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If she got any hotter she was going to melt the damn column she was sitting on.

Just the idea of Ronnil touching her like that was enough to send her juices running all over the place, andher skin felt like one great big exposed raw mess of sensation.If he put one finger on her, she'd come. Without a doubt."Have you ever, um, has any man ever...well, what I mean is, could you..." Ronnil stuttered to a halt, eyes never leaving the grille.Enshilla swallowed around a large restriction that seemed to be impairing her ability to breathe."This is quite educational," she mumbled. "I had never considered...well, what I'm trying to say, um..."She felt Ronnil close the gap between them and stuttered to a halt.His hands dropped onto her shoulders and she jumped."Ssshhh. Don't be afraid." His voice soothed her."I'm not," she answered truthfully, knowing that fear was not what was making her shake beneath his touch.

"Come here, Enshilla. The Lord and the High Priestess will manage on their own." A scream from the

next chamber punctuated his whisper. "Come lie with me. Let me taste you and feel you beneath me likeI have wanted to for so long."She twisted around to look at him, desperately trying to keep the hope out of her eyes. "You have?"

Ronnil groaned. "Woman, you have no idea."

She found herself in his arms before she could think of a response. His lips crashed down on her mouth,

his hands slithered over her flesh and settled on her buttocks and he pressed their bodies fiercely together as he kissed her with all the pent-up passion he possessed.

His desire fanned the flames already burning inside her and she met thrust for thrust.

Grinding her soft belly against his erection, she pulled his head even closer, plunging her tongue into his


He moaned as she moved against him, spreading her legs and letting her mound touch any part of him she

could find. Her breasts pressed hard into the firm flesh of his chest and her fingernails bit deeply into his solid shoulders.

She drew back, beaded strands of saliva still joining their mouths.

Her honeyed moisture was trickling down her leg and she ached fiercely, both outside and inside, for this

man."Ronnil," she panted."Yes. Enshilla." He gasped the words as he bent and swung her off her feet. Within seconds she was flat on her back and he was between her legs with his head moving against her cunt.She cried out her pleasure as his tongue stroked her sensitive clit."Too much? Am I doing it wrong?" Ronnil looked up anxiously."Oh no, no. Don't stop...don't ever stop..."She sobbed and writhed as his tongue took her ever higher."Wait...wait...I want you too..." Enshilla hissed out the words, knowing that this moment wouldn't be complete for her unless she got to experiment as well, and realizing that he was too close to making her

come for her to wait.

In a move of amazing intuition, considering he was new at this, Ronnil slid himself up onto the bed beside Enshilla, so that his cock was precariously close to her lips. She only had to turn onto her side and she'd have him.

She turned onto her side.

He sucked as she slid her lips down over his cock. It was the most amazing sensation. Her mouth

seemed made to suck him and pull him and tug him, and recalling her voyeuristic lessons, she reached up to fondle his balls.

A particularly agile lick from Ronnil's tongue on her clit made her growl, deep in her throat, and she was

astonished to feel his cock jump in response.

She hummed.

It happened again.

Then Ronnil hummed and she nearly bit his cock clean off.

"Enough of these games, Enshilla, it's time. There are no laws pertaining to our pleasure this night."One turn, twist and wiggle, and Ronnil was between Enshilla's thighs.She opened her eyes and looked at him.Sweat was running down his chest, his eyes were dark and his faced flushed. He braced his weight on powerful arms and she could see his muscles as they took the strain. He was breathtakingly magnificent."Enshilla...""Yesss..." she answered, opening her thighs as wide as she could in invitation.Ronnil needed no more than that.With a grunt of sheer ecstasy, he thrust his cock into her pulsating cunt, going deep into her body until he touched her womb.

Enshilla froze. He was made for her. No other had ever filled her this way, or completed her body to the

point of bliss. As he gently pulled back then thrust in again, she felt him inside, caressing, stroking, andpleasuring every inch of the way.Her tensions built as his rhythm increased, and soon they were panting in unison as the sounds of their fucking filled the chamber. The slap of Ronnil's balls against her flesh was the most exciting thing, and

Enshilla grabbed for his buttocks with frantic hands.

"Ronnnnillll..." she shrieked as his frantic thrusts pounded her clit into an explosion that should have rocked the ziggurat.

Ronnil was past the point of vocalization. His loud shout was an unintelligible sound of incredible pleasure and he pumped himself dry into her spasming cunt.

They collapsed into a sweaty, sticky heap of tangled limbs that radiated exhausted joy.

In the next chamber, Kyle and Annie, cuddled in each other's arms, heard the shouting. They grinned tiredly at each other and fell asleep.

Chapter 11.

Breakfast in a ziggurat was a novel experience, decided Annie. The brilliant sunlight of early morning was already raising the outside temperatures, but the clever architecture retained some of the cool evening air and the room in which she was dining was comfortable. The foods were fresh, with fruits from the farms being regularly offered to the temples, and the milk was delicious, even if it did taste as though it had come straight from the cow.

Briefly, Annie yearned for her coffee pot and a chemically laden donut to go with it, but resolutely put thethought aside. If she was to remain in Sumer for the rest of her life she'd better get used to date juice,un-homogenized milk, and the ever present bappir.

After all, she had Kyle Pendrake. If it came to a choice between Kyle and donuts-tasty man beat out tasty pastries every time.

Waking in his arms had been a revelation.

She'd slept like the proverbial dead, and surfaced back to consciousness aware of wonderful warmth all down her spine. Sometime during the night she'd curled herself into his body and he'd naturally moved to accommodate her. She felt safe, secure, protected and absolutely wonderful. She also felt a very nice and hard morning greeting pressing into her buttocks. Either Kyle was signaling his lusty intentions, or someone had invented flagpoles overnight and stuck one next to her ass.

Smiling, she had stretched, and figured she might possibly be able to do something about that, but two servants had entered just at that moment, and Kyle was out of bed and gone before she could move.

The bedclothes muffled her shriek of frustration as she dived underneath them to cover herself. More servants appeared to wait on the new High Priestess of the Moon Goddess and her day had officially begun.

Kyle was silent as he ate his breakfast, seemingly lost in thought.

"So," said Annie, pushing herself away from the table a little. "How do High Priestesses spend theirdays?"Kyle smiled. "Pretty much the same as women everywhere, I guess.""Oh. We shop?"He quirked an eyebrow at her."Sorry, that was a rather non-PC thing to say, wasn't it?""Seeing as PC hasn't been invented yet, you probably don't have to worry about it. But no, shopping isn 't on the list of things you and I will do." Kyle toyed with the remains of the fruit on his platter.

"Okay, so no shopping. I am assuming I don't have to clean the ziggurat this morning..." sheencouraged."Nope.""Kyle."He looked up at her. "Today, we'll walk around town, talking to people and listening to them. It is expected that we will dispense advice, make suggestions and judgments on various issues, and generallyact in the best interests of our people.""What, we're like Judge Judy on a walkabout?"Kyle squinted at her, trying to place the reference."You didn't watch much TV did you?" said Annie, ruefully. "Never mind. Skip it."At that moment, a sound outside the door interrupted their conversation.It sounded very much like giggles, interrupted by growls. It was followed by silence."Well. That's interesting," said Annie, cocking her head to one side and listening.Kyle agreed with her. "It sounds like a lion doing stand up comedy," he added.The noises were explained when Ronnil and Enshilla stumbled into the room.

Annie's jaw dropped, and Kyle looked stunned.

Ronnil, the usually meticulous and sober Priest of the Sun God, appeared as if he'd barely survived a night of debauchery.

There were large shadows under his eyes, stubble on his normally smooth cheeks, his hair was sticking

up like badly cut hay, and his skirt was on backwards.

Enshilla was even worse.

Her smooth dark locks were tangled and mussed, she was missing one earring, her robe was falling off

her shoulder and caught in her necklace, and the bits of skin exposed to the world seemed to have developed a rash. A very beard-burn-like rash. Two large hickeys adorned her neck and her lips were swollen.

They were both wearing identical smirks.

Annie blinked and managed to pick up her jaw. "Good morning, you two."

They straightened themselves up, and suddenly realized their disarray, quickly adjusting their clothing, and

each other's clothing, which led to a brief touch, which was followed by a longer touch and a gaze and-"Ahem." Kyle cleared his throat, as Annie tried to stifle a giggle."Hi Enshilla, Ronnil," said Annie sunnily. "Have a good night?"Her innocent question brought furious blushes to Enshilla's cheeks. "I'm so sorry, Annilin, I should have gone back to our temple and changed, but we-I-it was late when we-I woke, and we-I didn't

realize..."Annie held up her hand. "No need to explain. I don't need to know." Her eyes met Kyle's and for asecond a flash of complete understanding passed between them. The plan had worked. "Let's just moveon to today, shall we?"

"Lord Kyall, thank you for...for..."

Annie wondered what on earth was going to come out of Ronnil's mouth next, and bit her lip. This wasbetter than a French farce.Kyle stared at Ronnil with a little grin playing around his handsome features."Say no more, Ron, old friend. I take it that the, er, obligations of the temple ritual have been satisfied?""Oh yes," sighed Enshilla, gazing at Ronnil."Strikes me that more than obligations were satisfied," muttered Annie."Lord Kyall, thank you," began Ronnil again, obviously determined to get something off his chest. "Thank you for placing your confidence in me and allowing me to participate in the ceremonies following theDedication ceremony.""Me too," added Enshilla."You're welcome. It was my pleasure," said Kyle, deadpan. "And Annie's."

Annie coughed.

This time it was Ronnil whose lips twitched, and within seconds all four were helpless with laughter.

The town of Kushuk was arranged around a large central square and it was there that Annie and Kyle strolled on their first real day as a formally dedicated couple.

The people called greetings to them as they passed, and Annie wished for more hours to explore the stands of interesting looking goods. Her comment about shopping notwithstanding, Annie was no more able to resist the call of a bargain than anyone else.

Side streets led from the center of town out to the different ziggurats, for although the Sun God's temple fronted the square, the other gods had found homes for themselves in other locations. Clearly the gods believed that good distance made good neighbors.

The sights and sounds and smells of Kushuk entranced Annie, this being her first chance to really get out into the streets and mingle. Camel snorts and grunts vied for decibel level with the braying of donkeys. Bells jingled, hanging from stalls, oxen, earrings, anywhere where a breeze could make them ring, were bells.

Different types of food were being prepared over the Sumerian equivalent of hibachis, and the fragrance of grilled lamb and fish wafted past Annie's nose making her mouth water.

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