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Chapter 135: New Meridians
When the mysterious man had drawn the arc in the air, Ji Hao saw visions in his head, once again. This time, these visions were the stories of ancient humankind, which were buried deeply in human bloodlines.
Deep in a mountain ridge was a towering peak, which was half covered in snow and on top of that peak, hundreds of gigantic trees, which reached straight into the sky, naturally formed a magnificent armchair. An amiable-looking elderly giant man, thousand zhangs tall, whose body was wrapped in rolling green mist, was sitting on the gigantic tree chair, and pitifully looking down at an ordinary elderly human with white hair, who was kneeling on the ground.
“Human, how could your weak and vulnerable body bear any power?”
“Although I have learned the secret of life, and am able to see through the life and death of all kinds of plants, I can not help you.”
“Your body is too weak. You have meridians inside your body, but what could you possibly achieve with those completely blocked and fragile meridians? You can’t even bear the input of the slightest strand of natural power into your body, so how am I supposed to teach you any cultivating method?”
The elderly ordinary human with white hair was scrawny and haggard, and he didn’t have any proper clothes on him; there were only a couple of frazzled leaves wrapped around his waist. A pair of pupils were shining with bright, wise light in his deeply hollowed eye sockets.
He looked at the elderly giant, respectfully and cautiously begged, “The God of the East, the most merciful god in the entire world, we, the humankind, are too weak, but all the other creatures in the jungle are growing more and more powerful. If even you can not help us, I’m afraid that our humankind is truly going to die out.”
Keeping silent for a long while, the elderly giant slowly stood up, raised the heavy wooden cane in his hand and waved it slightly.
“I am a creature that has been created out of the power of plants, and although I have thought of an idea to help you, but I can not give you any help by myself. I only have a body that is similar to yours, but I have no flesh and blood in me.”
“Human, go beg those powerful creatures, which have blood and flesh in their bodies, and also have a slight little bit of mercy remaining in their hearts. The hope for your humankind of rising in this jungle, is carried by those creatures! If they are willing to share their powers with you and protect humans, there will always be a hope for your humankind to survive in this world.”
After the elderly giant had finished his speech, a wisp of green mist spurted out from his wooden cane, gushed into the elderly human’s forehead, leaving a cyan mark on his forehead.
“This is the secret method for the inhabitation of bloodline powers, go teach this to all of the humankind in this world. With regards to the rest, it will depend on your luck,” continued the elderly giant.
Ji Hao suddenly awakened from the vision, his pupils shining with a golden-red light. He thought of the visions that he had seen in his own dreams when he had been unconscious. The human ancestors of the Gold Crow Clan had begged an ancient Gold Crow for help, then merged those ancient Gold Crows’ spirit blood with their own bodies and started the Gold Crow Clan’s unique power inheritance system. Was this all because of what the elderly giant, whose body was wrapped around by green mist, had taught the ancient humans?
The God of the East?
The East, the power of plants. Was that the legendary Emperor Qing?
But soon, the violent shock that came from inside his body forced Ji Hao to stop thinking. The amount of main meridians inside human bodies were only a few. However, no one had any clear idea about the number of other medium, smaller, and extremely tiny sized meridians the human bodies had.
Nevertheless, today, Ji Hao had learned that if all the meridians, which a human body purely contained and that could circulate power, would be counted from the head to the toe and from the internal organs to the outer skin, numbered exactly twelve hundred thousand and nine thousand and six hundred! (TN1F note: 1,209,600)
Which was exactly the number of one unitary!
[TL note: I have no idea about what this one unitary refers to, I assume it’s from some kind of power/magic system.]
Some of these meridians were extremely tiny, Ji Hao had been unable to even sense them with his spirit power.
However, once the mysterious man had drawn the arc inside his spirit space, every single one of Ji Hao’s meridians suddenly began shaking internally. In the meanwhile, all different sized meridians started shining with a dim cold light, and furthermore, even the tiniest meridian, which was thinner than a hair by ten thousands of times, had two to three subtle Magus Acupoints flashing.
The great bloodline power that was released by the silhouette of the Gold Crow, was now ceaselessly gushing into these tiny meridians. Those small and dim meridians gradually lit up one after another and began to expand. This was just like the opening of a world, and some, originally blocked meridians, had become soft yet withy, as if they were suddenly filled with life force energy.
Small strands of power started circulating inside these small meridians, along with which, Ji Hao’s spirit blood was gushing into these meridians as well, nourishing and expanding them, and enabling these meridians to contain more and greater power.
Within only a moment, all of Ji Hao’s meridians were activated, and he felt like his body had become a black hole, expecting more and stronger powers to fill within.
Compared with the situation earlier where he only had over two hundred activated meridians which were filled with Gold Crow’s bloodline power, Ji Hao had roughly done the math and figured out that although all of the meridians of his body were in different sizes, and could contain different amounts of powers, overall, the total amount of power that his meridians could contain now, was at least three hundred times greater then it could a while earlier.
If he could fill all his meridians with power and awaken his Magus Acupoints with such great power, the amount of power that each of Ji Hao’s Magus Acupoints would be able to contain, would also be larger by three hundred times, compared to the previous situation. This meant that the current condition of his body enabled him to be at least a three hundred times stronger new Senior Magus compared to what he would have become before, when only two hundred of his meridians had been activated!
He would be the most powerful new Senior Magi ever!
He would definitely be the most powerful one!
Every single one of Ji Hao’s fine hair was standing straight up. What a terrifyingly huge difference!
Based on the same level, with his current body condition he could be more powerful than those human ancestors of the Gold Crow Clan, who had directly accepted spirit blood from the ancient Gold Crows, by at least ten times. In other words, if Ji Hao only continued cultivating, in the future, he would absolutely surpass all the powerful human ancestors of the Gold Crow Clan!
“Good intention, bad result,” sighed the mysterious man with a resonant voice, “the first generation of Emperor Qing, was a confused, kind old man. He tried to help humankind but eventually led them in the wrong direction. However, he did save the humankind back then. It’s too complicated to say if he was right or wrong.”
“Who said that human bodies are weak and vulnerable, and can’t bear the input of the natural power? Bodies of the humankind could inherit power system of all kinds of powerful creatures, isn’t that the evidence, which clearly proves that humankind has the greatest potential in the world. Humankind’s meridians are born weak, but we can always improve it with our efforts, however, once we choose the wrong cultivating method, it would be very difficult to correct the mistake.
“That Si Wen Ming...he had chosen the right way.”
While murmuring, the silhouette of the mysterious man slowly dissipated in the mist. Before he disappeared, he left one last sentence to Ji Hao.
“You should find a way to hide the fact that you have activated all of your meridians. Until you become as powerful as Si Wen Ming, do not let anyone know that you have already broken the limitation of the Gold Crow’s bloodline!”
Ji Hao stayed silent. The silhouette of the Gold Crow had stopped infusing power into Ji Hao’s body. Ji Hao slightly landed back on the ground, crossed his arms in front of his chest, deeply bowed and gratefully saluted to the ancestral temple and the silhouette of the Gold Crow.
All of the meridians inside his body were shining with a bright red light and although most of them were still far dimmer than the over two hundred meridians from before, which contained the Gold Crow’s bloodline power, Ji Hao had already seen an infinite future through them.
The new meridians and the right cultivating method. Sensing his ‘empty’ body, Ji Hao let out a smile.

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