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However, the top level of the refined true form was pretty much the same as what Eye Devil showed in the Soul River Realm, and Angele was not sure if Eye Devil had shown her limits.

Three days later, he finally returned to the dark-red plain.

He could see that Eye Devil's humongous body was still being sealed by the four blue light chains.

Eye Devil had completely calmed down. There were dragon knights, giants, knights, and spiders around her. They were building the base of a certain building. It seemed like they had a plan going on.

Angele flew to Eye Devil at full speed, drawing a clear line in the air.

The guards that looked like spiders around Eye Devil stepped aside so Angele could enter the area.

Angele was not concerned about those creatures, he could easily find out the power level of the creatures below with his true form. Only several of them had the same power level of a rank 4 wizard and the rest of them were weak.

He moved to Eye Devil's waist, leaving a red line in the air.

The upper and bottom half of Eye Devil's body were connected by a floating red eyeball.

The eyeball blinked and stared at Angele.


Angele slowly landed on Eye Devil's waist.

The texture was soft, Eye Devil's flesh felt like some high-quality carpet. The air around the eyeball was strange and Angele could barely breathe.

He glanced around.

The eyeball was more than three meters tall, it was releasing a translucent force field, linking Eye Devil's body. 

"I need a large number of souls, I heard that you found the dimension fissure to the Void Realm?" Eye Devil's voice came from the eyeball.

"Yeah, but I might need some help. I don't think I can enter it just by myself," Angele responded.

"Vapor and Bone are building the dimension fissure to the Abyss Realm. No one knew that you can find a mature dimension fissure. They're heading to us now," Eye Devil replied. "I decided to share all the coordinates collected by my people with you since we have to compete with the northland or Storm will have trouble handling the possible pressure."

Angele remained silent for a second, he knew that the southland and the northland never liked each other since they were not on the same boat.

There were more lords in the southland; however, none of them could compete with the Plague Lord, and the lords from different continent decided not to work with each other.

Especially the lords in northland, they were strong but only cared about their own benefits. The lords in southland sometimes worked together when the situation allowed and that was the reason why northland and southland never fought each other.

The southland and the northland would still compete when they were invading other realms. If the southland paused the invasion because of Eye Devil, the northland might be able to acquire more resources.

Eye Devil stopped for a second and continued, "You already know the situation of the southland. Storm and I oversee two large areas, but we're just the representatives. If the lords of the northland learn about my situation, it's possible that they might try to attack us."

"I understand." Angele nodded. He was about to ask something else, but he suddenly felt heat coming from behind.

Angele turned his head around as he heard the footsteps. A tall man wearing a white cape with golden edges walked to him slowly while creating a translucent staircase under his feet.

The man looked at Angele, smiled, and greeted him.

The eyeball turned to the man and looked at him. "What's the matter?"

"Lord, Elder Anker and the other 15 elders are here; also, they brought all the necessary resources for the Eye Tower of Doomsday. They'll be guarding your body and make sure that you're safe," the man responded politely. 

Angele narrowed his eyes. "I'll be leaving now."

"I'm counting on you," Eye Devil said, there was nothing she could do at the moment.

Angele nodded but he did not say anything. He disappeared into a ball of flames.


The flame exploded and disappeared.

Eye Devil stared at the location that Angele was standing at.

"An ancient lord from the scorpion woman race… It has been millions of years since the last lord of that race appeared. He's recovering so fast that it's unbelievable."

The man with a cape also nodded. "You're right, Lord Phoenix knows how to utilize the dimension power. He probably set up many coordinates in this dimension just for the teleportation. Scorpion woman is a guardian race and he probably has some of the strongest talent abilities."

Eye Devil blinked her eye. "I heard that the scorpion woman can absorb the negative energy from the souls. He decided to help me because he wanted to absorb the energy, but it's a good thing. I need a way to deal with the energy anyways."

"I hope that's the case…" The man sighed. "I'll ask the servants to set up the polluted blood pool for you…" He stepped forward and revealed a diamond-shaped rube that he was holding in hand.

In the ruin, by the dimension fissure.

Angele's body appeared in the air as fire sparked.

A naked woman with six spider legs on the back was standing by the illusion pool.

The woman had clean skin and her private parts were covered by a purple armor. Also, the woman's cheeks were covered with tiny green eyes that were blinking.

"Spider? Are you waiting for me?" Angele recognized the woman right away.

Spider chuckled and questioned, "I heard that you found this dimension fissure. I came here first because I was in the area. Why don't we enter the fissure together and explore it a bit?"

"Well, can you deal with the Star Riders in the Void Realm? Why don't wait until others get here?" Angele's brow furrowed. Teams of skeleton soldiers were jumping into the dimension fissure and the skeleton mages were drawing green runes around the fissure.

"I'm no Eye Devil," Spider responded with a smile on the face. "Do you know that the Void Realm is weaker than the Soul River Realm now?"

"Is that so?" Angele knew the situation in the Void Realm. If the information from the golden book was real, the only strong beings in the Void Realm were the Star Riders and their void beasts. The strongest Star Rider had the similar power level as a rank 3 wizard. However, if the Star Riders had special abilities and moved as teams, it would still be a problem.

"I won't force you if you won't want to. I'll enter it before Vapor is here." Spider jumped into the blue fissure before Angele responded.

Angele stood by the illusion pool, he hesitated for a second and took out some glass tubes from the black mirror. He started crafting some potions.

He spent years doing the research about the rune circles and biology. He had no problem doing general gene modifications to the strange creatures he found and Orphie.

He was spending more time studying the rune circles recently, but he acquired many virus samples when he was doing research on the weird creatures.

He mixed some purple potion into the black powder and added some red steam into the mixture. Angele quickly bit his finger and dropped some of his blood into the final mixture.


A ball of black smoke was released by the mixture and countless black insect eggs appeared in it.

The insect eggs were invisible and revealed themselves only after Angele supplied them with the mixture and his own blood.

'I didn't know that one day those black beetles would be helpful to me. I'll use them this time.' Angele was satisfied with the result. The insect eggs were the eggs of the black beetles that surrounded his mansion. He captured some of the beetles and retrieved their eggs.

Angele returned the test tube to the mirror and jumped into the blue dimension fissure.

His body was brushed over by some chilling wind and the harbor appeared in front of him again.

It was night and the colorful lights on the buildings were flashing. They looked like signal light from machines. There were also lights moving on the ground, it almost felt like there were searchlights in the sky.

Spider was floating by the fissure, staring at the harbor. The invisible skeleton soldiers decomposed and turned into an incomplete bone ship.

Teams of skeleton soldiers were stepping out of the fissure and all turned into parts of the bone ship.

Angele stood by Spider and started observing the harbor again.

"The Void Realm… It had its time… In the ancient time, the Ice Realm, the Void Realm, and the Wizard World were the strongest realms that were ruled by human beings," Spider explained. "Sadly, after all the ancient wars, the Void Realm is not as strong as before."

She pointed at the largest ship building in the harbor.

"Did you see that? That's the slave arena of the Void Empire."

"How do you know that?" Angele was a bit surprised and noticed that something was strange about her spider legs.

By the end of her spider legs, there were countless white strings that reached into the air and disappeared. It felt like they merged into this dimension.

Angele did a quick check and there were at least thousands of those white strings.

"Well, it's my special technique." Spider smiled. "Why don't we bring some excitement to this realm?"

She waved her right hand.


Countless white spider webs appeared in the sky and formed an enormous spider that almost covered the sky.

Same white strings were released from the spider web and started falling like a meteor rain.

The white strings landed on the surface of the buildings, the land, and the river.

The white strings were everywhere after just a blink of an eye.

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