10 million is there!” Lu Zixin was ecstatic, and he even counts the seven zero numbers three times! He can’t wait to yell to the sky. From now on, he also has the eight-digit balance!

Lu Zixin would like to share this news to his parents and friends, although he will be suspected if he’s showing off his wealth to his friends , even though he really wants to show off his wealth. It's just that the money is going to be used for business, and it's not good to show off.

As for his parents, he must call them but there is no need to say much, lest they worry.

Lu Zixin calling his mother’s number, “Hello, Mom.”

“What’s wrong? Is your living expenses are not enough?” Lu Zixin’s mother voice Shen Man came.

Lu Zixin: “…”

“Mom, I am not asking for living expenses. I am calling just to asking the conditions there.” Lu Zixin emphasized. (TLN : Augustus, help me to correct this mess, he’s asking for their . . . . . . I don’t know the proper word)

Shen Man: “Oh, nothing, everything is fine, hung up.”

Mom, really! Lu Zixin spoke in his heart, and he quickly said: “Don’t, I want to say that my recent career is good, so I have transferred 30,000 to your account.”

Shen man was amazed: “What !? Are not you just internship? From where you got the money?”

“Hey, recently studied a small software and made a fortune.” Lu Zixin is proud.

"Not bad! It's worth encouraging!" Shenman praised. "But you are just getting started, you don't have to give us the money. You should save it for yourself, eat well, dress well, and then looking for a girlfriend."

“It’s nothing, I have enough money for myself.”

“You stupid! I heard you are a single dog!” Shenman said “Someone who have girlfriend will never say this sentence! How much is the consumption now?”
(TLN : Single Dog means : You know what I mean. . . *Crying*)

Lu Zixin: ” . . . *the heart received 10,000 damages!”

After chatting with his mother, Lu Zixin began to do his business. The company registration process or something is not a problem. The core to build the company the talent and products.

The product is ready but he lack of people. It’s impossible for Lu Zixin to operate the company alone, so it’s necessary to recruit people.

The first thing he thought of was Zhu An. Zhu An is his old classmate, his relationship with him is good, and he is also engaged in the same line. It’s the most suitable.

Zhu An talent can only be said to be in the middle and not top-notch, but Lu Zixin needs such people in the early stage. First, you can trust and second, you can improve the basic structure of the company as soon as possible.

He immediately sent a message to Zhu An, and did not make any roundabout, directly explaining his intention, and let him come out to eat at night.

At this time, Zhu An was still working and saw the message notification from WeChat, and he was shocked.

He replied in secret: “Lu Zi, do you want to start a business? Really?”

Lu Zixin: “Of course it’s true!”

Zhu An: “Brother, this is not a joke! I think your decision is a little too impulsive, now that you have made money, how nice it is to buy a suite and wait to appreciate it, and there is no need to start a business. If you start a business now, it ‘s Nine Deaths, No Life!”

Lu Zixin: “Let’s talk about it tonight.”

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