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Chapter 449 - Demonic Dance

TL: LifeisaJourney

Receiving Liu Gan's support was like Ana had been granted the throne, and a conniving smile lit up her face. Stratos had to give up his pride and accept his fate; his expression said "I have no choice" helplessly.

Ana had cosmetic products in her backpack, but she was able to give Stratos a makeover fairly quickly. She applied eyeliner and lipstick.

"Hahaha… How does it feel to be a Thai boy? Must feel like you are in Thailand, right?" the bystanders started chiming in. They were all making fun of Stratos' looks.

"You are laughing too early, you think you guys can escape your turn?" Stratos countered. You think that he who will become an immortal, stands at the peak, will lose? Especially when all heavenly signs pointed towards him as the hero! How could he be a transvestite when he was destined for greatness!

Soon all eight of them became transvestites, they did a lineup in front of Liu Gan.

"So that should be the right amount? No need to include me right?" Liu Gan backed away from Ana.

"If we count him, then that is just nine people. Did Lord Liu forget that Sun Chao had perished…" Ana reminded Liu Gan.

"Oh?" Liu Gan completely forgot that he was missing a member. He thought that he could avoid having makeup applied, but that didn't seem possible.

If it was impossible to avoid, then for the sake of the quest, he would accept his fate.

After the exaggerated makeup session was over, they looked at one another. They didn't look like aunties at all; they looked more like ladyboys. Someone suggested that they look more of the role by adding some additional physical attributes to the chest and buttocks. Ana was enjoying this the most since she watched them transform into figures that didn't look like a man or woman.


"Hey gorgeous, I found ten aunties for you. Can we practice the square dance yet?" Johnny Fei asked while bringing his voice to an octave higher and maintaining orchid hand gesture. He had returned back to the public square with his 'sister' group

"You are… you…" the teenage girl was traumatized. Never had she seen these type of aunties before.

"When we were younger, we were part of the women's varsity basketball team. So that's why we are especially tall and bulky. We are really aunties, if you don't believe us you can examine us," Johnny Fei continued to play the role of how he imagined aunties would act. In the teenage girl's eye, she witnessed 'her' swing the hips left and right.

The teenage girl was either traumatized or stunned, she only stared without making a sound.

"Young girl, let's dance already! What's the delay?" Ana urged while taking on a northern accent.

"Okay, let us begin," the teenage girl hesitated for a while before agreeing to accept them.

"So just like that?"

"Damn! It actually worked!"

"Sister Ana, your bluff worked!"


These ladyboy felt relieved, they high-fived each other. They couldn't believe that their white lie satisfied the requirement. It was better than looking for aunties that will want to participate, and they still don't even know if it was possible to find them at all. Looking for Wan'er wasted the majority of their day. If they had to look for ten aunties, that would be a utter waste of time.

There was also the possibility of these aunties, refusing to comply. What wuold happen then?

"Hey gorgeous, I found ten aunties. Shouldn't you hand over the puzzle map to me?" Johnny Fei walked up to the teenage girl.

The puzzle map was the most important, nothing else mattered. The teenager was naive enough to accept these weird aunties, so might she hand over the puzzle map as down payment? If she handed it over, then they might not even have to square dance!

"If you can get these aunties to dance out the routine that I approve, then I will hand it over to you," the teenage girl replied.

"Could you let us see it first?" Johnny Fei tried to barter.

"No," the teenage girl shook her head firmly.

"Okay then!" Now that things have reached to this point, Johnny Fei has no choice. Everyone had to follow the teenage girl's choreography.

The teenage girl stood at the front of the public square, she was the lead choreographer.

Originally, everyone thought that this quest was going to be easy. After learning part one of a multi-part choreography, Liu Gan wanted to curse at someone. This type of dance was too hard to learn, right? This should just be a regular square dance! Every beat had up to ten dance movements. Even if it was an elegant dance, for someone like Liu Gan, who had no dancing talent, it was a type of torture.

In this area, those that had dance talent or understood basic fundamentals, like Ana, Saffron Ma, and Xu Ji Chao were outstanding. All the other players dancing could be described as demonic dancers.

What an eyesore!

The teenage girl's movements were so fast that only those who had enhanced vision could see the dance moves. The problem was all those moves were problematic for amateurs. Executing this dance like a professional dancer was impossible.

The worst part was that even though she had her back facing them, if anyone made a mistake, she would know. She would not accept that failure and they would have to start from the beginning.

While they were learning, the Crocodile would come and disrupt them. In the half hour of disruption, Liu Gan didn't get injured. It was also a chance for Johnny Fei to reap the reward of reaching level 10. Liu Gan also gained another foreign token.

After many hours, with the repeated process of starting it over and over from the beginning, the teenage girl still wouldn't accept the results. She was driving Liu Gan and others crazy. Without a doubt, they hated the composers of the song Little Apple. If they had a chance to return back to the real world, they might have the urge to beat them up.

"Today is getting late, let's continue tomorrow night!" the teenager announced.

"Miss gorgeous, no need to be so serious? You should just let us pass with our result!" some members started pleading loudly.

"Yeah, why don't you hand over the puzzle to us first…"

"No way, how can you treat art so carelessly?" was the last thing the teenage girl said, before she dissipated into black fog.

"Art! Screw art! Go to Hell!" the players cursed at her.

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