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He moved his abdomen, getting into a place where he could rub her clit with his body.

Annie helped, moving slightly herself.

Kyle realized that this was possibly the most magnificent position he'd ever been in. It needed only one

more thing...

With a slight catch, his finger slid into her anus and she trembled.

Now he moved.

Within seconds she'd caught his rhythm, gentle yet penetrating, deep inside her, all the way to her womb.

He knew that his finger would be stimulating places that had never been touched before, and guessed that

his thrusts would set her cunt on fire.

He was right.

Annie fought to hold back a sob of ecstasy. She'd never been penetrated like this, and had no clue that her ass could be such an amazingly rich source of sensation.

Kyle's fingers, and body, and cock, all seemed to know just where to go and what to do when they got there, and it seemed highly possible that she might explode with pleasure. She wondered if cuneiform had made it as far as the tabloid stage. "Sumerian Suicidal Sex Slut." Great headline. It sure would give future archeologists something to ponder.

She caught his rhythm and slid up and down on that wonderful piece of male flesh that seemed designed with Annie Lynden in mind. There was a ridge here and a little vein there that matched up with a dip in here or a hollow just was to-die-for sex and she thought she might just die from it.

Her orgasm was slow to develop, because she'd taken the edge off her body's needs earlier. So she was really able to appreciate the wonderful assortment of physical sensations that were crashing through her nervous system.

Above all, she could appreciate the man beneath her. Green eyes never closed as if wanting to remember every second of their lovemaking.

His chest was hard and hot, his hips just right for her thighs, and the rest of him was damn near perfect.

His finger moved inside her anus and she sucked in a breath of surprise as her whole body responded by tensing.

He moaned. He must have felt her cunt tighten on him.

This was truly some kind of wonderful. To be fucking the man you've dreamed about for years and to feel him responding to your every move. Annie closed her eyes for a second and sealed the image of Kyle beneath her into her mind. No matter what lay ahead, she'd always have this moment imprinted into her memory.

His balls tightened up underneath her and she sensed a change in his breathing patterns. He was getting close.

So, she realized, was she.

Spreading her thighs just a few inches more, Annie began to fuck Kyle in earnest. Her tissues clenched on his cock as she pulled up and then flowed over him as she lowered herself.

His finger played with her dark places as his eyes followed hers.

She felt the tingle building under her buttocks and across her spine.

"Kyle..." she whispered."Yes. Again, Annie," he hissed back.Faster and faster she rode him, her tension rising, her body trembling with passion. He kept his finger tucked into her anus and used his other hand to keep her hips moving in their provocative rhythm.

Suddenly, he slid his hand from her hip to her mound and pressed into her tissues, coming up under her clit with his thumb.

That was all it took.

Annie howled as wave after wave of orgasm shuddered through her. She threw her head back and

pushed herself down onto Kyle's cock as far as she could go, grinding her bones into his balls. Her

fingers left marks on his biceps as she clutched him in her frenzy.

The savage spasm that grabbed his cock must have tipped Kyle over the edge, and she felt him pumping and pumping an endless stream of hot cum into her willing body.

She stared at his eyes as he orgasmed beneath her, loving the fierce expression on his face and the glazed look that reflected her face back at her.

She sank down onto his chest as their climaxes passed, and he gently stroked the length of her spine.

Neither wanted the moment to end.

Chapter 15.

The next couple of weeks passed in a haze of joy for Annie Lynden.

Her days were filled with exploration and learning, two things she loved and excelled at. Her writer's instincts were on high alert every single day, and she made a point of getting out and around in Kushuk as often as she could.

Enshilla was ecstatic that Annilin was really getting into her role as High Priestess.

The two women quickly developed the habit of meeting after their morning meal and stepping out into the sunshine to talk to people, listen to their worries, admire their children and offer advice wherever feasible.

Enshilla had quickly realized that the sun and Annilin were not the best of friends, and with Ronnil's help had devised a kind of parasol for her use. It had caught on, become the year's fashion statement, and now women were vying with each other as to whose sunshade was more attractive.

Annie was tickled pink to be a trendsetter, having been rather conservative in her choice of clothing in her own time.

Kyle would spend his days as he had done for the last five years.

Ronnil would join them after breakfast and fill his Lord in on whatever needed his attention that day, whether it was to meet some priests visiting from another town, to hear petitions on land and livestock, or settle disputes. Luckily there were few of the latter.

If nothing required his immediate attention, Annie knew Kyle would immediately withdraw to his official chamber and keep working on his calculations, which he had said were close to completion.

Annie had listened with fascination as Kyle had asked Ronnil for lengths of gold, beaten thinly, the hardest wood available, and other strange tools.

Then there had been innumerable questions about the night sky, the seasons, the time of year of various

heavenly events, and other astronomical phenomena.

Annie had shaken her head and gone off with Enshilla, happily leaving the boys to their toys.

But come nightfall, the boys put away their toys and the serious play began.

Annie was overwhelmed by the experience of sharing her life with Kyle Pendrake.

It was as if a tide of passion had been released. It seemed he could never get enough of her body, her

lips, her touch or her mind.If he wasn't inside her fucking her into oblivion, he was teasing her, tantalizing her-even bathing her.His hands were always on her body somewhere, and usually in a place guaranteed to bring her into heaven rather quickly.

She lost count of the number of times she'd come in a night, and for her part was perfectly happy when

allowed a turn at all the good stuff. She'd developed a definite talent for giving Kyle mind-blowing oralsex, and all she had to do was lick her lips when he was near to arouse him to painful hardness.That had been rather fun in the middle of a serious meeting. Naughty, but fun.In between bouts of lovemaking, they'd talk, sharing the events of the day or discussing the progress of Kyle's research."I got the last of the gold wire wound today," he said, one night as they lay tangled and panting."That's a good thing?" asked Annie with what little breath she had left."I think so. If I can get the thing calibrated into a decent condenser and make sure the plates get charged ...".

"Whoa, Einstein. This is me, remember? The woman who just got royally fucked and has no workingbrain cells available at this time."Kyle's hand slid over her breast and gently caressed her nipple. "As if I could forget.""So if we put the scientific details aside, what it boils down to is that your work is looking like it might pay off?"

Kyle drew a deep breath. "It might. I can't test it, of course. Basing my recent ideas on what you've told

me about Merlin and his behavior, I think I'm close. I can feel that I'm close, but how close, I don'tknow."Annie bit her lip as his fingers teased at her dreadfully sensitive flesh. She squirmed."By the way, Nerin was in the Priest's Court today."Annie remembered a pair of empty eyes and stilled underneath Kyle's hand. "I can't imagine him being in court for anything. He struck me as the most upright of citizens," she answered.

Kyle chuckled. "Good choice of words." He turned and snuggled Annie closer, sighing with pleasure as she reached over to his groin and delicately soothed his cock.

"So what's with Nerin?"

"A woman had called him before the court to answer the charge that he'd abused her daughter."

Annie frowned. "Really?"

Kyle shrugged. "Turns out there was no abuse involved. The woman was the girl's mother, and she

wanted a marriage proposal from Nerin for her daughter. Nerin stood there, with the sunlight shining off

that gold streak of his, and just stared at her, not saying a word."

Annie could see the scene in her mind, remembering Nerin's imposing physique and distinctive lock of gold hair slashing through the dark brown strands.

"What happened?" she asked.

"Well, moments later there was a commotion and the girl herself rushed in, saying that it was all a

mistake, that she'd wanted to be tied up, and that Nerin hadn't abused her, he'd given her greatpleasure."Annie snickered. "Another mother-in-law foiled.""Yep." Kyle moved away and leaned over the side of the bed. "However," he said, dipping out of sight for a moment, "I had a chance for a chat with Nerin afterwards, and he told me a few interesting things..."Kyle's flushed and grinning face appeared back above the bed. "He loaned me these..."Annie looked at Kyle's hands. He was holding a pair of leather handcuffs.She raised her eyes. "You're kidding, right?"Kyle's eyebrow quirked up at an intriguing angle, and Annie found herself getting moist all over again.

She was going to go for it. Oh lord, he knew his Annie.

Kyle's balls tightened in anticipation as he watched Annie's eyes linger on the handcuffs lying on the bed

between them." do these work?" She poked at them interestedly."Let me show you," mumbled Kyle around a tongue that had suddenly swollen into something resembling a porterhouse steak.

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