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Chapter 175 - Public Enemy
Jiang Yong spat mouthfuls of blood out. The power contained in the blood of a Senior Magus was as great as the power of the dragon kind. At the moment, all tens of thousands apprentices had heard the loud swooshing sound coming from Jiang Yong’s body, which was the sound made by his blood when gushing fleetingly in his blood vessels.
Ji Hao’s fist had punched into Jiang Yong’s entire face and deeply hollowed his face. However, while Jiang Yong was cursing loudly, the hollowed wound in his face had quickly cured by itself, and his face had completely recovered within only the span of two breaths.
Jang Yong pressed his hands against the ground then suddenly leaped high into the air, over a hundred zhang high from the ground up, just like a grasshopper; his eyes were filled with anger, he then stretched his arms and left a sharp arc beam of light in the air, then darted towards Ji Hao from the air.
Behind Jiang Yong’s body, an eye-piercing sphere of light abruptly appeared, within which, a pair of long and slim wings that were smooth-shaped, stretched out; the pair of wings vibrated intensely, and pushed Jiang Yong’s muscular body down fleetingly, leaving shreds of afterimages behind.
“The |Magical Bi Fang Wings|.” Ji Hao let out a sneer, and quickly recalled all the information in regard of this special ability that could only have been endowed by the Bi Fang Clan bloodline.
It had been ten-thousand years since the Gold Crow Clan was forced to become one of the dependent clans of the Bi Fang Clan. During all these years, the Gold Crow Clan gained clear understandings about all kinds of secret magic, skills and abilities. The |Magical Bi Fang Wings| had incomparably high flying speed, and would be extremely difficult to deal with, if coordinated with other fighting skills.
However, the |Magical Bi Fang Wings| were way too violent and fierce, but by far less flexible than Ji Hao’s fiery wings.
Ji Hao didn’t prepare to dodge. In his eyes, Jiang Yong was no one but a little Bi Fang kid, who had just broken through into the Senior-Level, and not yet qualified to make him dodge.
Looking at Jiang Yong, who was diving down from the air and whose face showed anger, Ji Hao laughed out aloud. A sense of power suddenly spread out from his body, which seemed slim and not as strong; right after which, both of his arms expanded to three times thicker than usual.
“Piss off!” Ji Hao turned his face away, and didn’t even take another glance at Jiang Yong; purely depending on his fighting instinct, he then threw a sideway punch towards the air.
Jiang Yong’s fist bumped right against Ji Hao’s fist. Every apprentice that was present, heard a horrible boom and saw that Jiang Yong’s fist was shattered like an egg. Blood splashed out and bone fragments flew everywhere. Large amounts of hot, fresh blood spurted out from his wound, and poured on the ground while letting out sizzling sounds.
The blood of a Senior Magus was as heavy as mercury, and what Jiang Yong had been practicing were fire-related fighting skills of the Bi Fang Clan, which is why, his blood was even hotter. His right arm had completely been blown off, and the blood that was spurting out from the wound on his shoulders, was shining with a bright fiery light and was spreading a terrifyingly great heat, just like the lava that had erupted from the vent of a volcano.
Jiang Yong howled out in pain again and was sent flying back along exactly the same path he had come, then loudly thudded against the ground with his head.
“Ji Hao, you have caused yourself trouble.” Taisi stood behind Ji Hao stooping and said torpidly, “You have wounded Jiang Yong badly, you have caused yourself trouble, hmm, a very big one.”
Ji Hao swung his hand and threw the blood on his hand away, then carelessly sneered, looked at Jiang Yong, who lied on the ground miles away and was screaming in pain, and said, “Trouble? What kind of trouble can it be? I have kept every word of the Magi Palace’s rule in my head, according to which, as long as no one was killed in a fight between apprentices, no rule was violated.”
Taisi paused for a moment then shook his head, then said, “I didn’t mean that when I said that you have caused yourself trouble. You know, things like rules, can’t be that useful.”
Taisi was short and scrawny, and the sense of power released from his body was extremely weak. His voice sounded torpid, like the sound of a ghost that had come out of a ten-thousand years old coffin, and was seriously unpleasant to hear.
However, from his voice, Ji Hao sensed a slight trace of care. He turned his head around while laughing, friendly nodded towards Taisi and said, “Hm, don’t worry, no matter what kind of trouble that is, I am never afraid of troubles. If they ever dare to provoke me, it will be their trouble.”
A few other boys who were with Jiang Yong earlier hurriedly rushed up to Jiang Yong and together held him up from the ground. One of them took out a medicine pack and grabbed a handful of red ointment and pressed it against Jiang Yong’s wound.
Jiang Yong instantly screamed out hoarsely in pain and began twitching his body, in the meanwhile, large amounts of blood mist spurted out from the wound on his shoulder.
The pungent scent of that ointment quickly spread in the air, and at a few miles away, Ji Hao sniffed, then soon recognized what kind of ointment this was, it was the Boa Marrow Ointment. The marrow of boas was the main ingredient of this ointment, added with other tens of kinds of essence distillations of venoms of different kinds of poisonous bugs; this ointment was quite powerful.
Although in the Magi Palace, the Boa Marrow Ointment was only one of the most ordinary elementary level ointment, it had magically great effect on regrowing broken limbs. Jiang Yong had just broken into the Senior-Level, and his bloodline power was not yet great enough, therefore, his body was only able to cure normal wounds by itself; for serious wounds like broken limbs, he had to rely on the effects of medicines to recover.
As for the prescription of the Boa Marrow Ointment……
The elders of the Magi Palace only cared about the effects of medicines, and never even thought about how wounded people would feel when using those medicines. All they cared about was if the medicines were able to cure. Whether the wounded people would suffer in great pain or even die in pain, they wouldn’t even go there.
The Boa Marrow Ointment was very powerful and effective, as fierce as snakes and scorpions. At the moment, Jiang Yong was shedding streams of tears and mucus; he even let out a series of loud farts. All the surrounding female apprentices frowned and walked away one after another, only groups of boys stayed around him and loudly laughed at him.
“Jiang Yong, you have humiliated the Bi Fang Clan!”
“Eh, not only the Bi Fang Clan, I am wondering if all of your Southern Wasteland men are useless cowards like you?!”
“Only a handful of Boa Marrow Ointment has made him cry like this, eh, I see, the Southern Wasteland has indeed fallen, it’s obvious that Zhu Rong family, the family of the Fire God, has fallen as well. All of their people are cowards, hmm…the Zhu Rong family…” A boy in black clothes said loudly; his body was wrapped in faint and looming water mist, apparently, this boy came from a Northern Wasteland clan.
Suddenly, two silhouettes, which had raging flame streams and fiery light rotating around them, darted out from the crowd and one of them instantly threw a heavy kick on the back of the waist of the boy who had been talking.
Loud bone cracking sounds came from inside the body of that boy, his vertebra lumbalis was shattered by the kick and bone fragments punctured his body from the inside and darted out. The boy fell on the ground while screaming and howling, after which, a large foot, which was wrapped by flame streams and fiery lights as well, stamped hard on his head.
Stepping on the head of the Northern Wasteland’s boy, was another boy who had darted out of the crowd earlier; his body was also shrouded in fiery light and was as muscular as the one who just had thrown out the kick. Judging by his appearance, he was at most five to six years older than Ji Hao, however, the sense of power released from his body was even stronger than that of Ji Xia.
“Kid, no matter where you came from, you have wounded Jiang Yong and humiliated our Southern Wasteland warriors in front of all these people. Today, we have to give you a lesson!”
The boy who had kicked the Northern Wasteland’s boy turned around, seriously and harshly yelled to Ji Hao, “I saw you attack Jiang Yong earlier, you have also practiced fire-related fighting skills. I assume that you came from the Southern Wasteland as well, didn’t you? We are all Southern Wasteland people, how dare you launch an attack and wound one of our own, before we allow you?!”
Hundreds of boys, whose bodies were wrapped in flames and fiery light streams, and were releasing strong senses of Senior-Level powers, darted out simultaneously from the few main roads, and silently approached Ji Hao.

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