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Chapter 25: Disciple of Tai Xuan School (1)

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Seeing Lin Xiao holding out his hand, Wang Manyun blushed, and she didn’t know what to do. But seeing Lin Xiao's pure smile, especially his bright eyes were as clear as water, she also stretched out her hand.

Wang Manyun's hands got soft and glossy skin. Lin Xiao's heart rippled at the moment when he held her hand. But they loosened hands at a touch.

After a courtesy handshake, Lin Xiao sat down to take care of his bear's paw and asked, "This Cloud Dream Mountain is very dangerous. How can you two people go inside?"

When Wang Di was applying medicine on a wound, he heard Lin Xiao’s question, then he put down the medicine and answered, "A few days later, Tai Xuan Sect will recruit disciples, so my little sister and I also want to try our fortune. This is the only way which must be passed. In fact, we have three people, he... "

When Wang Di hasn’t finished his words yet, an urgent voice came from far and near, "Man-yun, hold on, I'm coming to get you!"

As soon as Lin Xiao turned his head, he saw a handsome boy in white standing behind him with a gem-inlaid sword in hands.

Lin Xiao looked at the boy and looked back at Wang Manyun peculiarly, as if he was saying, "You have many elder brothers."

Wang Manyun seemed to understand Lin Xiao's meaning, and her face flushed again. She quickly waved her hand and said, "Lin Xiao, you misunderstood him. He is not my elder brother, he... He is a disciple of the sect leader of Tai Xuan Sect, Wu Gui

Wu Gui? Tortoise?

Lin Xiao wanted to laugh at this name, but he thought that Wu Gui might have links with that old man, so Lin Xiao restrained smile. He stood up and reached out to Wu Gui, "Hello, brother Wu Gui, my name is Lin Xiao."

Wu Gui inserted his sword in the ground. He turned a blind eye to Lin Xiao's outstretched hand. He ran to Wang Manyun, squatted down and began to stare at her up and down.

People from Tai Xuan Sect were so impolite. Lin Xiao's face darkened and then he sat down to continue his barbecue. He didn't have the habit of sticking his hot face on others’ cold butt.

Wang Di and Wang Manyun also looked at Wu Gui with a surprised expression, as if they knew him for the first time.

But it seemed that Wu Gui didn't know what he had done. He asked Wang Manyun with concern, "Man-yun, I just heard the roar of a bear and came to save you. I didn’t expect that you have killed it. Are you okay?"

Speaking of this, Wang Manyun's eyes lit up. She told Wu Gui what happened just now. At last, she stared at Lin Xiao and suddenly said, "Lin Xiao, you are so strong. How did you cultivate? Do you have a master? If you do not have, would you like go to Tai Xuan Sect with us?"

Looked at Wang Manyun's exciting face, Wu Gui twitched his mouth. He pulled out his sword and went to the stream, looking like an abandoned woman.

Wu Gui thought Wang Manyun would stop him, but he was miscalculated. He turned his head, and then become very angry.

Wu Gui saw that Wang Manyun and Wang Di were both laughing and talking with that wild boy who was of unknown source or origin, as if they had completely forgotten Wu Gui.

At this moment, Wu Gui hated Lin Xiao very much.

Wu Gui went down the mountain to see the world. He met Wang Manyun by accident, and he was attracted by her beauty. Especially when Wu Gui learned that Wang Manyun wanted to go to Tai Xuan Sect, he felt very happy and thought that here was a chance for him.

What happened later was almost the same as what Wu Gui thought. When Wang Manyun knew he was a disciple of the sect leader of Tai Xuan Sect, Wu Gui could feel that she had changed a lot about her attitude towards him.

Originally, this wasn’t the only way to Tai Xuan Sect, but Wi Gui recalled that before he descended the mountain, his senior brother inadvertently mentioned there was a demonic spirit beast in the edge of the Cloud Dream Mountain, so he had an evil plan.

In order to confirm the existence of the demonic spirit beast, Wu Gui specially explored it in advance. After he found that there really was a low-level demonic spirit beast, he was happy.

After that, Wu Gui used an excuse to induce Wang Manyun and Wang Di into the Cloud Dream Mountain, and then calculated when to rescue them. On the way, he had imagined countless scenes. For example, when Wang Manyun was in despair, he descended from the sky and showed his great kung fu to kill the demonic spirit beast quickly. At that time, Wang Manyun was sure to be infatuated with him and threw herself at him...

 [A1]Wu Gui sounds like Tortoise in Chinese.

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