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Chapter 42 The Ill-Intended Dinner Party

"Well, for Amy Qi's sake, five minutes will do. Remember, on her face only."

"Yes, My Lady, " replied Bun. Linda then went downstairs.

The earlier conversation with Charles Mu didn't end up well, and then he left for the Mu's clan without saying anything else to her, which somehow vexed Linda for rest of the afternoon.

As Amy Qi's best friend, Sarah Shen took a stand at the very beginning that she never wanted to make it easy for Linda Xia.

Linda therefore showed no mercy back.

"Never attack others unless attacked. And double your attacks when you take your revenge, " Linda had always lived up to the principle.

There was no room for mercy when it came to those who had hurt her before.

Following Linda's order, Bun beated Sarah Shen right on her face for five whole minutes before she came downstairs.

Sarah Shen then was left alone, huddling up and sobbing in the corner of her office. Her face was horribly swollen up.

No one had ever done anything like this to her before.

Linda was waiting for Bun downstairs. Five minutes later, Bun showed up and drove her back to the Mu's villa.

The Mu's main house.

The splendid living room was bathed in the soft light of the crystal chandelier. The Mus and The Qis were gathering for a nice and warm family dinner.

James Mu was in high spirit. Though it had been quite a while since they last met, Bob Qi and he went back a long way.

They were so devoted to catching up and totally 【forgot about the time】. It had already passed ten before they were aware.

"Well, how about sleeping over tonight? It's too late. You can go back home tomorrow." Sitting next to Amanda Zhang, Violet Xing made the offer with a gentle smile.

James Mu agreed with a nod, "Right, just make yourself at home."

"That's it. Amy is going to be our daughter-in-law after all. It's better for her to get used to it in advance, " said Violet Xing while gently patting Amy Qi's little hand.

James Mu glanced at Violet Xing, "Violet, Charles had already been engaged to Lady Linda."

"So what? Have you asked Charles yet? Is he supposed to marry someone he doesn't even like just because you want him to?" Violet Xing eyed him back with the clear message that she would not be easily persuaded on this matter.

Apparently, she was strongly against the betrothal.

Charles Mu was rather quiet throughout the dinner, even on the subject of his engagement to Linda.

Noticing it was getting intense between the couple, Bob Qi hurried to cut in the quarrel, "James, I knew only recently the betrothal between Charles and the lady of the Xia clan. But surely we don't have to take it seriously if it's only a meaningless deal, do we?"

Amanda Zhang had always been fond of Charles Mu, and then she added, "That's right. Isn't it better to bring us closer by joining our families? I think we'd better call the betrothal off if it is only a silly talk. I'm afraid the Xia clan can't even save its own ass for the moment. As for that lady, rumor has it that she was found back to the clan from God-knows-where... To be honest, we don't even know whether she was the genuine lady of the Xia clan..."

"Perhaps the Xia clan just grabbed someone randomly from the street." Amy Qi immediately played along with her mother.

James Mu said nothing and sipped his wine, and then he turned to his son, "Charles, it's your decision to make. Like I said before, you don't have to do this if you don't want to."

Charles Mu looked at his father and then silently nodded.

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