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The first attack was from Theodore. The lightning in his hand collided with Jerem’s shield.


The lightning spear was pushed down and exploded the ground around it. If this were a desert, then the phenomenon, ‘glassing’, would occur. Dust clouds rose from the explosion and covered the whole area.

Nonetheless, Theodore did not hesitate to advance.

His eyes weren’t covered by the dust, and he felt like this was the last chance. Super sensitivity—it was the intuition that appeared again after being silent in Nídhöggur’s presence.


‘Jerem’s magic power isn’t infinite. The level of the undead has fallen, and my side has a chance to win.’

The burden on Jerem couldn’t be compared to before after Nídhöggur started moving in earnest. Moreover, Jerem’s power had declined, while Theodore was still hiding a few trump cards.

For example, what about the magic scrolls he had gotten a while ago?

“Gluttony, release number 112 to 119 from the inventory!”


At Theodore’s words, eight magic scrolls popped out from his left hand.

It was part of the rewards he got from Paragranum after going to Paracelsus’ laboratory a while ago. There were 12 scrolls of 7th circle magic, and he chose eight that were useful for combat.

He invoked all of them without any errors.


Overwhelming magic power shone from the scrolls.

‘Someone else might think this is a waste of money!’

The 7th circle scrolls could buy a small territory, and now eight of them were being used at once.

The scrolls floated in midair and fired the 7th circle magic.

A heavy storm emerged from a scroll.

Tongues of fire emerged from another scroll.

There was a scroll that shot out lightning bolts.

There was also a scroll that froze a certain amount of space.

Additionally, there were several other attack spells that hit Jerem.

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