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Episode 50/Chapter 3: God of Sun (3)

TL: Tsubak

ED: SlowAsLightning

The ones that fell in confusion weren't only Sybilla, Patroclus and Apollo. The monsters of Artemis that were watching the centaurs charge from above the walls, had to experience a great shock and fear.

A strong magic, divine punishment.

It wasn't that a strength like this didn't exist in Olympus, but it wasn't  common to witness something that powerful.

Their opponents weren't the 12 Olympians nor the great heroes that were favored by the Gods.

That's why they couldn't imagine a result like this. In addition, if there had been a more thorough and mystical preparation they wouldn't be as shocked.

It was a frontal roll.

When a frail woman curled down and rolled forward a few times, the centaur cavalry ended up massacred.

The woman was still rolling. She rolled about five or six times and then fell to a side and couldn't stand up properly after that.

Gather the forces. They can't let them pass the walls. Prepare the arrows. Eliminate the enemies with ranged attacks that would cover the sky.

The red skinned satyrs yelled. Their order as the ones who had received the commanding rights over the monsters gathered in Delphos were transmitted quickly.

The monsters that were resting inside the forest climbed up the walls.

The forces that were spread widely on all the walls of Delphos gathered in the walls and gates that were facing Tae Ho's group.

Looking at thousands of monsters of different races moving busily was a grand spectacle by itself.

Tae Ho watcheded the movements of the monsters with his 'eyes of the dragon' that he strengthened with Bragi's rune. It was hard to read their races or names as there were just too many of them, but what he needed was only the general movement in the first place.

'It's flowing as I expected.'

Cuchulainn said. There was no way Tae Ho's expectations in these regards would go wrong.

If Nidhogg destroyed their advance troops they would gather their forces and take solid defenses in the wall instead of coming out.

Tae Ho hadn't explained what he would do next to the group.

But they vaguely knew what he was about to do as they had been in several battlefields with him. That was excluding Patroclus and Sybilla who were from Olympus and Apollo that was looking through Sybilla.

Nidhogg tried to stand up but fell on her butt and Adenmaha tried to raise her up. But Nidhogg shook her head.

"I'm fine. I can still roll. I have 5 more times to roll."

She had told Tae Ho that she could roll more than ten times and she had only rolled 5 times.

Adenmaha smiled bitterly at Nidhogg's devoted answer. Every second was important right now but she said softly instead of raising her voice.

"I know. But it's now time to move to the next stage."

Nidhogg reacted at the word 'next'. She didn't resist at Adenmaha's hands and stood up.

"You should leave this place! Their attack will start now!"

Patroclus got a hold of himself and yelled. It was because he saw the forces gathering on the walls without the need of using the 'eye of the dragon'.

They weren't only planning on firing arrows. You could see that they were preparing huge boulders and fireballs to throw. And there were a lot of them.

But the Valkyries didn't escape. Siri and Bracky stood in their places firmly and glared at the fortress and that was no different for Tae Ho.

[Apollo is doubtful.]

[He asks why she isn't rolling anymore.]

Nidhogg's frontal role was certainly a strong tactical weapon. It was perfect for trampling down the enemies charging towards them as the earth shook every time she rolled.

But it was only to that extent. It was impossible to destroy the walls. And it was also impossible to block the attacks that would start pouring down.

Adenmaha patted Nidhogg's back and she wore her helmet firmly as it had scattered.

"Are you ready?"


Nidhogg nodded with a face filled with resolution. Adenmaha grabbed her shoulder once tightly and looked at Tae Ho. Tae Ho nodded when he sensed her gaze.


Patroclus yelled once again.

Apollo tried to release the few divine power he could through Sybilla.

The rain of arrows covered the sky. It dyed the sky in black.

Huge boulders flew in between the arrows. They would get crushed by it anytime soon if they didn't dodge.

Tae Ho clenched his fists and activated his saga while advancing forward instead of retreating!

[Saga: The warrior that had a Goddess meet him]

[Fake Nidhogg]

Something pitch black surged up in front of Tae Ho and it, that was like a huge wall, blocked every attack

The rain of arrows scattered in an instant. The huge rock in front of them wasn't a rock anymore.

A huge body reaching a hundred meters.

A black dragon.

Tae Ho didn't control the fake Nidhogg and didn't give it any commands.

The essence of the real Nidhogg entered the fake Nidhogg.

Nidhogg left Adenmaha's side the moment the pitch black figure surged up and then entered the heart room and thought while receiving the attacks. She glared at the high and thick walls of Delphos and remembered the training in the residence.

"Find what you can do well and concentrate. Then, whatever that is, it will become your weapon."

"You are able to do it. If you can't trust in yourself believe in your real body that knows you can do it."

Scathach said harshly.

Hraesvelg stroke her head and said refreshingly.

Nidhogg curled down and took a rolling posture.

"I will roll."

She said consciously and thought.

The most ideal form of rolling.

Nidhogg's body, the black dragon, wasn't a living being. You could say it was a kind of magic armor.

That's why she could change it however she wished. It could materialize based on Nidhogg's wishes.

The black dragon curled down. It lowered its head and buried it in its knees and then covered its body with its spread wings.

The scales moved. The huge body of the black dragon took on the body of an armadillo.

"I'm- Rolling!"

Nidhogg rolled inside the heart room and at that moment the black dragon spun in place. It then charged towards the walls!

[Saga: Rolling disaster]

A catastrophe of a different scale to when Nidhogg's essence rolled alone occurred.

It's body was about a hundred meters. A heavy and huge heavy weapon, that reached dozens of meters even when curling, attacked the walls of Delphos. It destroyed the walls as easily as a bowling ball striking pins!



The walls couldn't endure it. The first wall was destroyed ruthlessly and then the second and third walls also fell.

The ground split up. The shock shook up the broken walls and inflicted additional destruction.

But the walls weren't the only thing to be destroyed.

The monsters that were gathered in the walls.

The reason Tae Ho didn't attack with the fake dragon from the start was because of this. It was to inflict the most damage he could in only one attack.

The destruction of the walls of Delphos, that were said to be impregnable, took away the rationality of the monsters. No, it didn't only end at that. It planted within them an overwhelming fear.

Tae Ho charged forward. He ran towards the black dragon that didn't just destroy the walls but also crushed down everything horizontally.

The black dragon was disappearing. It had a limit as it wasn't the real body but a fake one. The roll Nidhogg showed this time was a technique that possessed a power that was different to the one she showed in the battlefield of Asgard. So naturally, the strength it expended was also strong.

'Over there!'

Cuchulainn yelled. Tae Ho, who kicked the air in consecution, grabbed Nidhogg mid fall while she complained about the dizziness.

Right at that moment, an admiration that wasn't an admiration was heard one beat late.

[Apollo is greatly bewildered.]

[Apollo is roaring.]

[My city!]

Whatever the case, Delphos was his most treasured city.

Tae Ho smiled bitterly. He pulled Nidhogg more tightly and yelled once again.

"Adenmaha! Rolo!"

[Saga: Master of flames]

[Saga: Master of frost]

The Red dragon Shootingstar and the Frost dragon Javier surged up from Tae Ho's sides. They were small compared to the black dragon but they were still monsters that reached thirty meters long from head to tail.

Adenmaha and Rolo knew well what they had to do. They didn't turn to look back at Tae Ho pointlessly and opened their mouths towards the monsters. They gave them a baptism of ice and flames.

It was an overwhelming scene. Even the monsters that the range of the breath didn't reach them couldn't scream. They just got buried at the scene in front of them.

And that was the same for Patroclus.

He trembled at the grand appearance of the red and white dragons followed by the black dragon. He let out a dumbfounded voice unconsciously.

"What is that guy? No, person……"

Patroclus was someone that served Athena and that's why he instinctively considered his nature.

The appearance of the three dragons was certainly shocking. In addition, what they had performed in an instant was so overwhelming it could be treated as a divine punishment.

But the important thing wasn't the three dragons, it was the man controlling them. Just like how the person wielding a sword was more important than the sword itself.

"Idun's warrior."

"Idun's commander."

Rasgrid and Ingrid said. Gandur laughed refreshingly and said.

"Asgard's saviour."

he wasn't a simple individual.

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that he was already an army by himself. A mere army of monsters that only had numbers couldn't stop Idun's warrior. It was a fact that had already been proved several times in Asgard.


Someone yelled at that time.

That person still hadn't fallen in fear even though two dragons were firing out ice and flames. He concentrated on the one that made this situation just like Patroclus did.

The master of the javelin, Meleager.

He, the lover of Atalante who claimed speed rivaling that of Achilles, was also a hero of Artemis.

The moment the walls fell down, he unleashed his agility suitable of a hero and glared at Tae Ho who continued embracing Nidhogg while landing.

"Die! Freya's warrior! This is the real spear of divine punishment!"

An incredible strength was released in the spear Meleager clenched.

The curse of the Goddess of moon and hunt Artemis.

There were several cursed arrows winding down the spear.

It was dangerous. Cuchulainn warned him that. Tae Ho grabbed Nidhogg only with one hand and pulled out Arondight. Siri hurriedly nocked an arrow to hit the flying spear and Bracky took on a stance to throw his hammer.

Meleager threw his spear. It was a perfect movement as expected of a master of the javelin.

His spear shone in silver. The divine power of Artemis gave a greater strength to the already strong spear of Meleager.

Siri fired her arrow and Bracky threw his hammer.

Tae Ho saw the trajectory of the spear with his 'eyes of the dragon'.


The spear pierced the air loudly. The arrow and hammer didn't hit it. Tae Ho was bewildered for a moment as he was following the trajectory.

The spear flew to another place. It was the direction the connecting path was at.

The one that was the most bewildered was Meleager and he then understood. He glared at Tae Ho and yelled.

"Don't tell me! Did you fake the God you are serving?!"

The warrior of the most beautiful Goddess.

The warrior of Freya wasn't in this place. Idun's warrior Tae Ho was outside of the curse of Artemis.

Cuchulainn understood the situation and that's why he said in a loud voice instead of laughing.

'Scary bastard. Was it all a preparation for this?'

That obviously wasn't the case. Cuchulainn also knew that. But he still spoke like that and Tae Ho charged forward instead of rebuking his words. He let go of Nidhogg and threw Arondight towards Meleager with both of his hands.

It was to buy time.

Meleager cursed out and hurriedly raised his reserve spear. Meleager managed to parry it but Tae Ho had already arrived in front of him by then.

"Cowardly bastard!"

For a warrior to lie about the God he served. To betray his God!

Tae Ho yelled that he never did that inwardly. Instead of parrying the piercing attack of Meleager, he just rode on it. The spear slipped off in the blades of the Swing sword and Tae Ho entered his range naturally.

Tae Ho punched Meleager's side with his left hand instead of doing something with his sword. It was a kind of shockwave fired in close range.

Meleager surged up vertically. Tae Ho let go of his Swing sword without regrets and inflicted an additional blow with his right hand that had become free. He threw a punch at his chest.


Meleager vomited blood and Tae Ho grabbed new weapons in both of his hands. They were Caliburn and Gallatin.

Kalsted's style techniques.

Lightning flash.

It was a technique that had also worked on the Magician King. It wasn't an attack Meleager could block as he still hadn't been able to overcome the consecutive shock.

The two swords drew a beautiful trajectory and shone. Meleager, that got his limbs in addition to his chest, couldn't resist and collapsed. Tae Ho granted the last attack in his chest.

Meleager vomited black blood and died. Tae Ho retrieved Caliburn and Gallatin and grabbed Arondight from the ground.

[Apollo is impressed at your martial arts.]

[Apollo is jealous of your Goddess.]

[Apollo warns you.]

[Apollo tells you to look at the shrine immediately.]

The voices of the Gods that were ringing in his head changed. Tae Ho looked at the shrine of Delphos that was located at the center of the city.

The ground was shaking. This commotion was generated by the one eyed giants, the cyclops, that were hiding near the shrines standing up.

Patroclus gulped dry saliva as he looked from a distant place. It was an obvious reaction as there were five giants that were more than two meters tall.

The monsters that were despairing in the broken walls found their courage back. There were even some that yelled.

Sybilla trembled in fear and prayed to Apollo.

Apollo wanted to ask if he couldn't call the black dragon once again.

Tae Ho took a deep breath. He left the monsters on the walls to Adenmaha and Rolo. He called back Nidhogg and told the Valkyries to protect her.

Tae Ho was calm and it was the same for the Valkyries.

"Only now have the monsters we specialize in come out."

"Don't drop your guards because you are accustomed to them. It's the first time facing a giant of Olympus."

Bracky and Siri said. They have had bloody battles against giants and also giant kings in the war of Asgard.

The warriors of Asgard.

The warriors of the Gods that fought against the old enemies of Asgard, the giants of Jotunheim.

Tae Ho advanced towards the shrine of Delphos along with Bracky and Siri.

And at midday on that day.

The city of Delphos became Apollo's once again.

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Episode 50/Chapter 4: God of Sun (4)

TL: Tsubak

ED: SlowAsLightning

Patroclus looked at the fortress with a dumbfounded expression.

The shrine of Delphos was right across the walls so you could see the results of the fight more clearly from here than anywhere else.

The impregnable fortress that made you feel astounded just by watching it didn't exist anymore.

Although three sides of the walls were still intact, the south gate that could be called the main gate of Delphos was completely destroyed. Being able to see the horizon that was usually covered by the walls was a really refreshing sight.

And there was nothing safe in between the broken walls and the shrine. It was obvious as five cyclops had run wild.

Patroclus gulped dry saliva and moved his head to the sides. He looked at the Cyclops that were collapsed everywhere.


He had seen the fight with his eyes but the only thing that remained in his head was the thunder.

The big man that was with Idun's warrior wasn't only someone big.

Looking at him massacring the giants with his hammer and lightning made him look like the God of thunder Thor. No, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say he looked just like Thor.

"It's the best compliment."

Bracky laughed and said but even his laughter sounded like thunder.

The battle of the female warrior, that used a bow as her main weapon, was silent compared to the big man. She repeated leaping and sprinting that was close to flying and inflicting fatal damage to the cyclops.

If the giant man was Thor, then the woman that possessed a marvelous bowmanship resembled the Goddess of hunt Artemis.

"That's an excessive compliment."

Siri gave out a hard answer compared to Bracky but it seemed like she was embarrassed rather than feeling bad looking at her wolf ears twitch. If you saw closely, you could see that her tail was also wagging slightly.

'It's also surprising that the two of them are lovers.'

Because it seemed like Bracky's arm was thicker than Siri's waist. It was a really big difference in size.

'But of course, there would inevitably be a size difference no matter who stood next to Bracky.'

Patroclus looked at Siri and Bracky standing side to side and looked at reality once again.

The more than ten thousand monsters that had gathered in Delphos didn't exist anymore.

Actually, only twenty to thirty percent of the monsters died in battle. Of course, that was still a big number but whatever the case thousands of monsters were still alive.

But they had lost their will to fight. No, they couldn't have even grasp how many of them were left. They were only focused on escaping.

Patroclus empathized with them. The scene of a huge dragon breaking down the walls with rolling and the giants getting massacred was a wonder to Patroclus. So how would the monsters feel experiencing it directly?

"Are you okay? You don't look well."

Patroclus was surprised at the voice he heard and looked at his side. Gandur was standing next to him.

She also served Ullr just like Siri and but her actions and way of speaking were really bright compared to the comparatively calm Rasgrid and Ingrid, and she boasted of her stealthy movements as expected of a Valkyrie of a God of hunting.

He had been thinking of another thing but Patroclus hadn't been able to notice her presence until she arrived next to him.

"I'm fine."

Patroclus answered reflexively and turned to look at Gandur. It was because he had something he wanted to ask.

"Um….Are they especially strong even among warriors of Valhalla?"

His question was too direct maybe because his feelings got ahead but it was also that clear of a question.

Gandur snickered and shrugged her shoulders.

"The three of them are a bit special. Not all the warriors of Valhalla are like that and Idun's warrior especially is a little more special."

She wasn't saying this only because they were top and superior ranked warriors.

It wasn't only Tae Ho but Siri and Bracky also had many sides on them that differentiated them from the other superior ranked warriors.

'Be it an abnormal growth rate.'

It wasn't only about the exceptional case that was Tae Ho and Bracky, the best warrior of Midgard and a genius even in Valhalla.

Siri's growth rate was also abnormal, only that the two mentioned before were too monstrous.

"It sounds weird but I feel a bit relieved."

Gandur giggled as Patroclus smiled and said bitterly.

"This sounds really weird but I do understand you when you speak like that."

Because a world that had beings above the standard was beyond imagination. If the ones that seemed special were really special, then he would be able to somehow accept it as it was inside the range of imagination.

Gandur snickered once again and then turned around lightly and looked at the shrine of Delphos. It looked similar to the small shrine but the difference in size was overwhelming. If the small shrine was a house, then this one was a palace.

"Will it take long?"

Gandur was looking below the shrine. It was because the place Tae Ho took Sybilla was the secret sanctum that was located underground. below the shrine of Delphos.

"It won't take that long. It's just a guess but…at most they will finish at dinner."

It was a process to drive away the divine power of Artemis and recover the sanctum. It may have taken longer if it was a different place but this was Delphos. It was a land that had a strong power even among the sanctums of APollo. It would react to Apollo's divine power immediately.

"Indeed. Let's prepare the food then. You will help, right?"

Gandur pointed at the entrance of the shrine with her chin. They saw Adenmaha and Nidhogg litting up a fire outside the shrine.

"Of course."

It wasn't a normal thing to prepare a meal for a group more than ten people.

Patroclus was thinking of compensating what he couldn't do in the battle with whatever else he could do.

"I like you."

Gandur smirked and crossed her arm over his shoulder naturally. It was a really rude action in Olympus but it didn't seem to be the case looking at Gandur's expression.

"I also like you."

"What? What did you say?"

"Let's hurry."

Patroclus got out of Gandur's arm and hastened his steps and Gandur snickered. She shrugged her shoulders once and joined the preparations for dinner.


Nidhogg grabbed the food she was preparing stealthily and Adenmaha slapped the back of her hand in response.

Tae Ho, who was standing on the secred underground, looked at a distant place.

The secret sanctum, which was located in the middle of a big underground lake, didn't give the feeling that it was under the ground because the ceiling was high and it was bright.

There was a roofless shrine in the middle of the sanctum, which took the shape of a small island, and Apollo's statue was once again in the middle.

Sybilla prayed and had a ritual while kneeling in front of the statue of Apollo and the lights inside the sanctum started to move and gathered in the statue.

They would return Delphos, that had fallen in the hands of Artemis, to Apollo. And then recover Apollo's strength.

Cuchulainn's voice rang inside of Tae Ho's head.

'Hey, i'm curious about something.'

'What is it?'

He was bored fortunately. Cuchulainn asked quickly as Tae Ho reacted quickly.

'Why didn't you do that today? You know, the golden apple tree. You liked that a lot.'

Because Tae Ho always created an illusion of a golden apple tree after a huge scaled battle. Actually, you could even say that it was Tae Ho's ceremony.

Tae Ho flinched when he heard that he really liked it but he didn't deny his words. He just gave his answer.

'No one will see it anyways. It's only a nest of monsters.'

He was also thinking of hiding the fact that he was a warrior of Idun but he would still get discovered one day. That's why the reply he gave was closer to the answer.

'So the Valkyries, Bracky and Siri aren't people?'

'They aren't targets for the propaganda.'

They already had Gods they served and didn't have any intention to converse.

'Now that I see I'm curious of one thing. What will happen if the people of Olympus believe in Idun-nim? Will it be of help to her? I will have to test it later.'

It didn't seem like Idun's strength would be strengthened directly because the number of believers in another world increased, but he still had to try it to know. And even if the divine power itself wasn't that important, it would still be useful if Idun's influence got bigger in Olympus.

'Scary bastard. Speak honestly. You weren't a pro gamer or whatever in your original world but a missionary, right?'

'Idun's heaven and hell of disbelief. Let's go together. We will yell Idun's name in the middle of Olympus.'

Cuchulainn shook his head at the catchy slogan.

'Hey, if you marry with Idun-nim I will have to serve the wife of my brother in law.'

'Mm, so are you saying you can't do it?'

No matter the case, it didn't change the fact that Idun was a Goddess.

'Anyways, you are already establishing the fact that you will marry with Idun-nim as being true. I already realized it when you said Idun, Heda, Idun, Heda saying that it was for the peace of the family.

Tae Ho also didn't refute back. He just thought of Heda's and Idun's face instead of continuing to joke with him. He felt good automatically but felt that a corner of his heart got heavy.

'The two of them….should be fine, right?'

'They will be fine. Asgard itself is safe for now.'

The Magician King and the World Wolf didn't exist anymore. They had also driven away almost all of the giants that had infiltrated Asgard so Idun and Heda won't be in danger in Valhalla.

[The shrine of Delphos got purified with the divine power of Apollo.]

[Apollo has regained part of his strength.]

[Apollo is really happy.]

The voices were heard in consecution. It seemed like the ceremony had ended.

[You have completed the quest.]

[Your reputation has increased.]

[You got closer to the title 'hero killer'.]

[Apollo's blessing stays in you.]

[Apollo is preparing a weapon of the Sun God to give you.]

The rewards of the quest.

It was a bit different to when he rescued the small shrine.

Tae Ho turned to look at himself. The divine power of Apollo entered him just like the voice of the God had said. This situation wasn't that unfamiliar for him as it wasn't the first time he obtained a blessing of another God aside of Idun.

But the unfamiliar thing occurred after that.

He had absorbed Apollo's divine power.

It wasn't that the divinity of Idun that accompanied Tae Ho ate away Apollo's divine power. He ate Apollo's divine power to grow his strength and was another divinity that belonged to him.

'Tae Ho?'

Cuchulainn called for him urgently but Tae Ho couldn't answer. He concentrated on the divinity that was deep inside his soul and took his mind unconsciously.

And a few seconds later.

Cuchulainn came with his own conclusion when the time Tae Ho felt like it was too long passed.

'Your divinity has gotten stronger. It got stimulated by Apollo's divine power……no, did the reward of the quest become the growth of your divine power? You could also say that he has absorbed the divine power itself.'

Cuchulainn was a demigod only that he didn't particularly show off. He wasn't someone that would miss the changes that occurred in Tae Ho's divinity, although it was really faint, as it happened next to him.

The growth of his divine power through quests.

It was a really exceptional case. No, it was doubtful if there were even cases like this before.

Tae Ho was the first warrior that was a God of Asgard and carried out the quest of Olympus.

'It turned out well anyways. Your divine power will get stronger if you finish quests. It's a clear structure. Let's finish them all and become a proper God.'

Perhaps he would obtain a deity, that was the characteristic of a top ranked warrior, in Olympus and not Asgard.

Tae Ho closed his eyes and focused on his divinity. Tae Ho felt the thing getting along well with Idun's divine power. He felt like a divinity of himself in the middle of Idun's divine power got created.

'What will my deity become?'

'Is there something else besides 'God of cheating' for you? Kya, I was the one that thought about it but it really suits you.'

You couldn't discern how much was a joke from him.

[Apollo wants to speak with you.]

[Apollo is going to send a divine message through Sybilla.]

The voice of the God was heard at a suitable moment. Tae Ho also wanted a conversation with Apollo.

But it was when he was about to approach Sybilla.

Tae Ho stopped his feet and placed his hand on his chest.

'Why? Are you hurt anywhere?'

Tae Ho shook his head at Cuchulainn's question. It wasn't pain but something else. A moment's feeling he felt deep in his heart in his divinity that was hard to explain.

'No, let's hurry.'

It would be meaningless if he kept thinking about it. Tae Ho cut all his thoughts and brought himself back to reality.

He approached Sybilla who was preparing the divine message.

< episode="" 50="" -="" god="" of="" sun="" (4)=""> End

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