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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 31 Part 6

That afternoon, as the rest of the team’s staff discussed how to handle
the whole situation, Lu Sicheng began his stream-- --Right now, streaming
was practically the same as having a news conference. His stream chat
was overflowing; everyone was asking what the video clip in the morning
was all about……

Lu Sicheng was still playing; the only thing different was that he had for the
first time turned on bullet comments. He would selectively answer some of
the questions as he played-- --

“Lu Yue was the one who struck first all right, because the people that JK
called had already parked their cars in the parking lot.”

“It’s true that Ming god’s injury was an accident, but it was still caused by
the incident…...His hand before this? He had old wounds, torn tendons and
such, which is quite normal for someone playing his position. We’ve always
had a therapist with the team.”

“Who released the video? Can’t tell you, you’re too curious. You would only
last for half of an episode in a TV drama.”

“......The video was released by Smiling because she was afraid of being
replaced?” Lu Sicheng’s hand jerked and missed a last hit while farming
minions. He turned the camera head around, “Ask her yourself.”

In the camera, the person who was eating potato chips while watching
American TV dramas looked back in surprise. She turned around with chips
stuffed inside her mouth and asked with a muffled voice, “Why are you filming me?”

“Someone said you released the video.” The calm voice of the man came
from offscreen.

Tong Yao widened her eyes and stood up on her chair, pulling up her sleeves,
“Go to hell, I was going to school abroad last year! Where could I get this video
when it only circulated internally! Do you think I’m from FBI!”

The man: “You just spit your chips out.”

The girl: “......”

While the girl lifted her hand to cover her mouth in a fluster, a large hand turned
the camera view. After the hand had moved away, the expressionless face of the
captain of ZGDX filled the view. “You guys hear all that?”

The bullet comments, in addition to the earlier questions, now had more comments
like, “23333333”, “hahahahahahaha”, “it’s so cute that she stood on the chair”, and
some more perverted people noticing something totally different-- --

[Have I seen Smiling’s sleeping gown!]

[Ahhhh, a girl’s sleeping gown! It’s white!]

[Captain, what’s your Mid wearing! Is it a sleeping gown!]

[Let me have one more look at my wife! ! ! ! !]

For these comments, no one knew whether Lu Sicheng had actually seen them or
not. All they knew was that after 30 seconds, their screens went dark with a
notification, “The host isn’t home”-- --

The man had turned off the steam without a word.

Everyone was stunned. Five minutes later, they noticed on their Weibo that he,
who hardly ever posted anything on Weibo, had posted a new message. The
message was very simple: Internet got hacked.

As for whether it was true or not-- --

“Our internet was hacked this afternoon?”

On the dinner table, Tong Yao who had been watching American TV dramas for
the whole afternoon, asked with a confused face.

“It did.”

“How come I don’t know about it?”

“Videos have buffered memory.”

“......Oh.” Tong Yao nodded and put down her cell phone. “Cheng Ge, why haven’t
you followed me on Weibo?”

“I did.”

“No, you haven’t.” Tong Yao lifted her cell phone to show Lu Sicheng the single arrow
on the lower left hand corner. “See, you didn’t. It can’t be the system messed up?”

“I cancelled it.”

“? ? ? ? ?”

“You make too many Weibo posts. When I get on, it’s all about you.”


“It’s annoying.”


Tong Yao put down the cell phone and ate two more bites. She still couldn’t get over
the fact that Lu Sicheng had cancelled follow her. “Women like to post every little thing
on Weibo! What do you know!”

Lu Sicheng: “I don’t know, so I cancelled. What’s the problem?”

Tong Yao: “......”

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