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VS Episode 45 Chapter 2

Episode 45/Chapter 2: King of Erin (2)

TL: Tsubak

ED: Ren

Tae Ho felt like his entire body was breaking.

He had used Excalibur and Gallatin and on top of that Gae Bolg. Each of these weapons could be considered to be mythical by themselves. It obviously required a big price.

In addition, the magic of the magician king was strong. The curse magic that got amplified with his absorption magic lost its direction the moment the magician king died. It was like a blade storm that went wild randomly.

Idun’s blessing sustained Tae Ho. It forcefully grabbed his consciousness that should have been cut off by now.

The warm golden light was protecting him. The light surging from Excalibur was the glory of Erin and Idun’s affection.

Tae Ho looked at his side. She, that was exhausted because she was transmitting an overwhelming amount of divine power to Tae Ho but was also enduring with Idun’s blessing, noticed his gaze and hardly put a smile towards him.

Heda’s hair was originally red but right now it was gold. She wasn’t using the eye cover that covered half of her face but she was now standing in this place as Idun.

The rune storm of the magician king didn’t stop and Tae Ho and Heda absorbed his runes inside of that. They replenished Idun’s divine power with the runes.

A howl was heard.

It came from the giant of Night Avalt. Bracky was swinging his hammer towards him that had self abandoned himself.

Tae Ho let out a sigh. It wasn’t only Avalt. Everyone in the battlefield realized his death. They could now escape because their king had died but it didn’t turn out like that. Part of them moved to take revenge for the magician king, to kill the warrior that had defeated the magician king.

Juh Palgye continued to turn over the earth and exposed the king of the deep earth that tried to dig inside the ground. Siri kept firing arrows in succession and checked her surroundings. Njord and Heimdall were creating natural disasters and blocking the evil spirits and giants from approaching. But it didn’t look easy. In the first place, this battlefield had much more giants in it.

They wouldn’t be able to maintain the ‘wall’ for much longer. The warriors of Valhalla were also gathering but this dogfight would turn to be poisonous.

Tae Ho knew it and Heda also did. Because of that the two of them turned to look at a distant place.

The world wolf was at that place.

It stepped on the body of the black dragon and let out an enraged howl. Hraesvelg’s body, that had now lost one wing, was currently facing it.

He wouldn’t be able to last much longer. That fight would end as the victory for the world wolf.

But the world wolf wasn’t safe either. It’s injuries were big. Blood and its intestines flew out from its stomach that got bitten by Nidhogg and its right eye that got pecked by Hraesvelg broke and completely lost its light.

In addition it was in a poisoned state. It kept vomiting black blood while fighting. The attack Hraesvelg executed with his entire body was enough to threaten its life.

The sky and the earth rang after looking at the world wolf for a few seconds. The superb balance that was created by the Gods and warriors of Valhalla and the giants and evil spirits of Jotunheim was breaking apart.

Tae Ho closed his eyes. He thought in the flow that seemed like it had stopped.

It was enough as they had killed the magician king.

It would be better to retreat and reorganize themselves. Now that they lost their pillar called the magician king, the army of Jotunheim would certainly become weaker.

It was logical.

And Tae Ho shook his head at that thought.

The world wolf Fenrir.

Odin’s end.

The beast of destruction that would bring the world to an end.

They only had this moment.

Now was the only opportunity as it was weakened due to Nidhogg and Hraesvelg.

Hraesvelg got his neck bit. Tae Ho opened his eyes and grabbed Heda’s hand and she also nodded.

A scream was heard. Njord let go a part of the giants. The cry of all kinds of monsters was transmitted from the sky.

Tae Ho and Heda looked at the same place. There was someone that stood up from that place. Adenmaha transformed into a Goddess and knew what she had to do. Tae Ho extended his hand towards her and activated his saga and transmitted part of the strength absorbed from the rune storm to her.

[Saga: Master of frost]

Adenmaha transformed into the white frost dragon Javier. Tae Ho and Heda rode on her.

“Let’s go.”

Adenmaha flew up. The sky was filled entirely by flying type monsters but they didn’t fear.

[Saga: The charge of the warrior is like a storm]

[Saga: The one that handles lightning and gale]

Thunder was heard and lightning and storm protected Adenmaha’s path. Tae Ho activated his saga once again on top of her that was flying with all her strength.

[Saga: The warrior that had a Goddess meet him]

The Valkyries gathered. They weren’t the fakes but the real ones. The summoned Valkyries knew what they had to do.

Rasgrid used flight magic.

Reginleif blew the Valkyrie horn.

Gandur and Ingrid led the other Valkyries and protected Adenmaha’s sides. They charged towards the evil spirits that were gathering!

Tae Ho lowered his posture and Heda grabbed his waist. Adenmaha flew to an even higher place.


Odin said.

He, that embraced Loki’s corpse, looked at the sky and yelled.


Idun’s warrior, the one that has twisted fate. The one that would stop the promised destruction of the world!

Adenmaha reached her fastest speed. Rasgrid and Reginleif released their magic power without saving it. A storm of magic was generated as the Valkyries gathered in one place released their magic power at the same time.

Adenmaha looked at the ground.

The world wolf tore the neck of Hraesvelg and the king of the white birds collapsed. The world wolf let out a cry of victory while having become a bloody mess.

[Saga: The warrior that rode on a Valkyrie]

The saga got stronger. The saga that got strengthened by Bragi’s rune gave new vitality of Tae Ho and Adenmaha.

I’m also a Goddess.

Tae Ho could feel like he heard Adenmaha’s grumbling. Adenmaha laughed pleasantly and Tae Ho did the same.

[Saga: Cannon of the dragon]

Draconic Ballista.

Adenmaha started to descend. No, she became a streak of line. The arrow of light that got fired from the sky started to charge towards the world wolf.

Tae Ho raised his spear of death.

He added the power of death to the pure white spear.

The world wolf raised its head and roared towards the white arrow that was charging at a really fast pace by tearing space. It tried to push it away with its strong magic power.

[Saga: The one that conceived a disaster]

The queen banshee cried and a magic wall blocked Tae Ho’s path.

But it was meaningless. The white arrow broke every obstacle in its path. It tore space and broke the magic wall!


Tae Ho roared and at that time the body of Nidhogg that the world wolf thought it was dead bit its leg. It didn’t let it escape.

“Tae Ho master!”

Nidhogg yelled from far away and Tae Ho answered. Hraesvelg yelled.

“Break it apart!”

He pierced it.

He broke the last wall and the white arrow hit the head of the world wolf!

Light flashed at that moment. An overwhelming magical storm got generated from the world wolf and swept the surroundings.

The battlefield froze momentarily.

Everyone stopped fighting and looked at the same place.

The remnants of the world wolf scattered randomly and the corpses of the black dragon and king of the white birds stood at its side.

Adenmaha returned to the shape of a Goddess and collapsed. She didn’t lose her consciousness because of Idun’s blessing but she couldn’t even move a finger.

Tae Ho and Heda sat in the ground and raised their heads.

The world wolf got pulverized and a huge rune storm was being created from its remnants.

But it wasn’t the end.

An evil magic power surged up from its remains. The thing that could be called as the essence of the world wolf released its evilness.

Heda gritted her teeth and extended her hands. She tried to protect herself, Tae Ho and Adenmaha with a golden curtain.

But it wasn’t enough. The golden curtain seemed like it would break at any moment. The Valkyries that helped Adenmaha’s flight got surrounded by countless evil spirits and weren’t in a position to help Tae Ho’s group.

Siri charged forward.

Beings that tried to help or kill however they could started to move.

Tae Ho panted and extended his arms. He used the card that was like a gamble until the last moment in the evil deed that pushed like a wave.

[Saga: The warrior that had a Goddess meet him]

Someone appeared by crossing the moment the golden barrier broke. She got bewildered at the sudden summoning and couldn’t understand immediately what had happened. But at least her reaction to it was fast.

She created a new barrier and her magical curtain was much stronger than Idun’s that was as exhausted as she could be.

The Goddess of magic Freya.

The commander of the Valkyries glared at the malice outside of the barrier and the malice of the world wolf hit the curtain roughly. It’s soul was about to disappear soon but the power of its curse and its resentment was much stronger than when it was alive.

Cracks started to be formed on the curtain. Part of it was because the malice of the world wolf was too strong but it was also because the barrier wasn’t resilient as it was made in a hurry.

Freya gritted her teeth as she got drove to a corner. She did her best instead of asking what had happened and Tae Ho pulled a sword by her side.

The fairy god sword Excalibur.

He didn’t grab it alone. Heda accompanied him and inserted her divine power to Excalibur directly.

[Saga: King of Erin]

[Saga: Idun’s warrior]

She poured all the remaining strength she had and didn’t save anything for later.

A terrible cry burst out. The roar of the malice of the world wolf finally broke the barrier of Freya.

But right then, Tae Ho and Heda swung the sword they held. They released the power of the fairy god sword Excalibur.

The light of Erin, the glory of Erin.

The sword shining with Idun’s strength!

A flash of golden light surged up. It became the sword of creation and split the sky and the earth and dispersed the malice of the world wolf!

It was flashy.

The world wolf said its last words inside of the breaking light. This time, not even its soul was left and it got annihilated completely under the light of Excalibur.

Tae Ho and Heda panted. They turned to look at each other and kissed at the same time. They blessed each other under the happiness of victory.

Freya put an absent minded expression at the two of them. She had used strength too suddenly and had almost repelled the malice of the world wolf alone. It was to the point that blood was about to flow down her lips because of that last attack.

But Freya endured it for now as the world wolf got defeated. She was able to wait for a little bit. For a really short moment.

“Hey! What do you think you are doing!”

Freya yelled and split up Tae Ho and Freya. They didn’t have the leisure in the first place. They had defeated the world wolf but the wall had broken. She couldn’t ensure the lives of the group when the dogfight started. Freya was certainly someone with strong divine power but she wasn’t proficient in battling directly.

But Tae Ho didn’t worry about that.

He embraced Adenmaha, that grumbled because he only took care of her now, and made her stand up and glanced towards Freya.

Freya turned to look at that place and understood.

“Tae Ho master!”

Nidhogg yelled from far away. It wasn’t a yell in happiness. It was a warning about the disaster that approached from over their heads.

The giant frost dragon Balcazar.

It was approaching them. It opened up its mouth and tried to fire a strong breath.

But Tae Ho still didn’t worry and the same went for Freya.

Now that the world wolf disappeared.

There was someone that got freed from his shackles.

There was someone that exploded out in rage.

The king of Gods Odin.

The cruel and sly God of war!

His overwhelming divine power headed to the sky. His strength that got suppressed the moment the world wolf got born, got released. It was the first time he released his real strength for the first time in hundreds of years.

The sky and the earth shook. Balcazar got pressed down in an invisible strength and crashed in the ground.

He wasn’t the only one. Freya also released her strength. It was a card she had prepared to rescue Odin.

The Rain of steel.

The structures that got fired from Valhalla flew towards Tae Ho’s group. The black trajectory itself became a weapon and charged over while crossing over the evil spirits.

The giant kings sensed their defeat and they chose to save themselves instead of fighting pointlessly. Deserters started to appear.

Tae Ho decided to stab the wedge.

Now that the flow had completely turned over to their side, he decided to spread the news far away in the battlefield.

And there was only one method to do that.

Heda blessed Tae Ho and Idun also did the same. Freya shook her head a few times and then extended her hand instead of blessing him and gave him some of her divine power.

Tae Ho raised Excalibur high to the sky.

The golden light that extended to the sky was the same as always but what happened after that was different.

[Saga: The Goddess of youth smiles under the golden apple tree.]

The golden flash changed in shape. It became an illusion of a huge golden apple tree.

It was an illusion created by Freya’s divine power but the light certainly belonged to Idun.

Adenmaha, that was being embraced by Heda, looked at the sky and laughed like a fool. Nidhogg opened her mouth widely while running towards them and Hraesvelg smiled bitterly.

“For Asgard and the nine realms.”

Someone said while looking at the Rain of steel that was falling down.

Someone else added while looking at the illusion of the golden apple tree.

“For Idun’s warrior. For Idun.”

The battle hadn’t ended yet. They had defeated the magician king and the world wolf but there were still many giant kings remaining in the battlefield. The army of the frost giant king Harmarti was fighting with Asgard’s elite forces that included Thor and Sigurd.

But they forgot about it for a moment. Idun approached Tae Ho under the golden apple tree that was shining brightly. Heda blessed Tae Ho and he did the same for her. He couldn’t endure it anymore and collapsed on her embrace but no one mocked him.

“My warrior Tae Ho.”

Idun said while holding Tae Ho dearly. Tae Ho smiled in a nice mood at her affectionate voice. He closed his eyes under her embrace and let go of his consciousness.

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