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Chapter 136: Game of powers
Within the next few years, the magnificent blood-offering ceremony would definitely become the biggest topic in the entire Gold Crow Clan.
Besides Ji Hao, who had publicly been awarded by the souls of the ancestors, another hundred kids had accepted gifts from the ancestors. Just like Ji Hao, each of these kids now had tens of additional meridians activated, which were filled with the Gold Crow’s bloodline power.
The more activated meridians they had, the better their body conditions would be, and the higher the possibility they had of becoming Senior Magi, or even Magus Kings.
Hundreds of clansmen simultaneously received gifts from the ancestors’ souls, this kind of thing had never happened over the past thousands of years. Many of elderly clansmen of the Cold Crow Clan couldn’t help but cry out in excitement. After the offering ceremony, the clansmen of the Gold Black Mountain, the holy land of the Gold Crow Clan, started a huge party, which lasted the whole night. All of the booze and wine that was stored had been emptied in this night.
The clansmen were enjoying the party, however, inside the Gold Crow Clan’s meetin room, in the secret space, which was hidden in the mulberry woods, the atmosphere was chilling, and the situation was just on the verge of breaking out a fight.
All of the windows of the meeting room had been opened, all four skeletons of the Gold Crows were shining with piercing gold-coloured light that even lightened up the sky. The inner space of the meeting room was so extraordinarily bright that people would even be able to clearly see every single tiniest bit of dust in the air. The drops of sweat on the foreheads and nose tips of those elders and Maguspriests, who had supported Ji Shu, were also clearly visible.
Ji Hao silently was sitting next to Ji Kui, the Master Maguspriest, while holding a bowl of wine with his left hand and a grilled beast-leg in his right hand, continuously eating and drinking. The meat of a junior level-beast was swallowed by Ji Hao piece by piece, but he only slightly felt warmth coming from his belly.
Ji Ke, the Master Magus Priest of Ji Shu’s branch clan, had been standing beside the fireplace and yelling with a high-pitched voice, while waving with his hands in the air.
“If he is alive, we need to find him, and if he is dead, we need to find his body! Dear Master Maguspriest, the leader of the warriors of our Gold Crow Clan, and all of his direct relatives have gone missing, are you not going to say anything about this?”
Ji Kui took a deep breath while fiddling with an exquisite jade dagger, which was shining with a blood-red light.
This dagger was one of those, nearly a hundred, inherited magic treasures, which Ji Hao had won back from the Black Water Serpent Clan. Three-thousand years ago, the Master Maguspriest of the Gold Crow Clan had been murdered, and this jade dagger, which was a precious inherited magic treasure that especially belonged to the family of the Master Maguspriest, had been seized by the enemy. Ji Kui, reasonably enough, inherited this dagger and had already released a slight part of its power after only two days.
During the past thousands of years, this jade dagger had sliced the necks of countless offerings, and had also grown an unmeasurable amount of ferocious power.
The blood-red light was flashing across the dagger’s surface all the time. This blood-red light shone upon Ji Kui’s face, which was considered to be looking kind and amiable, making him look cruel and malicious, to the extent that it would even make people quiver in fear. Although Ji Ke had been shouting loudly in anger, he didn’t even dare to take a glance at Ji Kui.
“I’m certainly going to say something about this,” responded Ji Kui in a freezing tone, “Did Ji Shu and all of his direct relatives all gone missing? Well, we have to find out what has happened to them. And, about that, Ji Shu had colluded with slave traders, captured and sold our Southern Wasteland people, we will also look into that.”
The jade dagger suddenly let out a beam of blood-red light, while Ji Kui continued harshly, “no matter who, even the elders and Maguspriests of our clan, as long as they have been involved in the slave trading business, they will all have to die!”
Hearing Ji Kui’s words, Ji Ke and the other elders and Maguspriests, who had come from Ji Shu’s branch clan, lowered their heads simultaneously. In their own clan, they were all respectful important people, however, this was the Gold Black Mountain, the holy land of the Gold Crow Clan, and Ji Kui was the Master Maguspriest of the entire Gold Crow Clan, who was of noble character and high prestige, and also incomparably powerful. If it hadn’t been the case of Ji Shu and his whole family gone missing, these people wouldn’t even dare to question Ji Kui.
“Ji Shu ganging up with monsters who had come from outside the Southern Wasteland, and selling our people of the Southern Wasteland as slaves...such impossible,” said one of the elders of Ji Shu’s branch clan, while giving a hollow laugh, “we are all very familiar with Ji Shu, since he had been a little kid. This kid has always been...”
Ji Hao dropped the bowl onto the ground. The clay bowl cracked against the ground and interrupted the speech of that elder.
All of elders and Maguspriests from Ji Shu’s branch clan suddenly raised their heads in rage; Ji Ke pointed at Ji Hao and yelled harshly, “Ji Hao, do you have any idea what this place is?! Who do you think you are?! How dare you do this?!”
Ji Hao grabbed Ji Kui’s sleeve and wiped his own oily hands clean on Ji Kui’s clothes, just like he had done in the past ten years. Then Ji Hao started talking blandly while staring at his clean hands.
“The people I hate the most are those idiots who made mistakes, but refuse to admit them, and more importantly are trying to earn themselves more benefits.”
Ji Ke’s whole body started trembling in anger.
“You little bastard, how dare you humiliate your elders in this room?!” yelled Ji Ke while pointing at Ji Hao.
Ji Hao took out a red tablet, which was wrapped in raging flames, and thudded it against the ground.
A strong sense of power was instantly released from the tablet. Ji Ke and all of the other elders and Maguspriests from Ji Shu’s branch clan shut their mouths, while staring at the tablet both stunned and frightened. The tablet was exquisitely crafted, embossed with a statue of the Fire God, whose body was being coiled around by fire streamsfire streams. Any elder or Maguspriest from any Southern Wasteland clan, would be able to recognize this statue.
Ji Ke instantly lowered his voice and smiled towards Ji Hao, then said, “Ji Hao, where did you get this tablet? Haha, ah, haha, this is the second time I have seen this tablet with my own eyes. wouldn’t get a fake tablet to deceit us, would you?”
Ji Hao was too lazy to explain to Ji Ke and the other elders, so he only responded blandly, “there’re some things that I should have told you earlier, but we were all busy with the offering ceremony these couple of days, so I haven’t gotten the time to talk to you about this.”
Ji Hao coldly glanced at Ji Ke and the others and continued, “this time, our Gold Crow Clan have regained its real name, and forced the Black Water Serpent Clan to retreat, and completely won this great fight; we have done all this with not only our own powers but also the help of an army of the Zhu Rong Country, which was led by the eldest Zhu Rong Prince, Zhu Rong Tonggong, himself.”
“You bunch of old men don’t need to know all of the specific details about this, all you have to know is, what will happen next.”
“From now on, our Gold Crow Clan is under the direct command of the eldest Zhu Rong Prince, Zhu Rong Tonggong. My Abba, Ji Xia, is now the leader of the warriors of the Gold Crow Clan, at the same time, he is also the General Gold Crow, who is responsible for guarding the northern Southern Wasteland, on behalf of the Zhu Rong Country, the country of God. Unless you are intending to challenge the eldest Zhu Rong Prince, you should never think about kicking my Abba out from the leader’s position.”
“Well, of course, you have run out of chances for that,” said Ji Hao while looking viscously at Ji Ke and the others from Ji Shu’ s branch clan, who were all having sweat pouring down from their foreheads. These people had just arrived at the Gold Black Mountain, so they had absolutely no idea about what had happened during the past couple of days, neither did they know anything about the involvement of the Zhu Rong Country in this fight. At the moment they were all badly shocked.
“Your clan is not an independent branch clan anymore. All of your clansmen are now under the Gold Black Mountain’s administration. You elders and Maguspriests...congratulations, you were selected to go to the Zhu Rong Country, the country of God, as servants, and serve the eldest Zhu Rong Prince, which should be a great pleasure!”
“As for your current territories, I have already decided to give them as reward to the Qing Yi Clan, who has had a great contribution in this fight. Hm...We should all be happy about how things are settled here.”
Ji Hao grinned ear to ear, his white teeth were even shining under the reflection of the lights of those Gold Crow’s skeletons.
Ji Ke and the others from Ji Shu’s branch clan were struck by Ji Hao’s words, and even temporarily lost their eye-sights and fell on the ground one after another, while spewing mouthfuls of blood out.

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