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The small observation room seemed very snug to Ronnil as he and Enshilla settled themselves for their night's vigil.

There was a carved niche holding a tray with wine and some delicacies, thoughtfully provided by Lord Kyall, no doubt. The only other furniture was a very wide, low-slung sleeping pallet along the far wall, and a short piece of half-carved column that served as a seat for one of the two peepholes into the Lord' s chamber.

The other peephole was a grid carved into the decorations and was about three feet above the lower one.

Politely, he gestured for Enshilla to take the column.

"Would you care for a little wine, Lady?""Thank you, My Lord. That would be most welcome." Enshilla's voice shook a little, and Ronnilwondered if she were as nervous as he was. He'd been hard pressed to keep his eyes off her magnificentbreasts all evening, and knowing he was going to have to spend the night with her in this small chamberwas both a joy and a torture.

She accepted the goblet with one of her lightning smiles. Ronnil amended his earlier thought. Make that just a simple torture.

His cock was fighting to free itself, having seen something it really, really wanted.

"Ah, they are preparing to retire," said Enshilla quietly.

Ronnil moved up behind her to look through the upper grid.

Unfortunately, he moved a little too close and managed to poke her in the back of the neck with his cock. Jerking back he stuttered an apology.

Without turning, Enshilla shrugged it off. "It is of no moment, My Lord. I think we are both affected by

the emotions of today's ceremony and the closeness of our quarters, are we not?"Ronnil's spirits drooped. Actually, they plummeted off the edge of the Earth, which he believed to beabout seventy miles south west of Ur. His cock shrank, and his heart thudded. Enshilla really wasn'tinterested.

Silently he moved away from her, reaching for his own goblet, which he drained with a single swallow.

So much for Lord Kyall's promise of making Enshilla desire him.

He mustered every drop of control he had and returned to his post. He glanced briefly down at Enshilla who was still looking through her vantage point at the couple in the room beyond.

Something caught his attention. Enshilla was pressing her thighs so tightly against each other that the fabric of her robe was taut. Her fingers were mashed together, knuckles almost white, and lo and behold, her nipples were rock hard and protruding from the soft material of her robe.

Fire rushed up through Ronnil from his loins to his throat. Lady Calm-cool-and-collected Enshilla was

aroused too.A very slow smile spread across Ronnil's handsome face, and he bent once more to his task, just grazingEnshilla's shoulder with his thigh.

On purpose.A little shiver stirred her hair.Ronnil's grin could have melted butter. Oh this was going to be so good.Chapter 9 Annie scooted back on the bed and placed her hands on Kyle's thighs. "Spread 'em," she said.

Obligingly, Kyle opened his legs and made room for her between them. She fit perfectly and his green eyes glinted as he watched her get comfortable.

Face to face now with his straining cock, Annie pondered how to proceed.

"Is something wrong?" hissed Kyle.

"Oh not at all, not at all. I'm just contemplating one of nature's masterpieces." She flashed him a quick

grin, determined not to be swamped by the emotions that were running through her nervous system and

making her jumpy and hot.

"Contemplate less, do more..." urged Kyle.

Annie noticed he had his hands twisted in the bedding. A little thrill of power joined the erotic tingles in her mind, and she tried an experiment.

Leaning forward slightly, she allowed a heavy lock of her hair to drop onto Kyle's cock and slither down to rest on his chestnut curls.

He moaned.

She smiled.

She took the lock and rubbed it around the base of his cock and all over his balls. Impossibly, he grew even harder.

"Annie..." he muttered, half-begging, half-chiding.



"Please what, Kyle?"

"Please don't stop." Kyle's hips bucked as she pulled her hair up and over him, making sure to flick his

sensitive head as she went."Well, perhaps we should move on a little here. Gosh, I hope they can see all right...""Anniieeee...""Don't whine. I'm getting there.""I'll be dead before you do," hissed Kyle.Annie could smell the heat coming from his body, and inhaled deeply as she lowered her face and ran her tongue up the inside of his thigh. " taste wonderful," she hummed.Kyle sucked in his breath as her tongue continued its voyage of exploration.She'd reached his groin now and was tentatively dropping light kisses around his cock.

"It's okay, Annie. If you don't want to do this, you don't have to," Kyle whispered."I hope you're joking," mumbled Annie.She settled herself comfortably and grasped his cock. Slowly, she leaned down and swirled her tongue from base to tip.Kyle's gasp of pleasure echoed around the room."Is that right?" asked Annie, pausing for a moment and allowing her breath to flutter over his now wet cock."Yessss..." he croaked."Oh good."Annie repeated her move and listened with pleasure to Kyle as he groaned out his enjoyment beneath her mouth.

She experimented with different patterns, sometimes licking south to north, other times circling the polar

regions, and still other variations, which included the occasional trip to the south sea islands.

Kyle seemed to like those best.

Finally, she eased her mouth over the head of his cock and pulled him inside.

Kyle froze.

Annie paused too, realizing that this was the first time she'd eaten man. He was quite tasty, not in the

least like chicken.

Kyle's hand moved to her head and she found his touch very erotic as he pushed her hair aside so that he

could watch her actions. A part of her mind told her that this was so that the couple observing them could see as well, but she wanted to believe that mostly it was for his own pleasure.

Easing back, she let her tongue and lips pull at his delicate skin as she raised her head.

His hand tightened in her hair as if to push her back down, but he didn't, he just waited to see what she

would do next.

Moving her legs into an even more comfortable position, Annie started to really get the hang of what she was doing.

Alternating her ice cream cone licking technique with her pseudo-vacuum cleaner technique, she

proceeded to spend the next thousand years worshipping Kyle's cock with her mouth. Or at least it felt

like a thousand years.Every time she thought she had become accustomed to his taste and the feel of him, she'd find a littlenook or cranny that she'd yet to explore. Her tongue was everywhere, over the head, under the ridges,around the base, and delicately over and around his balls.

She eased his cock aside so that she could pay full attention to the sacs which were getting harder and tighter by the second.

Cautiously she took them into her mouth and swirled her tongue over them.

Kyle's sigh was a reward in itself.

Recalling a conversation from her college days, Annie eased two fingers beneath his balls and found thespot behind. She pressed gently.Kyle gasped."Ohmigod, ohmigod..." he chanted.Annie grinned and released his balls to return to his now purple cock."Get ready, Kyle," she breathed. "It's showtime...""Annie..." Kyle gasped, "Annie, you don't have to take me all the way. I may not be able to control this much longer."

Annie was touched. This was one nice guy. And one major liar too. He was telling her one thing, while

his hand had a death grip on her skull and she had a feeling that if she tried to move she'd crack herneck.She grinned. "Kyle, this is fun. I'm not stopping now, so you just sit back and let me drive, okay?"She could feel the thrill that shivered over his body as her words percolated the sexual haze that was muddling his brain.

His thighs parted even further and his cock was impossibly huge.

Annie bent to complete her task.

She relaxed her mouth as much as possible. God knew she couldn't take him all, but decided that any

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