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Chapter 144: Shadow Attack
Along with loud roaring sounds, hundreds of strong and vigorous cheetahs trod on large branches, leaped agilely high, stuck their sharp claws on the turtle shell, and easily jumped onto the city wall.
Gui Three was standing on the city wall with a sour face, and didn’t say anything but was continuously rubbing his temples, as if he was suffering from a bad headache.
The defensive magic formation wasn’t activated. From the first glance, the terrifyingly great and boundless group of beast was formed by all kinds of ordinary beasts, not even a single junior-level beast could be found in the group. Facing this kind of group of beasts, sending even those senior-level guards to fight against them would be a waste, not to mention activating the defensive magic formation for them. After all, activating the defensive magic formation would cost large amounts of expensive jade, gold, and precious stones.
“Everyone, grab your weapon and chop these bloody crazy animals!” yelled Gui Three annoyed; he then lowered his voice and talked to the few guard commanders, who were beside him, “Something is wrong, be careful.”
Ji Hao stood on the city wall, and silently activated his special ability, the |Gold Crow Armour|. Hundreds of dim feather-shaped spell symbols shone on Ji Hao’s skin, and not long after, his entire body was wrapped around by a sphere of fiery light.
The furs of tens of cheetahs, which were attempting to attack Ji Hao, were set ablaze by the fiery light before they even had any chance to approach Ji Hao. Each of these tens of cheetahs instantly became a rushing blazing ball of flame that flew back into the crowd of beasts, while madly howling and rushing, setting more of their companions ablaze.
Ji Hao heard many footsteps coming from behind him. He turned around, and saw large groups of servants, waitresses, even cooks and handymen coming over, while carrying all kinds of weird weapons, with which they began to fight against those beasts who had already climbed up onto the city wall.
Blood splashed everywhere, countless broken limbs of those beasts rolled down along the city wall and piled up on the shell of the gigantic turtle.
Every time the turtle felt that there were too many dead bodies of beasts piled on, on its shell, it would shake its body slightly, and followed by its movement, piles of bloodied body parts would be sent flying in every direction, after which not a single blood stain would remain on its shell.
The huge group of beasts surrounded the gigantic turtle from every direction. Even with Ji Hao’s eyesight, he was unable to see the edges of the group of beasts, which meant that this horrible crowd that was formed by groups of crazy animals, had at least a radius of hundreds of miles.
But Ji Hao couldn’t understand why something like this would happen. These vulnerable ordinary beasts could never cause any harm to the caravan. All these beasts were below the Junior Level, even if they all had been at the Senior Level, they wouldn’t be able to even leave a scratch on the shell of the gigantic turtle!
The elite guards of the caravan were embattled in the city, guarding every important spot of the city. The people who were sent to the city wall to fight against those animals were all ordinary servants, waitresses, and handymen. Although these people were not the main fighting force of the caravan, in order to safely travel across the Southern Wasteland with the caravan, even the weakest waitress amongst them was a seventh-level Novice Magus. If they would be living in a Southern Wasteland clan, every single one of them would be considered an elite warrior.
These beasts were all ordinary beasts.
Sword lights flashed across the air, a large number of beasts fell onto the ground from up the city wall while howling, and fresh blood poured down the city wall, in streams. Gradually, the occasional shaking of the turtle’s body became unable to clean its shell up any longer, and large amounts of blood spread onto the turtle’s shell, seemingly dying the entire turtle into a blood-red color.
“Did these little fellas come to commit suicide?” the gigantic turtle looked down in confusion, while looking at these crazy beasts. Countess beasts had surrounded its four legs and were madly scratching its skin, while trying to hurt the gigantic turtle, even creating fire sparks against the turtle’s skin.
However, the gigantic turtle was a magical and powerful Magus-King-level creature, its body’s condition had already gone beyond the limitation of that of ordinary creatures; therefore, although these beasts had been trying so hard to hurt the turtle, the gigantic turtle couldn’t even feel their attacks. Apparently, these beasts failed to leave even a single mark on the turtle’s hard and thick skin.
“Gui Three, I would like to do some exercise.” The old turtle narrowed its eyes, turned its head around and seriously gave its suggestion.
Gui Three’s facial expression instantly changed, and he hurriedly yelled, “No no no! My good turtle ancestor, you have just broken into the Magus-King-level, and are not capable of perfectly controlling your power as of yet. If you accidentally damage this Southern Wasteland jungle, we will be charged a fine, money! Or worse, if you destroy this entire piece of land, in the vicinity of thousands of miles, you will have to become a vegetarian for the next ten years!”
The gigantic turtle paused for a second, sniffed disappointingly, then began walking slowly.
The turtle could cover tens of miles with a single step. It rushed over hundreds of miles with only two or three steps but failed to get rid of the endless group of beasts. Those crazy beasts were trying to climb into the city through the turtle’s legs or leap directly across the city wall, to get into the city. Countless crazy beasts seemed as if they would never give up on attacking this gigantic turtle and the city it carried on its back.
Gradually, large groups of birds appeared in the sky. They flew over in such a huge flock that even the entire sky had been covered up. Birds calling-sound were sweeping across the entire area from all directions, and the sky instantly turned dark, not a single beam of light was able to shine onto the city anymore. Those birds flapped their wings rapidly, and large amounts of feathers and bird droppings were continuously falling down from the sky.
The group of people, who had been fighting against those animals on the city wall, instantly fell into chaos. Some poor handymen were wrapped up by thousands of tiny birds; they fell down the city wall while screaming because their eye sights had completely been blocked, but no matter how hard they struggled and tried to kick the birds away, these weak and tiny birds would just remain stuck on their bodies.
Some unlucky people were attacked by these birds and got hurt in their eyes and faces, they screamed out, dropped their weapons and drew back into the city.
Moreover, some unfortunate people were abruptly smashed by gigantic piles of bird droppings, which were dropped by millions of birds together...Ji Hao even began to quiver when he saw what happened to those poor people, and hurriedly sent more power into the feather-shaped spell symbols.
The city wall was now in a big mess, the group of beasts finally broke the defensive line that had been formed by servants and rushed into the city, after which they madly darted towards every corner of the city through those zhang-wide roads.
Gui Three finally let out a sigh and said, “Activate the defensive magic formation, don’t let these bloody animal into the city!”
The zhangs tall metal wall of the city moved slightly, at the same time, spell symbols that were embossed on the city wall, lit up one after another. Those birds in the sky that had been crazily attacking people, were the first to pause, but some weak and small birds were unable to hold themselves in the sky, and fell down like stones. As for the others, although they didn’t fell down, their speeds slowed down by at least one time.
So did that of those rushing beasts. Their speeds were instantly slowed down as well; unlike before, many of them couldn’t lithely leap onto the city wall anymore, and slipped onto the ground along the turtle shell.
Countless mad birds and beasts surrounded every person on the city wall, but Ji Hao was the only one who wasn’t encircled by these animals. Within the area of ten-zhang around Ji Hao, not even a single feather was left on the ground, all animals that had tried to approach Ji Hao were burnt into ashes by the great fire power, which was being released by Ji Hao’s |Gold Crow Armour|.
While the defensive magic formation was activated and gradually rose its effect, a tiger suddenly and fleetingly rushed behind Ji Hao. From the shadow of the tiger, another vicious shadow flashed out.
The thin shadow quickly darted towards Ji Hao along the ground; when it drew close to Ji Hao, the shadow suddenly stood up like a real man, transformed into a twisted and weird spell symbol that had a hazy, blood-red luster, then it made a hitting attempt towards Ji Hao’s back.
“Honoured guest! Be careful!” Seeing what happened, Gui Three instantly screamed out.
Ji Hao hurriedly turned around, and watched the blood-red spell symbol struck hard onto his own chest.

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