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Chapter 448 - Square Dancing

TL: LifeisaJourney

Since they couldn't find Wan'er, Johnny Fei and Song Jiu opted in for the new clue. They could request a reward from Lord Liu as long as they had something to prove their usefulness. As a result, the pair rushed toward the broadcast point of the song.

The area they walked up to was a public square, all leveled and smooth. A nineteen year-old teenage girl was balancing herself on a single-wheel electric scooter while doing donuts. She kept giggling to herself, and even without sunlight to illuminate her face, her cheeks were blushing like a ripe little apples. If there was a symbol of hope, her cheerful face represented it.

Suddenly, the teenaged girl started to lose her balance. The more she panicked, the wilder her movements got. She shrieked as she fell off of the electric scooter. Johnny Fei and Song Jiu tried to be white knights, but the teenage girl was an apparition. She fell heavily onto the ground.

The teenage girl swept the dust off her clothes as she stood up to try her luck on the electric scooter again.

The music was coming from a loudspeaker in the public square. Johnny Fei was lured in by the loudspeaker, and that was where he noticed a unique puzzle box. He had seen the same thing when Wan'er's mother pulled one out to show Liu Gan.

That was a quest reward!

Johnny Fei rushed over to confirm if that was the same puzzle box. If by chance he could snatch the box right off the loudspeaker, then that would be an easy win! Alas, things weren't that easy in life. Johnny Fei's hand passed through the phantom image.

"You want that puzzle box?" the teenage girl came to a stop right by Johnny Fei's side.

"Yes I do, gorgeous. Do you want me to do something for you?" Johnny Fei asked.

"I want to organize a square dance, but I don't know where I can find enough aunties. If you can find me ten aunties who can dance with me, then I will hand over the puzzle to you!" the teenage girl declared her terms.

"The hell. Where am I going to find ten aunties? Where do I even start?" Song Jiu rolled his eyes. They couldn't even find that young girl Wan'er. Where would they find ten aunties!? This place was so stupidly big, where could they even find aunties?

"The aunties are scattered around the Theme Park, you should find some that are willing to join the cause," the teenager explained, then went back to playing on her electric scooter.

Johnny Fei and Song Jiu had no choice. They walked around to search for aunties. Slowly darkness had encroached on the sky, and after wandering aimlessly for a while they heard Liu Gan's voice shouting for everyone to gather up. It was time for them to report their findings.


Liu Gan and the others have arrived back at the campsite and started up a bonfire. After hearing the report from Johnny Fei and Song Jiu, he wanted to head back to the public square to investigate with the whole expedition group. Everyone ate a quick meal before venturing out.

Public square was located a good distance from the camp. The evening wind started kicking up, tingling the senses of everyone in the group. They were using their flashlights to light up the surrounding without missing any gaps, the possibility of the Crocodile ambushing them was too high. The three level 10 players and Liu Gan were stationed on the outsides surrounding the lower level players.

Even though the level 10 players were capable, they weren't enough to handle the Crocodile by themselves. Nevertheless, they wouldn't die from the first strike due to their Mist Armor having improved.

The whole way along, the lower level players were quite nervous. Fortunately for them, they didn't encounter a dangerous situation. By the time Liu Gan and the group arrived, the teenaged girl was still there and the music hadn't stopped broadcasting. They were there as if forever stuck in time.

"Oh did you find the aunties already?" the teenage girl walked over to ask.

"No… I brought a lot of friends with me. I asked them to help me look for the aunties," Johnny Fei explained.

"Okay, then you can continue on with your search!" The teenage girl went back to her scooter.

"Ten aunties… Can you ask her if we fulfill that requirement? It is only square dancing right?" Ana urged Johnny Fei.

"Hey gorgeous! Do you think we meet those requirement?" Johnny Fei ran up to the teenage girl to ask.

"No way, don't you know that square dancing requires aunties?" the girl shook her head.

"Do I count?" Ana ran up to ask.

"You… barely made the cut" the teenage girl looked Ana up and down before deciding.

"Ana the auntie…" the rest of the players teased.

"Sigh… If we had known that earlier, we should've brought ten women along instead," Johnny Fei breathed. He knew this quest wouldn't be so simple.

"Seems like this quest will have to wait until tomorrow. We should find a safe place nearby to set up camp. The first thing tomorrow, we will split up to find the so-called 'aunties'," Liu Gan displeased with the situation.

"This quest is totally bullshit! How could we even find aunties for a square dance…" the other players shook their heads in agreement.

"Hey you guys, come over here!" Ana waved to the group. She proceeded to walk to a half-collapsed building for cover. It seemed she had come up with some cunning idea.

No one had any clue about what Ana had in store, they could only follow along.

Once hidden from view of the teenage girl, Ana pulled something out from her pocket. Then she beckons Strato over, with instructions for him not to move. She pulled out her lipstick and applied it on his lips.

"HEY! Auntie Ana, what are you doing to me?" Stratos started to retreat once he saw the lipstick.

"She said ten aunties, so I'm going to make you up until you look like an auntie. That way, if Johnny Fei introduces you as one, then you are one. She has no way to tell, what is she going to do? Pull down your pants to check?" Ana cunningly announced.

"Stupid! Can't she tell that we are fakes? She might find it weird that all these aunties are muscularly built and ugly!" Stratos disagreed vehemently with Ana's plan.

"I think it might work, let's just test it out. Let Ana finish putting on the makeup. Then, Johnny will introduce you. If this works, then we don't have to waste time!" Liu Gan's eyes lit up with hope.

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